Wordful Wednesday – Baseball!

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Little League Baseball is in full swing in these parts and my boys are busy.  I mean, we’re busy, because as you all know, at this age, where they go, I go, so every practice and game that they have, I have too.  🙂

Twins Baseball

The twins are playing “coach pitch” baseball, while Garrett is playing “player pitch” baseball.  Garrett pitching This means he gets to pitch.  He’s not exactly thrilled, but he (and the twins) love baseball, and I’m glad.  Otherwise, the time commitment totally wouldn’t be worth it.

Garrett baseball

 I’ll come back up for air sometime around the end of May.  See you then.  🙂

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  1. I so enjoyed that season with my son. Have fun! They look awfully cute!

  2. Gosh are your little men cute in their hats and uniforms.

    I’m secretly…well, not so secretly thankful that the team sport thing hasn’t been such a great fit for our girls..I don’t know how you do it.

  3. Your boys are so handsome in their snazzy uniforms!

  4. Here’s hoping they have a fun baseball season! I know all too well the feeling of going to sports practices, meets and games. I don’t even like sports. But I sure enjoy watching my kids play.

  5. Oh boy, I’ll be joining you soon. My husband’s got our son practicing playing ball already – I think he’s gunning for a ball player! 😉

  6. I was having trouble trying to leave a comment last night – either your site or my computer was acting funky. 🙂 Apparently a good night’s rest for both seems to have done the trick. 😉

    They are so cute!! Good luck with all the fun – hopefully you’ll be able to come up for air before May. 😉

    Psycho Mother Nature

  7. they are so cute.
    I can not wait till Broxton is into sports…
    he wants to do ALL of them now, but we told him he has to focus on learning to listen first 😉

  8. Hoping there is a fun baseball season. My daughter is playing softball for the 1st time this year. Should be fun. 🙂

  9. Just when I start to settle into a less hectic winter spring sports start. Baseball for one kiddo, soccer and track for another.

  10. Those shots are too cute. I’ve never played baseball, but watching kids play it always makes me want to. Your pics totally remind me of “The Sandlot Kids!” I love that movie!