How to Throw a Wizard of Oz Party

How to Throw a Wizard of Oz Party can be downright enjoyable if given enough ideas.  My sister loves to throw Themed Birthday Parties and her Wizard of Oz party turned out to be another fabulous one, full of Ruby Red goodness.  If you are wanting to throw a Wizard of Oz party, this post should give you plenty of ideas to get you started! Just follow the Yellow Brick Road…



The darling gingham and silhouette party invitation, banners, welcome sign, cake and cupcake toppers and thank you tags were purchased from TomKat Studio.  If you love the Dorothy pillowcase dress you can purchase one from PJ Quilts.


The yellow brick road was made from a roll of yellow plastic table cloth from Party City.  Using a black Sharpie and ruler the brick pattern was drawn.  The ‘Follow the Yellow Brick Road’ sign was as image copied from google images and the text was inserted.


The centerpieces were simple and easy.  She splurged and purchased blue gingham fabric from Hobby Lobby using her 40% off coupon.  They ended up costing around $18.  Not bad when you consider that she can reuse them again.  My sister borrowed mason jars from me, tied grosgrain ribbon around the lip and added fresh sunflowers and babies breath.  She also made paper pinwheels and attached them to pencils.  The tin man hats were funnels purchased from Home Depot and spray painted silver.  Easy peasy.  The ‘OZ’ letters were purchased from Hobby Lobby and painted a kelly green.  Green glitter was added for a finishing touch.


The rainbow layered birthday cake was definitely a labor of love.  She spent all day making the cake from scratch.  When it was time to cut the cake the birthday girl wouldn’t even try it.  Boo!  She was only interested in her ‘purple’ cupcakes.  Mom forgot to make a layer of purple in her cake so she made it up to her by making her purple cupcakes.

Extra Touches & Party Favors

And that’s How to Throw a Wizard of Oz Party.

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  1. Now that is an amazing birthday party! I wonder if my daughter will let me do that this year for hers…..

  2. I love the simplicity of what you did with the cake and cupcake toppers. It just stands out! Props to you on all the detail work–I did a double take when I saw the yellow brick road 🙂

  3. So adorable! I love the invitation!

  4. Thanks for sharing this party theme!! I know a little girl who would LOVE to have a Wizard of Oz party. Great inspiration for me!!

  5. Cutest party ever!

    I can’t imagine doing this as many times as you have to every year. I am planning Jack’s party and am TIRED.


    How do you do it, mama?!

  6. How did you insert the text on the google image of Follow the Yellow Brick Road? I am being dorothy for halloween and wanted to make the yellow brick road for my office.

    • Julie,

      I did a screen shot of an image I found on google images and put it into a word document. Then, I inserted a box and added the text.

  7. erin drozd says

    How did you make the yellow brick road stay on the ground?