Wear ’em down until they say "yes"…

that’s the best technique my kids have taught me. Want something really bad and it seems like they might budge? Wear ’em down. Ask and ask. They’ll probably give in eventually.

Last night I found out “wear ’em down until they say yes” works on other adults, too. I’m secretly pleased I’m not the only one that gives in after so much harassment, and overtly thrilled that I got what I really wanted.

See, Mama Kat started a Writers Workshop on Wednesdays. She provides the prompt and Mr. Linky and we write away. Coincidentally though, she launched the same Wednesday I launched Wordful Wednesday. I was so bummed, because this is something I wanted to be involved with every week. So I emailed her. And I emailed her. And I told her that I really wanted to participate, but I couldn’t until Thursday. And then I took it a step further. I asked for the prompts in advance so I could prepare earlier in the week (see, I am committed to participating) and, I told her how sad it made me that she couldn’t participate in my Wordful Wednesday’s. And I emailed her some more. And she finally had enough and said, “fine. leave me alone. I’ll move to Thursday.” But not in those exact words. She was nicer. She probably had other motivators, but I’m going to flatter myself and believe it was all me.

You now know what I’ll be doing on Thursdays.

Dare I write one more post about John and how I almost lost him and possibly Jacob too? The prompt, “write about a heart that wouldn’t quit” screams John to me. Loudly. But, I think if I tell that story again I’ll lose half my readers. So, if you are new and really interested, go here.

Instead I’m going to tell you about the recurring nightmare that haunted my childhood. Literally. My sister can attest to the fact that it terrified me on a regular basis and caused some uncomfortable nights because I would climb into bed with her. And yes, it was a twin sized bed.

I know the nightmare was short, because I can recall every detail, yet when I was sleeping it seemed like it lasted an eternity. It was always the same. Always.

The man that chased me from window to window and door to door always had the same expression on his face and always arrived at the window or door the same time that I did.

He liked to toy with me, and allowed me to shut and lock the window or door before racing to the next one.

I was inside. He was out, and I was feverish in my desire to lock him out permanently. I knew that he could only bring harm.

I ran and ran. My heart worked overtime. Fear alternately paralyzed me and pushed me on.

And then, after I had shut and locked every window (seeing his face in the pane every time) and was at the last door, right before what I knew was going to be my ultimate death, I woke up.

Even knowing the ending in advance never made it less scary.

I haven’t had the dream in years. Thank goodness.

I’m pretty sure that I can pinpoint exactly what caused this recurring dream.

Like puzzles? Go here (number 6) and here and here and see if the pieces paint a picture for you, too.

Wanna read more? Go to the hub (as in the site of origination for the Writers Workshops, Mama Kat) and branch out from there.

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  1. Jyl @ MommyGossip says

    I am off to bed, but I stopped by just to see if I could be the first to comment. Lo and behold, I am! Yeah!

    I will have to come back and click on the links to piece together the cause of your recurring dream, which sounds scary BTW.

    In the meantime, I will sleep soundly knowing I made it to first place :).

    Have a great day!

  2. DysFUNctional Mom says

    I’m so glad Mama Kat changed the Writer’s Workshop to Thursday! I could never participate on Wednesdays, either.
    I used to have recurring nightmares as a child, too. They were even a little similar to yours. Awful!

  3. Wow, MamaKat changed the date for you? That is great news. I noticed that you both started on the same date so I am glad you were able to work something out.

    The childhood nightmare sounds frightening. I am glad that you don’t continue to have it.

  4. Richard Rameriz? Oh no, don’t tell me that was HIM peeking in the window? Or worse yet an encounter with him?

    I learned much more than that with the clues Angie. Now I know how you can understand; his side and mine both.
    On another note, the wearing down technique doesn’t work for mine. I suppose I don’t have the tenacity that you do!

  5. mommaof4wife2r says

    super fun…and after the dr appt with #4 i am so coming back to learn more…and figure out the puzzle~

    ok angie…i want to put a mr linky box on my blog…i’m starting a throwback thursday…what do you think? anyway, can you give me a link or directions from your wisdom??? thx young lady!

  6. I think that I put the pieces together, that really is a terrible nightmare. Is it really just a dream or did you some how live a little bit of it? Scary.

  7. The Pink Potpourri says

    great post! and thanks for the tip on “wearin’ them down” 🙂

  8. Tiaras & Tantrums says

    creepy dream!!

  9. Wow! only 7 comments to scroll through, I’m getting too lazy, if there are millions of comments, I save up. So, I loved that pic of the twin in the hat. Such a good photo. You should enter that in a contest somewhere.
    I don’t have to follow the links to know the answer to this one, but I do want to know, do you think it still affects you in a bad-energy-buried-deep kind of way, or have you worked all the trauma out? (Obviously, it will always affect you.) Know what I mean?

  10. ps, is it just me, or is your list of ‘favorite blogs’ getting longer and longer and longer…maybe you should look up the definition of ‘favorite’. hehehe

  11. Kacey Randolph says

    Ok, so, VERY SPOOKY dream. But you should find comfort in the fact that you must be famous. I mean, come on, MamaKat moved a DAY for you. That must feel fabulous. :o)Good technique – I wonder if it will work on my husband? I’ll try it out and let you know. :o)

  12. I have always been relentless or how I like to call it determined.

    Wow that is a scary dream; I had one similiar but can’t remember the details…you have a great memory or maybe because it was freaky!

  13. I don’t think I’ve ever had a recurring scary dream…and yours definitely is scary! I’ll have to hop on over to Mama’s Losin’ It.

  14. How freaky! I have had dreams as an adult that have totally scared me and I don’t think they were near as vivid as yours. As a child, I bet you were so scared! I’m glad you haven’t had that one in a while.

  15. I just read the posts (from the link) about your twins and that is such a great story that they beat the odds. Glad you had a happy ending. 😀

  16. Wow I am glad it is early when I read this, because reading about this nightmare of yours would surely give me nightmares

  17. Wow that sounds horrible.

  18. Oh my goodness! I had that dream too! My whole 5th grade year! In it,I was always alone in our school classroom (a portable trailer one), and I’d be waiting for my mom and the scary guy with the ski mask would show up–and same thing—trying to get all those windows and doors locked in time. He had a big silver butcher knife too!

    Eeee gad girl! Should we go halfsies on some therapy :)?

  19. My gosh…that freaked me out and not even my nightmare!!Good thing it has stopped…

  20. YAY!
    I am so glad that the days got switched! Now I can do both, too!

    I had a recurring nightmare throughout my childhood with a man outside my bedroom window… but I never understood the cause…hmmm. Perhaps therapy is in order.

    Gotta go! Haven’t done your “puzzle” yet!

  21. How scary.
    Luckily, your sister let you hop into bed with her. She was nice, ’cause I wouldn’t share a twin size bed, too small!

  22. Very scary. I’m going to figure out the clues now.

  23. Dawn@Embracing the Ordinary Life says

    And I thought that my leaving the house naked dreams were bad…scary.

  24. Are You Serious! says

    ♥ I hate reacuring nightmares!!!

  25. Live.Love.Eat says

    Angie, normally I would be afraid to bring this up but it seemed you were asking if we could figure it out. The thought scares me as to what may have happened to start this bad dream for you. You pointed out RR the Night Stalker, then being so loved but forced to face a hideous crime, and then losing your mom. Angie, was…..I’m sorry, it doesn’t feel right to even ask it here. I can’t help but think your Mom was a victim of RR. I am SO sorry whatever happened…………

  26. You crack me up and I love your story

  27. Munchkins and Music says

    I hate dreams like that. That’s why I’m not a fan of scary movies.

  28. Motherhood for Dummies says

    that is a crazy dream!!! Im not a huge fan of those 🙂

  29. I have two guesses and don’t want to say them…

  30. Oh, how scary. I would be sleeping with someone else too if I had that type of dream.

  31. Oh. Wow. That sounds awful!!!

  32. Hmmm, pretty scary. I have scary dreams where I scream for help but no noise comes out…
    I checked out your other posts and have a theory but it’s sad and I’d rather not say it.

  33. Oh Ang you know I totally feel ya. That is downright FREAKY.


    It can only mean ONE thing. Which you know. 🙂

  34. Jonny's Mommy says

    That is terrifying. I had this dream over and over of a mime looking in a window outside my friend’s bedroom. That was awful. My other reoccuring dream as a child was me in the back of a car, looking out the back window, while I rolled down our very long, very rural driveway, screaming the whole way.

    Yeah, I have some issues….not sure why since I had a great childhood and great parents…but I do have those issues.

  35. Mama's Losin' It says

    Holy smokes I am freaking out just READING your dream. Scary!!! I would have ran to my sister’s bed too!

    And you know you totally wore me down. What we need to do is combine powers and make all of our weekly participants participate on BOTH days just like we do. 🙂 See that. We’d be a bloggy force to be reckoned with. 😉

    Now to check out those other links…

    and for the record any reader who would stop reading you because they’re tired of hearing a life altering story of yours…is worth losing. I’m just sayin’.

  36. Mark and Kiss says

    Oh, bad dream! I am glad that you have not had it in a loooong time.

    Thanks for checking out my Blog Angie! I can’t beleive that you commented on every stinkin’ post. You are amazing and I love your guts!!!! How is the carpet by the way, did you get the nail polish out?

  37. Mama's Losin' It says

    I’m such a dork. I clicked on “the hub” because I thought maybe your husband started a blog and had something to say on the matter…and then it took me to my page and I was all…”waaiittt a minute???”

    Too me a sec. But I get it now.

    Is it nap time yet??

  38. I had nightmares as a kid too and it’s funny that you get the same one over and over and it’s still so scary (I guess it’s not funny at the time). Glad that you haven’t had it in a while.

    And good for you for sticking to your guns !

  39. Melissa the Careful Wisher says

    I am going to go to therapy for you! Great post! Melissa

  40. Yea, but SCRUD. Now I can’t do it…maybe sometime I’ll just combine PSF and the workshop. Its way too cool to pass up!

    And your dream? Um, SCARY. Even if you didn’t go through what you went through….

  41. I love your post and remember now why I visited you the first time! I went back and read your other posts you linked back to and it made me think what a strong woman you must be!

    On a side note…I have a 3D picture of my son Riley and I just knew he was going to have a HUGE nose! When he was born (Emergency C-Section) the only thing I remember saying was “What is wrong with his head” (He had a cone head due to being in the birth canal for 2 mths) and “Look! He doesn’t have a big nose!”

  42. Casey's trio says

    What a freakin’ scary dream. Yuck. I hope it doesn’t come back now since you talked about it.

  43. Gee, thanks. I’m sitting here ALONE, in the DARK and my heart just can’t handle stories like that. Thanks. I hope YOU sleep well, because I know I’ll be up every now and again wondering what that noise was….

    I’ll be back in the morning to click click and click again to solve the mystery though – no worries. Ufda.

  44. I don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight! That was a scary dream!
    Great post!

  45. What a scary nightmare!

    Any chance writer’s workshop could be changed to Sunday’s, I have nothing to post about on Sundays? Go on, go on, go on please, please, please.

    Only joking honey. Thanks for visiting me. Love your blog, I’m adding you to my reader so I can visit you more, hope you don’t mind.

  46. How scary (I read the other posts you referred to). I had recurring nightmares as a child too, I was always blind and being chased by something menacing… ick…

    I wish it wasn’t such a crazy week… I have a good one for the Heart that wouldn’t quit…

    And I know I promised a Wordful Wednesday post… but, you know… I was a little busy… next week I promise!!

  47. I like the lesson you learned from your kids. It’s a good one. An annoying one, but a good one. It works for all sorts of things.

    Your nightmare is terrifying. I can relate though. I have some where I run around locking all the doors and windows in our ranch house where I grew up. (There were sliding glass doors in every room!)

  48. Wow! You must have been terrified just to have to sleep at night!! Poor kid. I bet you are extra nice when one of your babies has a nightmare.

  49. We do wordFILLED wednesdays on momdot where we actually share links of our best posts since the wed prior..so a little different then yours, but maybe we can cross promote?


  50. Kathy is a good friend…lucky.

    That nightmare sounds HORRIBLE girl.

    I never really have nightmares… except the one where my husband leaves me.. and then I wake up mad at him for the rest of the day.

  51. You do love a mystery huh? I love the way you write about your mom. And from what you’ve said so far, I am not surprised you had nightmares!!!