Fall Already?

Somehow, my tulip tree missed the memo that said it’s still SUMMER. I’m SO not ready for Fall. Yet.

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  1. What! That’s crazy, it’s suppose to get back up to 90 by the end of the week. Poor Menopausal Mother Nature. Ol’ gal is really getting up there.


  2. We had a couple of teaser fall days last week that were absolutely beautiful, but now it’s back to hot and humid again. I’m ready for fall, but always sad to see summer end.

  3. And then there was 4... says

    What is that? It’s still summer!!

  4. Same here Angie! Our nights are so chilly that I must wear a sweater outside.

    What’s a tulip tree?

    I’m picturing a giant oak with big yellow tulips but somehow I don’t think so.

  5. mommaof4wife2r says

    i agree…fall already???!! i love summer too much…and the bad thing about fall…winter is next and that means snow. yikes. and a big fat boooooo!

  6. In the words of my husband, “Carrie,It smells like football season this morning.” When translated this means, fall is coming quickly. Yikes!

  7. mommaof4wife2r says

    sorry to double comment…u can hat eme later! ha! anyway, just wondering if you made your blog button or got it from somewhere. i absolutely love ur style…and want to make one for my blog! πŸ™‚

  8. Me either. Right now we are waiting to see what “Fay” does to us. Schools are closed. Doh!

  9. I’m right there with you. A few of ours have lost some leaves too. I hope that doesn’t mean they are dead from three years of drought here in NC.
    Here we are in the last days of summer vaca and can’t go swimming because G split his chin open and had it glued shut the other day. πŸ™

  10. I LOVE fall! Bring it on!!!!

    I do agree that it is sad to see summer leave but for me, only that school has started and we have to be more regimented and organized. I won’t miss the humidity and heat of summer at all though!

  11. I have yellow leaves all over my back yard too…and the air does have a different smell.

    I love fall! Bring it on!

  12. sassy stephanie says

    I llllloooooovvvvveee fall. But, round here, in the swealtering state, fall usually does not hit until about november 22nd and lasts for about 2 days and then we go straight into winter. *sign

    But I still love Texas.

  13. I’ll trade places with you!!! I would give my right hand for fall!!!

  14. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    Its cool here today and I’m thinking the same thing!

  15. Last night I closed the bedroom window because it got so chilly (despite the fact that it was 90 yesterday).

    We live across the street from a private elementary school.. this week was the start of 7:30am car doors slamming and kids screaming with excitement for the new school year. It definitely feels like fall.

    Fall is my favorite, so I can’t complain πŸ™‚

  16. Poor little tulips. No one told them it was okay to hang out a while longer.
    They would have been gone here already with all this rain….
    I have pools in my backyard. Mud pools.

  17. thatgirlblogs (shelly) says

    I’m really into Fall this year, bring it on! It’s still in the 90s here…

  18. We had some crazy cold weather last weekend but no leaves falling yet. Of course, this week has been high 80s low 90s. Gotta love CO weather!

  19. Live.Love.Eat says

    For some reason I am sooo ready for Fall, more than usual.

  20. It’s been getting very cool in the evenings lately. I’m ok with that. I do love fall, but hate what is to follow. So, I’m with you….SO not ready!

  21. Crazymamaof6 says

    really? that is crazy! leaves don’t fall here until January. but then again we kind of skip over fall.

  22. Me either. This morning leaving for work it was like 65-degrees! I needed a sweater!

    So much for global warming…

  23. OH NO!!! Not yet!!!

  24. the schirano triplets says


  25. Munchkins and Music says

    Noooo! It’s gone by too fast!! But fall is so pretty. πŸ™‚

  26. We had two sizzling days at the weekend and then Monday morning I almost put my heating on! I am so not ready for fall yet!

  27. There’s a little chill to the air today… I LOVE Fall, it’s my favorite.. sorry, but I’m ready to Summer to be OVER.

  28. i know, we have some trees changing already here! it am not ready either.

  29. FALL!!! i am sooo NOT ready either!!

  30. Ack! That is just wrong. Get the tape out and tape those babies back on the tree!

  31. Are You Serious! says

    β™₯ That's just crazy! I cooled way down this week around here! It's been in the mid to high 60's… Which I can't say I haven't been enjoying! It's been really nice… πŸ™‚

  32. Your grass still knows what time of the year it is. πŸ™‚ My hubby would be “green” with envy as he tries so hard to keep our grass from dying and it never fails…

  33. And then there was 4... says

    Hey Angie,
    she was 35 weeks, 4lbs 10oz. she spent 5 days in the NICU. I would e-mail directly, but can’t finger out how.
    talk too you soon-sandy

  34. Fall is my favorite so it wouldn’t bother me if it came a little early. We haven’t really had summer anyway. I just wouldn’t want fall early bringing the “W” word any sooner. I love the crisp days, just warm enough, comfortable at night. love it.

  35. Last weekend when it was so cold here I realized how NOT ready for fall I am. Ick.

  36. Scary Mommy says

    You have 5 kids and aren’t ready for fall?! I suddenly feel like a shitty mom. I’m counting the SECONDS!!!! πŸ™‚

  37. Some of our trees are confused like that too. Just means we get to rake twice…

  38. I lvoe fall….but we still have several weeks of summer around these parts….won’t it start getting colder for you soon??

  39. Mark and Kiss says

    Oh, I am enjoying a little break in the 100 degree days, but I don’t want summer to end either. Especially since after Fall comes winter, and I am never ready for that….You have a tulip tree?

  40. NOOOOOOoooooo! Say it ain’t so. I am NOT ready for fall. Did you hear me Mother Nature? I said I AM NOT READY FOR FALL!

  41. Zen Ventures says

    Yeah so do I. I was driving home yesterday and saw a lot of the trees along the road has already started changing color. What’s goin on?! Btw, thanks for sharing in my little woe. I do appreciate it. Thank you for checking my etsy store too. That was so nice of you. Thank you…

  42. Why, oh why are there leaves on the ground? Seriously!! Now I’m freaking out.

  43. Unbelievable. It’s been in the mid-80s here for nearly two weeks, though (normally in the upper-90s or 100s), so I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Your lawn is gorgeous BTW … my husband would be super-jealous!

  44. Oh yes – I’m so ready for spring!

  45. Supercool Hotmama says

    Fall. Hmmmm, What’s that?

  46. I could not agree more. Summer flew by!!! I am so not looking forward to cold weather and the dreaded s word. That would be snow.

  47. What is a tulip tree? I have never heard of one. And has it been really dry where you are? Perhaps that is why the tree is losing leaves.

  48. I could only wish for cooler days. I am in the land of 458 degree temps. Oh so stinkin’ hot and humid to boot. Makes for some great hair days.

  49. I am so not ready for summer to end this year!

  50. Gulp, I thought the same thing today.

  51. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Holy Ned!!!! I agree I am not ready for fall. I still feel like summer is just around the corner. YIKES>

  52. Are you bragging about your distance from the equator again?…Girl….

    I’ve heard of fall–I think we have it here for about 5 days between summer and summer…

    Thanks for the kind comments on our anniversary!

  53. Migraine Mom says

    I’m right there with you…I’m not ready for Fall yet! can you believe it will be September is two weeks???

  54. Sarah Brooks says

    Oh will you send some of those leaves my way please?! I love fall!!! I’M SO READY!

  55. I know, I can’t believe it! There are trees turning here, and my vacation ends in 6 more days. And then, even worse, four days after that the kids go back to school and summer’s really and truly over. I am SO not ready!

  56. I just saw Halloween outfits at Babies R Us…and it’s still August!!!! That just feels SO wrong! I can’t think of fall when it’s still 99 degrees outside! I’m right there with you on not being ready for fall!

  57. girlytwins says

    nooooo…Say it isn’t so. I am so not ready for fall. We had to put sweatshirts on tonight for our walk. That did not make me smile.

  58. I love fall and am so ready. We have been enjoying 50 degree temps at night and it feels so great…wonderful sleeping weather.

  59. No way. It can’t be. It’s just trying to fool you.

  60. MoziEsmΓ© says

    Those seasons change way too fast!

  61. that is crazy! It is still summer!!!!

  62. Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    I haven’t seen it, but a gal from play group today said that she saw that the leaves were turning on the trees round here too! She said that she had recently learned that the leaves start to turn when the sunlight starts to decrease.

  63. no. say it ain’t so…

    well at least soon I can “fall back” then… I could use another hour…


  64. Casey's trio says

    I love fall!!!!

  65. les_mason_curt says

    Well, at least you have rain and green grass. we have not had consistant rain and our grass in our yard is so crunchy that Mason will not walk on it. he tells me”ouch, Momma, ouch!” I love the fall, it is my favorite. your grass looks like i could take a nap on it! ahh, i think i can remember what a nap is….

  66. What the heck, tulip tree? You speaking another language or what?! lol

    They start selling fall clothes in the stores around here and it’s still in the 90’s. CRAZY!

  67. See, and I was just thinking that I was so READY for fall to come!

  68. I think I could have warm weather year round and never grow tired of it. I am just NOT a winter gal.

  69. eww, yuck. no kidding.

  70. armyfamilyok says

    We have a huge tree in our front yard. It’s losing it’s leaves too. I think it just got too hot and went for so long without rain. At least I hope that’s what it was. I’m NOT ready for fall!!

  71. It’s feeling like fall here too. It makes me sad. We had 100+ inches of snow this winter, had the rainiest June on record, then had like a month and a half of summer. Now it’s done. There’s already a tree changing colors in the neighborhood. My tomatoes haven’t even ripened, and it dropped to the low 60s overnight. Good sleeping weather, but I want summer a little bit longer! πŸ™

  72. Our trees loose leaves all year round. It’s crazy.