Easy Homemade Dorothy Costume

How to make a Dorothy Costume is an easy craft that’s perfect for dress up and Halloween costumes!  I do not claim to be a seamstress by any means, but if you can sew a straight line like me then you can definitely sew this costume.  All you need is a plain white t-shirt, blue gingham fabric, sewing machine, elastic and pins.  I guarantee your child will be skipping with delight in this Dorothy Wizard of Oz costume!


Materials Needed for Dorothy Costume


  • Blue Gingham Fabric, 1-2 yards
  • Pins
  • Elastic
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • Note: Fabric, pins and elastic were purchased from Hobby Lobby.

Step-by-step Directions



Step 1:  Cut fabric in half lengthwise.  (I bought 2 yards of fabric and cut the entire 2 yards in half.)  Fold over the length of the fabric approximately 1-1 1/2 inches depending on the size of your elastic.  You’ll want it to be at least a 1/2 inch wider than the elastic.  After you sew the seam for the elastic, fold the fabric in half, seem side facing out, sew along the open end to close the skirt.  Tip: Using an iron to press the seam before sewing is so helpful in sewing a straight line.


Step 2:  Use a safety pin to easily guide the elastic through the fabric.  Once you have the elastic through the waistband, sew the ends of the elastic together.  Turn right side out.  At this point you can try on your child to determine the length you want.  To sew the hem use the same method of folding over and ironing before sewing.  You can also add lace to the bottom of the skirt after you’ve finished the hem.



Step 3:  To make the straps I used the leftover fabric from the hem of the skirt.  I wanted a 1-1/2 inch thick strap so I cut the fabric in 2 strips with a 3-1/2 inch thickness.  Fold in half lengthwise, iron crease and sew along one edge as well as the length of the fabric.  Turn right side out.  You can use your finger or a pencil to help.

apron front

Apron Front

Step 4: Measure the front of your child’s chest to figure out the width you need.  Fold the fabric in half so you have double thickness. Sew along the length of the fabric.  Slide straps in between the fabric.  Place a strap on each end of the fabric like shown above. Pin in place.  Sew along the edge of the fabric (width).  Turn right side out.


Once you’ve made the apron front and skirt the costume goes together quite easily.  (Note: I never sewed the apron front to the skirt.)  I used a long white t-shirt that my daughter already had and transformed an old pair of flats into ruby slippers.


Ruby Slippers

For the ruby slippers I used this tutorial that uses mod podge and glitter.  Easy peasy!





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