200th POST!

Drum roll please……….


Melissa over at Hope for the Hopeless gave me the inspiration for this post. Thanks, Melissa.

Someone recently asked me what “blog” stood for since I am a regular blogger. I researched (for about 2 seconds) didn’t find anything promising and then CecilyR suggested WEBLOG, which is the correct answer. I guess when it come down to it though, it doesn’t matter, BLOG just sounds fun. And that’s one of the things that I love about blogging. It brings me hours of enjoyment and I LOVE that I can let my fingers fly and throw out there whatever suits my fancy that day. Inane musings, life lessons, funny and touching things that happen. Every once in awhile I even produce something of quality. A blog can encompass past, present and future. It can be anything one wants it to be. Gotta love that!

I appreciate instant formatting. I appreciate the ability to add personal touches and fun pictures. I really appreciate that unsung hero that made blogging possible for people like me. And, I can’t tell my friends, blogging aquaintances, and family how much their comments mean to me.

And now for the fun part……my first give away. Come out, come out, where ever you are. I would LOVE to see who actually visits my blog. I’ll leave this post on top for two weeks and at the end of that time a random number will be drawn. If that number corresponds to your comment number, then you will be the lucky recipient of……………………..a $20.00 gift card to Bath and Body Works. Indulge a little!

About Angie

Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. OK I’m so excited that I’m the first to comment! I was actually going to ask on your last post when 200 was. I was soooo close!! AND I can’t believe you beat me! Anyway, you are a superhero and nothing you write is ever inane.

  2. Thanks for the props, your post was great!! I’m so thankful to have a place to just kind of dump my feelings when I’m having them. And then on most days when I’m just busy being a mommy I can kind of trace how I’m spending my time.

    Someday Hope will look back and be able to read all of this stuff and think hey, my mom was pretty cool (well maybe when she’s 30 something and ok to think mom is cool).

    Funny that you put your post up today, I put up the post I’ve been working on last night…synronicity?

    So congrats on your 200th post. Here’s to 200 more.

  3. this is why I love your blog! You are so creative and I admire your ability to put your thoughts into words. I wish my thoughts came out as well. Something to work on huh? congrats.

  4. Clark Captions says

    Congratulations on your 200th post Angie! I LOVE reading your blog….it is so nice to keep updated on the family, and I love all of the craziness that goes on in your home. Makes me feel sane!
    I love ya! Stacey

  5. Holy cow! 200…I was just thinking I felt cool for being close to 100! In a year? Did I read that right? Good grief I’m behind!!

    P.S. Am I dumb for thinking BLOG was short for WEBLOG?

  6. Yow know I love your blog and you! Thanks for always inspiring me. Cool prize too 🙂 Nothing you write is inane.

  7. Wow, 200!?!? That’s awesome!

  8. A couple things:

    1) Heather is right. Nothing you write is inane!

    2) Blog does come from “weblog”.

    With that cleared up I want to say that I have loved your family since I met you folks. I’m really missing the visits to your home.

    Also, I wish I could have something to say almost every day, like you. You really are inspiring. No doubt.

    Here’s to another 200 posts!

    — Sean

  9. Jennifer H says

    Angie- I like your blog- it’s vert erntertaing and fun to read. I really need to start one. I always have the excuse I don’t have time with 4 kids- but that one doesn’t work here since you have 5, LOL!!
    Keep up the good work.

    Jennifer H
    -The MOMO Website

  10. Loving the new look to your blog. Now all I need to do is figure out how to make the changes to mine. I downloaded some stuff but can’t quite seem to figure it out.

  11. I really like the new header to your blog!!! It is so creative and fabulous!

    I am only on post 130. I cannot believe you did so many in a year! Congrats!!

    I have really enjoyed your posts and how you express yourself. I can relate to your life so much. Most of the time I am thinking surface things, like what is for dinner, what will the twins destroy next, etc… many times your posts have made me think deeper and to slow down to remember ME as a woman and not just a mom. I especially love the books you have recommended!!

  12. Casey's trio says

    Pretty cool Angie…Now are we entered more than once for leaving multiple comments?

  13. I love your blog- it could only be generated by a person of quality and depth. Thanks for the light and the dark of your world…

  14. My name is Tammie says

    Ohhh Good questions Casey!

    Congrats on the 200!!! I love your blog so much. Its close to the top of my favorites list and I always make sure I have a little time during my day to read it.

    Happy 200!!!!

  15. wow! 200 posts! That’s so amazing. Don’t know how you find the time to get it in. I guess I just need to learn to enjoy it more and then I would make the time. I figure this could be my new way of journaling. I haven’t done any blogging because I felt guilty that I haven’t taken the time to write in my journal. Now I’m killing two birds with one stone!

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  16. Of course I do! Love the circus!

  17. Whoa! Look at all the comments already. You have a big audience :)Thanks for introducing me to the wonderful world of blogging.

  18. The Pruetz Family says

    Oooh, oooh! Pick me! Pick me!

    Let’s go #19 — the day of the month that my twins were born on. I’m feelin’ lucky!

  19. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    wow, 200 posts! i enjoy your posts although i do not comment as much as i would like. most of the time it’s for lack of something to say, i just don’t feel smart enough to comment, your posts just floor me and make me think 🙂 anyway, i do love your blog! kepe up the good work!

  20. Well I took your promptings and have started to blog with my siblings. We don’t have quite the knack that you do, but we give it our all and we most of all just get to stay connected to one another. Keep your posts coming. I love to see those twinnies and the other 3 singletons.

  21. Great post! I never thought to put into words why I like to blog but I think that you did it beautifully! Happy 200th!

  22. I can’t believe it’s already your 200th post! I love to read your posts! That’s how I keep up with what’s going on….since you’re not able to chat on the phone as much anymore! Way to go!

  23. I love the new header and reading about your family. Congrats on making it to 200!

  24. Angie
    I always love reading your blogs. It lets me know what I have to look forward to with my twins, inspires me to read more and above all, puts a smile on my face.

    Jenny Leite

  25. Angie…you amaze me…I can’t believe all of the hilarious and creative stories you have shared on your blog. We love it!! Congrats!

  26. Erickson 5 says

    What the heck…$20 to B & B! I love the blog and your little cowboys are so cute!

  27. Rosie Yanosko says

    Congrats Angie! What a cool idea to have a giveaway! 😉

  28. I am so stealing this cheap trick just to see how it feels to be a blog star for a week! Your new header rocks, by the way, way cool!

  29. 200! wow!

  30. thanks for your comments. I dont know what I’ve done with my comments settings, so my latest post can’t receive comments. Was it the ‘comments default for posts’?
    Can you help me? Thanks before.

  31. I may not see your site every day, but I do try to check in when I can 🙂 I know I’ll get a smile, laugh, or something thought-provoking. Congrats on your 200th post!

  32. I’m not on track for 200 in a year….no where close! Your blog makes me constantly laugh, smile, think, and sit in amazement. Thanks for sharing the stories of your lives!

  33. My name is Tammie says

    OK. Two weeks this one is going to stay at the top?! I am missing your blogs already!

    (Dont worry this one wont be entered as its my second comment.)

  34. My name is Tammie says

    I’m an idiot. I just figured it all out. I’m dumb.

  35. Love your blog. Go #36.

  36. Angie,
    I check in always so once in a while. I think you have a ton of wisdom as a mom and I admire you for how you are raising your five kids! My three feel very overwhelming most days-so it gives me perspective. I also love the red hair on the twins (mine have a little red in theirs – from dad) and all the wonderful help and encouragement that you offer on the momo website. Thanks and God bless,

  37. Hey this is my first post on your page and turns out you know way too many Melissa’s. Plus I don’t have a pic so you can tell me apart. So maybe at the beginnings of my post I’ll put (NZ) So you’ll know it’s the kiwi posting your cousins’ wife. Sound good?
    Anyway it’s great being able to search through and get to know you better. Now I’ll be looking at your one everyday too.

  38. Undomestic Goddess says

    just thought I would stop by and say hi, thanks for the comments and feel free to comment till your hearts content

  39. are we suppossed to to keep commenting? I thought a nice even 40…