Writer’s Workshop-sleep talking and walking

I haven’t participated in a Writer’s Workshop in far too long. Since I love writing, and love having a prompt to inspire me, there’s no excuse for NOT doing it. Even if I have been busy. And oh boy have I been busy. Between running from here to there and back again and having my nose in a book non-stop, the hours in the day have flown by.

I guess I can finally let the cat out of the bag.

We’re moving. Again. It’s a good thing, I think. We bought a house. Apparently we couldn’t handle being debt free any longer so we decided to stimulate the economy in a big way. 🙂 No way am I going white on my roof, though.

I’ll tell you (and show you) all about it another day.

First I have to know. How do you feel about phone calls from your children’s school? I must tell you that I HATE them. They always WANT something, and whenever I see their number on caller ID I panic a little. Who is sick or hurt? Yesterday I got a call from the school nurse that child #1 fell on a field trip and hurt her arm. This morning I got a call that child number 2 needed a jacket. Wait. I’m supposed to drop everything to take her a jacket? Apparently. Then, this afternoon I got a call from the school nurse that child #2 fell on a field trip and hurt her wrist. It’s a good thing school is ending soon because I’m done with the phone calls. (Both girls are fine, by the way).

Now, let’s just jump right in with SLEEP WALKING and TALKING.

I LOVE sleep walkers, and sleep walker stories. I’m just glad I don’t have one of my own. My kids are sleep talkers, rather than walkers. In fact, I’m pretty sure that Garrett talks more when he’s asleep than when he’s awake.

My uncles were notorious sleep walkers. The kind that would leave their house in the middle of the night and ride their bike down Main Street or pee in the corner of the hallway.

My dad used to wake my brother up when he was in a deep sleep for kicks and tell him it was time for school. The guy (my brother-I just like saying, “the guy”) would take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast and head out the door before my dad reined him back in. And then, he’d just go back to bed. Crazy good times. Too bad he never got to enjoy those times like we did. He never remembered the next morning.

I’ve always been too light of a sleeper to doing any walking. Sigh. I always mumble when I sleep talk too, so I don’t have one good story about me. I hate that. 🙂

It appears that I haven’t really done any out of the ordinary writing here, either. I guess it’s the thought that counts. Right?

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  1. i know… i am a boring sleeper, too. bummer.

    when my youngest was little, he would occasionally have night terrors and there was NO waking him, no matter what we did. i would always get the giggles, which is just awful, but knowing he was really safe, but freaking out made me laugh. poor kid.

  2. parentingBYdummies says

    I don’t sleep enough for anyone to know what I do. But, my oldest dude, he’s the one. He sleep walks in his bed! He actually lays there and does running feet. Runs his laying down self into the wall; makes all kinds of noise. It’s weird and kinda funny!

  3. Naturally Caffeinated Family says

    no sleepy stories here either=) but congrats on the new house, that’s exciting!! are you moving in or out of your state? sorry i’ve been mia, hope you’re doing great!

  4. I used to sleepwalk all the time. I still occasionally sleep talk, too.

    And you’re moving again? Wonderful. Any chance to Nebraska? lol

  5. I can’t stand calls from school either… and I’m a prolific sleep talker.. I’ve answered the phone and had entire conversations while sleeping…

  6. Scary Mommy says

    So you need to pack and unpack again? You never cease to amaze me!

    And yes, I agree about the calls.

  7. Kelly Deneen says

    LOL. That is kind of mean! ha!

    And congrats on the new house and move! That is huge news!!

  8. I can’t believe school called you for a jacket. You live in CA. How bad can it get?
    Congrats on the house. Where abouts?
    I think that’s crazy your brothers were so bad.
    Man that was pretty mean of your dad. At least the kids didn’t know.

  9. I dread calls from school. It usually means my oldest is in trouble or something! He has started sleep walking in the past few months. Its so wierd and creepy. He looks like he is awake, but then he just stares straight thru you, like your not even there. Creeps me out!

  10. Life with Kaishon says

    I just want to say I completely and totally understand what you mean about seeing the number from the school come up on caller id. I panic. I tremble. It is never a good thing. There is always some problem. Very stressful!

    Funny story about that guy!

  11. Alright, I feel better about potty training. I’ve felt bad because even though this new baby’s coming, if Moose is ready I totally want him to try to use the potty.

    BUT I’m not even sure half the time he’s aware of what goes on in his diaper. LOL When his diaper’s off, he’s well aware of what’s down there, though. 🙂 But he can’t even say poop or pee yet! And no hiding, he does it right out in the open. 🙂

  12. The poor “guy”!!! Was he cranky for all his sleep disturbances?? lol

  13. Erin, Nick and Merrick says

    Moving again! Good luck!!

  14. koopermom says

    Moving!? To where? Nebraska?? 🙂

  15. T Rex Mom says

    I sleep walk and talk – it waxes and wanes – usually based on stress levels.

    The weirdest thing, the other night I went in to check on T Rex because I thought he was awake. Nope – just babbling in his crib and sound asleep. Guess it can start as early as 18 months!

    Good luck moving. I want to hear more about this white roof?

  16. Congrats on the new house!! Oh yes, we know all about stimulating the economy….we’ve been in our house a month now. 🙂 We stimulated the economy by over $300,000 so I hope that helps. 🙂

  17. I don’t sleep walk but I do try and start IV’s or other RN related tasks on Jeff while I sleep. Sometimes I just can’t turn off the RN part of my brain.

  18. Don Mills Diva says

    Congratulations on your new house – can’t wait to hear all about it!

  19. Stephanie says

    Oh to have to pack and unpack again…bless you!!!

    I’m a light sleeper also, but my husband sees crazy things in his sleep. He never remembers any of the stories I tell him about the next morning.

  20. Absolutely love hearing your thoughts! Jack talks in his sleep, loud and clear. Cracks me up! Sleep walkers would scare me I think. I don’t want my kids mindlessly wandering the house at night.

    Can’t believe you are moving again. You are one tough, brave mama! Love you!

  21. when I had a call from Ar Ir’s school, it must be about the boys hair — the teacher wants me to cut it out while I like them a little bit long haired…..

    for quite long, since I was kid, I’ve been a sleep crier (is this right?). I cry in my sleep. I stopped doing it when I got married. well I guess Dan has been a BIG comfort to my nights….

  22. phone calls…yeah, don’t love them either. That last one I received was from the principal b/c my son ate a few worms at recess (a bet someone made with him). The one before was from the principal telling me my son was playing power rangers and he said, “I’m going to kill you” to another kid…I thought give me a stinkin break! He’s 5 years old! So yeah, don’t love the phone calls…

  23. You bought a house?!? How exciting!! And stressful. But hopefully in a good way. I know what you mean about calls from school….

  24. I hope to buy our house in about 2 more years.

    I don’t get phone calls from school unless I call my self — I am the school.

  25. I was a sleep walker when I was younger. Then I would talk in my sleep and my friends would tell me the crazy things I said. Congrats on moving into a nice place.

  26. Ooh, a new house! Come on now, I want details and pictures!!!!!

    Justine 😮 )

  27. MoziEsmé says

    Happy moving!

  28. Thank you for doing your part to stimulate the economy. And gee… have fun with that. Moving stinks … and when you have 7 clowns, I imagine it is very difficult. Hang in there!!!

    At least you have SITScation to look forward to!

  29. Mama Kat says

    I can’t believe you’re moving again. Same state? I can only imagine the amount of stuff you guys have with all those kids!! Sheesh.

    I love messing with sleep talkers too, but I never know what to say to them to keep them going. 🙂

  30. scrappysue says

    if the person in the school office has time to call you about a JACKET – they aren’t busy enough!?!?! doesn’t everyone live miles from everywhere? the travel time for a jacket surely wouldn’t be worth it!!!

  31. girlytwins says

    Love this. I am huge sleep talker and both my girls are following suit. Charlotte is also a sleep walker. I found her rocking in her rocking chair one night, it was really creepy. LOL