Writer’s Workshop-She that leaves no stone unturned

You all know how much I love a good writing prompt, right? Mama Kat never disappoints. If you haven’t participated yet, now is your chance!

This week I chose to write about “she that leaves no stone unturned”.

She’s a beauty, I know. But that’s beside the point.

“She that leaves no stone unturned” is a bit of a perfectionist. Although she wouldn’t agree.

She alphabetizes her movies AND spices AND her closets are as clean as the rest of her house.

She’s a bit like me, if I do say so myself, except I don’t alphabetize my spices and my pantry doesn’t always look perfect.

Who am I kidding? I don’t hold a candle to this chicks methodology.

After I flunked out of a rigid exercise program after 4 sessions she decided to give it a try. And she completed the WHOLE program, turning her already tiny frame into a lean muscle machine.

When I was moving I called her up specifically because I needed her to make sure my grandma’s china didn’t get damaged in the move. She didn’t disappoint. Isn’t she lucky to have someone that always thinks of her?

When she puts her mind to something, she does it perfectly, and that’s why she’s “she who leaves no stone unturned”.

I’m lucky enough to call her my “sister in law”. Sometimes her name gets really long and tiresome. I wonder if it gets long and tiresome to her too?

*”She that leaves no stone unturned” is on the right, and “she that looks like a super model and has the best common and directional sense around (and is a GOOD person)” is on the left. I’ll write about her sometime too, if the writing prompt prompts me! 🙂

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Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. Amastreetkid says

    Hi Angie, Really enjoyed reading you blog. Take care Sarah

  2. They both look like super models. I’m jealous ’cause I wish I could be a bit more organized and have a house that I could brag about being clean, let alone closets! I guess, we can’t all be gifted in that department but I think that’s what I wish for the most: more time to clean and organize! (and work on the super model status!) 🙂

  3. Lacey in the Sky says

    Sheesh- she is gorgeous! Some girls just have it all!

  4. Darla is right-they BOTH look like supermodels and I too am jealous. I always thought that if you had the model looks, then at least your closets had to be unkempt.
    I guess ‘she who leaves no stone unturned’ really does have it all!

    You are lucky to have such a neat friend, and she’s lucky to have YOU in her life. Glad the china survived the move!

  5. Stu Pidasso says

    Good friends are hard to find, but a good in-law is just plain lucky!! And the supermodel look?? I learned a long time ago that people are like Xmas presents, you never really know what your getting until you get past the wrapping. My “best gift” ever was in plain old brown paper!! GB!

  6. You just described me, lol. My spices are alphabetized and my drawers, and closets are organized, BUT I hate to clean. Weird huh?

  7. What a great post – you are blessed to have her in your life – and she is blessed to have a sister in law that appreciates her wonderful unique qualities.

  8. I wish I could be one who leaves no stone unturned but alas…that is not what God made me to be. If you can’t be it yourself, it’s awfully nice to have one nearby!

  9. Wow, they are both beautiful! And able to find their way out of a paper bag and pack china?

    These girls have it all…and you for family! Who could ask for more.

  10. She is absolutely beautiful…
    and it seems like you have a great relationship with her.. You are blessed to have such a great extended family…

  11. everyone needs to have a person like that in there life. She is beautiful.

  12. Casey's trio says

    Lucky you to have such a great friend/SIL. I bet she will love reading this post!

  13. Katy Lin :) says

    beautiful 🙂 isn’t it great to have friens like this who just happen to be stuck with us because they’re family, too! 🙂

  14. You have a great s-i-l. Loved reading your story this week.

  15. les_mason_curt says

    They both are beautiful, you SIL looks like a super model. She is so pretty. I wish I was organized like her… I could only wish for my closets to be as clean as the rest of my house…. But if they were where the heck would I throw all of my junk when company came over with no notice… HA!

  16. It’s wonderful to have such a friend but to have one that is a family member tis a far better thing!
    I mean, you can ALWAYS call on family!

  17. Loved your story this week. A good sister in law is hard to find.

  18. “she that leaves no stone unturned” looks just like Cameron Diaz…I’m jealous. And because her house is THAT clean and organized 😀

  19. I wish I could be that organized… How does she find the time?? So nice that you have her around to help with things like that!!

  20. Beautiful and organized…….some people have all the luck. 🙂

  21. i need someone like that in MY life 🙂 you are one very blessed woman to have such a wonderful sil!

  22. wow. does she have a blog cause i could use some pointers!!!

  23. come check out the old blog for a meme…you have been tagged!! lucky you ;)..hugs and prayers…

  24. Live.Love.Eat says

    Wow, hot AND organized!!!! Both are beautiful women. They’re lucky to have you in their life too!!!!!

  25. Kacey Randolph says

    Does she give lessons? Or free pep talks? Ha! Ha! I loved reading this post. It was beautifully written (as usual) and a really fun read. Your SIL sounds fabulous and both she & your friend are gorgeous!

  26. hi, having a good sister in law is soooo important and lucky. i too have a great sis in law, i adore her!

  27. I need someone like her in my life. I’m “She who walks right by the stones and never notices them to turn them over.” 🙂

  28. Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine says

    Lucky you. My almost sister-in-law just talks alot. But I like her anyway 😉

  29. Both of you are just gorgeous!

    YOu are lucky to have such a good relationship with your sis-in-law. I keep trying for that, but it doesn’t seem to stick.

    Lucky for me I am proud to have a really fantastic sister who is super-model pretty too.

  30. You, and those who surround you, are beautiful.

    We cannot be friends. I do not measure up. Sigh…


  31. les_mason_curt says

    PS- I have something for you @ my blog! Have a great day!

  32. Your description of the two people in the photographer had me LOLing.

  33. Sometimes Sophia says

    Great post. I also know someone who alphabetizes her spices, and she’s such a nice lady. Isn’t it great that being anal and being nice aren’t mututally exclusive?

  34. answering your question from my post, yeah, that story is completely 100%, except they wanted to make my camp name “Smokey” but I chose “Sparkle” instead.

  35. Mama's Losin' It says

    Wow! They’re both gorgeous!! She sounds like a gem.

  36. Momma Trish says

    Your previous commenters are correct. They both look like supermodels. Gorgeous girls, with great gifts. (Accidental alliteration … must stop now …)

  37. I just got a sister in law and she has yet to figure out her wife/mother duties. My brother does all of the cooking and cleaning while she sleeps in. Granted she is pregnant but boy when that baby comes she is in for a world of lifestyle shock. I wish I were as organized as you and your SIL!!!

  38. She’s beautiful (they both are) and it sounds like she is just as beautiful on the inside!!

  39. Love reading your writer’s workshops. She is beautiful!! Sounds like she is an awesome person!

  40. very well written and nice interpretation of the prompt. A+ for you, little lady! alas, the in-law situation is one thing you and i DO NOT have in common.

  41. ANGIE!! You are toast…how dare you out me about the spices! 🙂 I was extremely flattered by your kind words. I have to set the record straight though, your house is always cleaner than mine. Just so your readers know the truth. I miss you guys so much!!!
    Love – Chuck

  42. Veggie Mom says

    Awwwwww…I love my SIL, too! It’s nice when everyone can be friendly. I’ve got some friends who aren’t really on good terms with their in-laws. Can you say “Awkward”?

  43. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Please tell me what the exercise routine was that you tried. I am up for a challenge! Your sis-in-law is gorgouse! Is that how you spell that word? Anyway, it is always great to know someone who is super organized, and a tad of a perfectionist!

  44. After reading I wish she was my sister in law too. She’s extremely lucky to have someone that loves her so much also. 🙂 Great post.

  45. Awww, such a sweet post. I would say she is pretty lucky herself!

    BTW, there should be a law against someone being that beautiful and that organized. LOL

  46. Naturally Caffeinated Family says

    Beautifully written! And beautiful pic too 🙂

    And I was just sitting here looking at your slide show, I LOVE all of the pictures, so sweet and cute and all completely frameable!!

  47. where is her blog?? I need a few lessons in spice alphabetization. She is gorgeous. How lucky you are.
    thanks for your nice comments about beach photos.
    And thanks for letting me know there are people in this world like your sister in law…so it is possible??
    Show me the way!! to her teachings!!!

  48. Anyone would be blessed to know someone like her. P.S. I think yuo are both hot 😉

  49. She is beautiful and she sounds really wonderful! I think you are pretty amazing too!

  50. Great post…you guys are lucky to have such a close relationship!!

  51. Ha, I really love your descriptions of them. Yes those names must get very long and tiresome after a while 🙂

  52. How awesome to have such great sister in laws. You are very lucky!!