Writer’s Workshop-Interview with a child(ren)

It’s never too soon to start thinking about the future. Or so I’ve been told.

With that in mind, I thought it would be prudent to interview the twins and find out what they are planning on doing long term. Just so I’m prepared.

It’s quite fitting that John (pictured above), my ladies man, wants to be a daddy. He is still unclear about legal laws concerning marriage within the family, though. He doesn’t believe me when I tell him he can’t marry his cousin (even though she is beautiful and sweet) insisting it’ll be OK when they are both big. Good thing I have a few years to get him to understand.

I wasn’t sure what Jacob’s (above) long term goals were, but a Power Ranger it is.

I asked him what he’ll do as a Power Ranger and he said, “I don’t know, mom”. I guess his job description is yet to be determined in his mind. And, he has years to work on it.

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  1. Kacey R. says

    That is too sweet and they are so precious. I love their answers!

  2. S Club Mama says

    I wanted to be a Power Ranger, too!!

    And how sweet he wants to be a daddy. I don't think many boys think like that, especially at such a young age.

    They are just heart-melting kiddos!

  3. That's awesome.
    I wonder what Masaru would say?
    Maybe I'll go ask him.

  4. So cute – what precious boys you have.

  5. Phoenix's Mom says

    To cute!!

  6. Angie,

    Your twins are too cute. I love their plans for the future.

    When I asked my son not too long ago what he wanted to be when he grows up, he said he wanted to be an inventor and create a backpack that can make you fly. I love the way kids think!

  7. Too cute.

  8. Wow they look like two totally different boys in those pics. Love their goals… totally obtainable 😀

  9. Very cute answers!! Emma goes back and forth between many goals…from wanting to be a builder, a veterinarian, to a mom.

  10. They are adorable! I Love the way a young mind works!

  11. Casey's trio says

    Cute!! Lately Riley has been telling me she wants to be a daddy when she grows up…cracks me up!

  12. Unknown Mami says

    He is adorable and will make a very good looking Power Ranger. Although, if those good looks are to be passed down to his children, I highly recommend he does not marry his cousin.

  13. Awwwwwwww… they're both so cute and adorable, and their answers funny!

    Justine 😮 )

  14. Both are fine occupations if you ask me!
    … and I'm pretty sure I wanted to marry my uncle for a good while 🙂

  15. I LOVE it! I love asking my kids questions like that and seeing what their answers will be. Sometimes I am very surprised! 🙂

  16. Grammy Suzzy and DJ Doran says

    This was great…twins, and yet such different goals! Isn't it amazing that you raise them, pretty much, the same, and the results come out so differently! It will be so fun to see what they do become…Daddy-it's possible, but Power Ranger???

  17. Veggie Mom says

    Those are both worthy career goals…Daddy and Power Ranger. Which color PR does Jacob want to be?

  18. Crazymamaof6 says

    DARLING INTERVIEWS! they are too cute and both impressive job aspirations!

  19. Kiki (G.G.) says

    Adorable boys with amazing aspirations. Too cute! I wanted to be Wonder Woman. I think I am W.W. in relation to being a wife and mother, but I certainly don't have Wonder Women's figure and powers. I wish I did. Have a wonderful day and take care.

  20. The Blonde Duck says

    That's so cute!

  21. My daughter used to insist that she would live with us forever. . . love to see the precious childs heart.

  22. Too sweet! I dont know how many wonderful little moments like that with my daughter (she'll be 21 next month) have been lost to me over the years. Things you think you will never forget, but then do. I think it is great that their little interviews have been documented!

  23. Mama Kat says

    I sent my cousin a love letter in first grade and was convinced we would be married someday. I even fought with other girls in the class about it.

    Now that we're grown I changed my mind, but he's still one of my favorite cousins. 🙂

  24. well at least they have goals.
    Hayden wants to marry women who are triplet his age. I don't know what is worse that or marring in the family. 😉

  25. Lofty goal:-)

  26. T Rex Mom says

    My little nephew, who is now not so little, used to want to be a space farmer – one who farms in space, of course (what's wrong with me that I did not know that?). I guess he thought it would be cool to drive a tractor in zero gravity. Now, it's changed to a professional baseball player.

    I can't wait to see what my little one wants to be – I'm sure it will change a million times before he settles in on one thing but it's about the journey not the destination, right?

  27. So cute and funny! A daddy…that's so sweet. And a Power Ranger. Well, you will be one proud mama. 🙂

  28. What a sweet face. We all want to be like Daddy.

  29. Elizabeth Bradley says

    A crazy piece of news, a friend told me that you can marry your first cousin in five states, legally. Ew, and double ew. (I won't tell your son), he sure is a sweet little boy. When I was little I wanted to marry my cousin David.

  30. My son is enamored with his cousin too … but he plans on marrying me and his dad too!!!

    And I love the job plan … Power Rangers are always in demand!