Writer’s Workshop: A Memorable Neighbor

It’s been far too long since I’ve participated in a Writer’s Workshop.  I was even the inspiration behind most of the prompts last week {gasp.  I know. Who’d have guessed?}, and didn’t find the time to join the fun.

Mama’s Losin’ It

So, this week I’m turning over a new leaf.

Kind of.

And joining in on the fun once again.

This week the writing prompt that spoke to me was the one about a memorable neighbor.  I definitely have a memorable neighbor.  She’s a fast driving, Italian speaking, huge party throwing, chimney smoking grandma.   Who likes to peep in my yard.

I’ve written about her before.  She’s that memorable.

Here’s what I had to say about her, and a few other neighbors, too:

I’m pretty sure none of my neighbors will ever have access to my blog so for once I can talk about someone and feel pretty confident it won’t get back to them. I feel sure that none of my neighbors are up with the whole blogging scene. They are WAY too busy looking into or wandering around in my yard.

Here’s the thing.

We moved into a well established, older neighborhood where most of the home owners ARE the original owners. Their children are all long grown up and gone, and I sense they have a sort of proprietary feeling about the neigborhood.

On one hand, I’m glad. I feel SUPER safe here because we definitely have a built in neighborhood watch system. On the other hand, I’m having a hard time getting used to having neighbors in my yard, or looking into my yard when I didn’t invite them. It’s just weird.

When we first closed on the house, I can’t count on my two hands how many times I arrived here to work on the house and strangers would be wandering around the property, not realizing it was NO LONGER on the market. I thought that was odd.

Then one day the next door neighbor opened the side fence, walked on back and asked my husband when the new owners were moving in. Did I mention she interrupted him on the phone to do so? She thought he was a “worker”. Irritating.

When our pool was being remodeled another neighbor frequently let himself into our backyard to talk to our concrete guys. He wanted some work done too. He even brought his dog with him. I don’t know. I was under the impression that if you wanted to enter someone’s gated yard, you asked. You walked to the front door, rang the doorbell. Introduced yourself to the home owners. Told them you needed some concrete work done and could you have their business card please? Or better yet, could you talk to them in person? And you’d leave your dog home. Possibly?

Remember those pictures I showed you of the side of my house that we landscaped? Well, the area used to function as RV parking. So, there is a two sided opening fence behind a DRIVEWAY. Not the driveway we park in, but a driveway none-the-less. Let me illustrate:

(see there on the right? You can see where the side walk sort of T’s with the driveway?)

(That’s the gate I’m talking about.)

One has to walk the length of the driveway to get to the gates to enter the backyard. I just happen to have a sliding door that leads from my bedroom to the sideyard pretty near the fence. One morning I woke up to one of my neighbors was practically climbing the fence trying to see into the backyard.  She got a nice view of the backyard, AND me in bed.  So embarrassing.

She and I have never spoken of the incident, yet it hangs over us every time we see each other.  I know that she has seen me in my underware, and she knows that I know that she’s seen me in my under ware.

It’s awkward to say the least.

I’m just thankful I haven’t see her in her under ware, too.

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  1. Angie! Memorable, for sure! Memorable and hilarious! Oh my! Also- your photos make me long for CA and some serious sunshine! Don;t worry- I won’t come a -lookin’ in your backyard, though! Great post!

  2. That is just crazy. Your neighbors are pushing your neighborlyness to the limit.

  3. Ickkk. The idea of uninvited folks outside my window is too creepy!
    Great post!
    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s,

  4. Oh My! That’s for sure frustrating! When we were in Hawaii my next door neighbor and I got to the point we’d do that quick knock and walk-in but that’s after we became friends. I can’t imagine walking into someone’s gated yard without asking!

  5. HOly crap that’s hilarious!!! We also live in an older established neighborhood. A lot of our neighbors are crusty old- er- original owners. I get nasty notes in my mailbox all the time about my kids being a nuissance! Yeah…really urks me! But I think they feel it is “THEIR” neighborhood…not ours. But we’ve been here 4 years now…we’re here to stay!

  6. Do people really act like that? I live in a community that does not allow fencing at all and we don’t have that problem!

  7. I bet it wasn’t your ‘sexy’ underwear either, was it? LOL.

  8. She should be embarrassed, not you! How weird, I wonder why she was trying so hard to see into your back yard?

  9. Those are some crazy experiences!

    Sounds like the fence crawling peeper has more reason to feel awkward than you – what in the world?


  10. How invasive. What ever happened to good old fashioned manners?

  11. Good one Angie… what a great story, although one can never be sure if “they’re” reading this.You reminded me of the time my mom and I were at a restaurant and she didn’t like this gal’s hat. So, she spoke in Greek thinking it was “safe” and the lady (bring Greek, too) turned around and really gave a piece of her mind to my mom! 🙂 Thanks for sharing a great post of a “memorable neighbor” indeed!!

  12. I’d be patient at first, but then I’d start nicely telling people to get the hell off my property.. just saying.

  13. Oh My Goodness!!! I thought my neighbors were bad!

  14. Eeks, you’ve got some weird neighbors there, Angie.

  15. Okay, your backyard is fancy – especially your fence! Seriously, I can’t imagine just opening that baby and walking in!

  16. That would totally drive me nuts!

  17. So awkward!!! I bet she’s learned her lesson w/peeping on others!!!

  18. sheesh, talk about nosy

  19. Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appreciation.

  20. Yup, that’ll do it. You have my appreciation.