Words that make me run, not walk……

“MOM! The twins got in your make-up!”

The thoughts that ran through my mind as I was sprinting upstairs: “crap, why did I forget to put it back after cleaning the bathroom? Please, please only be on the twins, and please, please let my lipstick and lipliner be intact”.
Whew……it was. Just a little mascara.

Here’s my question: do you think they applied the mascara to their own faces, and then passed on the wand, or do you think they applied mascara to each others faces?

I’m thinking they decorated their own faces and then decided to be good little sharers.
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  1. Abigail got into my make-up last night but she had a lot of help. Her daddy thought it would be funny to put make-up on her before bringing her down to the table for dinner. He made one small mistake and used my lipliner on her eyebrows. That was a little difficult to get off. The other kids got a big kick out of seeing Abigail in make-up. I just hope they don’t decide to help themselves to my make-up now.

  2. Melissa M. says

    Emma got into my makeup when she was little. Eliza got into grandma’s makeup while we were shopping and Daddy was supposed to be watching her. She had it all over herself but luckily didn’t get it on anything else. I keep my makeup in a little bag and use a key ring holder thing I don’t even know what they’re called anyway the type where you have to twist the key around it a couple of times to get it on and they haven’t been able to get into since! Happy day. Makeup is spendy! 🙂

  3. Melissa M. says

    I guess I should have said that I connect the two zipper ends together with the key ring so they can’t undo it!

  4. I have had so many Mac items ruined! My worst was my studio fix (almost $30!). They have ruined countless lipsticks. My girls even have a name when they get mascara on their faces… they call it looking like a monkey (go figure). They are driving bonkers latley!

  5. Casey's trio says

    Yes….we can all live with a little mascara mishap, but the lipliner annd lipstick could be big trouble! I agree that they probably applied it to themselves and then passed it on:)

  6. Such cute little boys! LOL

    We keep child door locks on our bedroom and bathroom for this purpose. Emma cannot open it and she is the worst!

  7. I think they tried it their self and then started to share. OOOOh I love twins, they double your happiness, and trouble. Ha ha.

  8. Cute, did they think they we getting ready for Halloween again?

    That’s one plus to not wearing makeup, I never have to worry about Hope getting into mine.

  9. My name is Tammie says

    Pretty! LOL!