Wordless Wednesday-Jacob

Do you think there is any irony in the fact that I do a Wordless Wednesday each week, yet they are always wordful? So, starting next week, and every week afterwards, I’m going to host a Wordful Wednesday. I’m counting on you to join me. Please?

I can’t get enough of this kid. Just when I think he can’t get any more adorable, his mirror image walks into the room and I have to pinch myself. It’s adorable times two. I’m pretty positive I’m darn lucky.

So next week, I’ll include a Mr. Linky like the one shown below. You just enter your URL address and voila, we’re all set. Now, remember, Wordful Wednesday doesn’t have to be particularly wordy. A sentence will suffice. It’s for those of us that can’t just throw a picture out there and not say something about it. If you’d like to jump in and play today, feel free, but the offical launch is next Wednesday.

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Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. MoziEsmΓ© says

    Mother of all that cuteness? Definitely lucky!

  2. Crazymamaof6 says

    totally lucky!
    and i can’t contain my words either. i don’t even attempt it anymore.

  3. totally luck AND truly blessed!!

  4. tinabean1988 says

    I’m pretty positive your darn lucky to!

  5. Blessed. As are they, Angie.

    It’s an impish yet loving grin! Talk to the hand, mama.

  6. I love your pictures. I have two girls so I love your stories about your sons. It gives me alittle insight to what life is like with boys.

  7. That was sweet. He is adorable!

  8. Those boys are too cute. I love their facial expressions! So sweet!

  9. Threeundertwo says

    If I were his mom, I’d be nibbling on those cheeks. Such a cutie!

  10. Boy, he’s got character, doesn’t he? I’ll bet he keeps you on your toes! lol

  11. the schirano triplets says

    yup, definitely lucky. maybe you should call it wordy wednesday instead…or wordful wednesday.

  12. Very cute!!!

  13. Adorable!

  14. Unbelievably adorable! I love the grin…sweet yet stinker. You are one lucky mama!

  15. Kim Heinecke says

    Call it “It’s my blog and I’ll use words if I want to” Wednesday.

    precious kid!

  16. sassy stephanie says

    What a sweet smile! Redheads ROCK!

  17. Simply AnonyMom says

    Adorable x2 for sure!

    You have won an award. Claim it here: http://simplyanonymom.blogspot.com/2008/08/you-like-me-you-really-really-like-me.html

  18. Josh and Betsie says

    They are so cute!

  19. He is a cutie!

  20. You are so blessed… to have ALL of those beautiful kids!

  21. Sherri - KaysvilleMomma says

    Cute kids!!! Love the red hair!!

  22. How cute! You are indeed very lucky.

  23. I know that you are very lucky! They are two of the cutest boys I have ever seen.

  24. Luckiest woman on earth…besides me, of course. Let me just say that I cannot wait to meet those fabulous boys!! And I will you know.

  25. Casey's trio says

    You are right…pretty darn cute! And I love the idea of wordful wednesday because sometimes wordless is just too tough for us mouthy broads:)

  26. I know EXACTLY what you mean! πŸ˜‰

  27. Are You Serious! says

    β™₯ They're so dang cute! I agree I don't think I could do a wordless wednesday either! πŸ™‚

  28. Tammy Warren says

    Ahhh….don’t you wish you could freeze the moment. Thank goodness for having a camera.

  29. You’re so lucky to have adorable times two.

    I don’t even attempt wordless wednesday because there’s just no way I can go wordless. Can’t do it.

  30. Live.Love.Eat says

    He’s precious…that smile is priceless mommy!!!!

  31. so adorable! you’re a lucky mama!!

  32. Mama's Losin' It says

    I LOVE wordful Wednesdays. Great thinking!!

    And if I had two Kainoa’s running around I’d be in heaven!! How cute. I’m pretty sure I’d be pulling my hair out in heaven, but in heaven nonetheless.

    ps I did respond to the Ms. Awesome question on todays comments…check it out…

  33. tell us about wordful wed and how does it work?
    Cute boy!!

  34. Very very adorable!

    and PS…you just wait to see what Natural Labor Inducer No. 345 is! *wink*

  35. They are such cutie pies! I love the pictures!

  36. Too cute!

  37. And then there was 4... says

    cutie!!!!!!!!!!! How about one more baby Angie????

  38. Look at that red hair!! Oh, he’s such a cutie.

  39. Munchkins and Music says

    Wordfull Wednesday, I like it! how many words do you have to say? I just like saying 1-2 sentances! :):)

  40. Bella's momma says

    So precious!

  41. The red hair gets me every time!!!

  42. I can’t keep my wordless Wednesday’s wordless either.

  43. Cherry's Jubilee says

    Hi I came over from blogger around the world. I am in Oregon as well. Wanted to say Hi….you kiddos are adorable.. I am a wife too a jeff too rofl. Enjoyed seeing photos of your home…I love to decorate and do crafts. cherry

  44. girlytwins says

    I would agree…Very darned lucky!!

    LOVE that smile πŸ™‚

  45. Migraine Mom says

    So mushable!! Is that even a word?? But that is what I think of when I see your two precious boys…just so mushable!! πŸ™‚

  46. WheresMyAngels says

    He is so cute! Is he promised to anyone yet? lol Oh wait my 4 year old is promised to a friend of mine son. lol

  47. mommaof4wife2r says

    so much fun!!! i too can’t do the ‘wordless’ thing! love the idea!

  48. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Such a cute kid you are very blessed to have 2 adorable little boys.

  49. Veggie Mom says

    It would be so hard for me to do anything that involves being wordless! That’s why I had such a hard time with the one-word *meme*. Can’t wait to see what you do with it! πŸ™‚

  50. Precious pictures.!!

  51. oooh… I thought they were one πŸ™‚
    ok, I joined your WW, there’s noway I will miss your soft-launch πŸ˜€

  52. Too cute! I will make an effort to join your WW!

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  54. Simply delicious!!!!!

  55. So stinkin cute!!! I am with ya next week. I have such a hard time keeping it wordless.

  56. That’s why I never do a wordless wednesday!! Ha ha. You are a lucky mommy to have all that cuteness. Being a twin mom is pretty amazing isn’t it??? I feel pretty darn lucky.

  57. Kacey Randolph says

    WordFUL Wednesday is FABULOUS! Can’t wait!

  58. Your little guy is absolutely pinchable!!!! Love his smile!!!

    I like Wordful Wednesday…I could never post a picture without throwing some kind of words in with it so I totally get it!

  59. He is really such a cutie pie. I think Wordful Wednesday is a fabulous idea.

  60. Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    They are both adorable! What a great idea….. we’ll see if I can do it! Ya know, join in on the wordful wednesday.

  61. Great idea! Great pictures!!! He is a cutie pie! πŸ™‚

  62. Sounds like a great idea!

  63. Oh my goodness you’ve become popular! I had to use the “jump to comment form” link!

    He is so cute. I cannot believe how BIG he has become!!! No more babies. How are you doing with that?