Wordless Wednesday-Best Friends

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  1. So sweet! Love the black and white, too.

  2. Too cute. My boys are best friends too! Love to watch that bond grow.

  3. Casey's trio says

    Doesn’t it just melt your heart?

  4. This cute pic reminds me that I need to try and get one of my two kids. They’re best friends too.

  5. Stephanie says

    AWWWW! So very sweet! Did they get haircuts?

  6. SO sweet! Twins totally have that bond!!!

    So the tails are gone! Who won that disagreement?

  7. GoteeMan says

    Those pictures are so very precious… my two boys are best friends (now 9 and 12), and it’s such a blessing…


  8. Laurie M. says

    Very cute!

  9. Love those cute boys!

  10. Awwwww…. you captured a great moment there.

  11. MoziEsmé says

    These are adorable!

  12. Oh, that’s funny, because I read ‘trouble’ first, where they were fighting!

  13. They are SUPER sweet.

  14. Just remember this photo when they are tweens and trying to kill each other!!

    How sweet!

  15. So cute! It does a mothers heart good to see love. especially with those other moments we have to sit through(response to previous blog.)

  16. Really cute. Especially that last shot.

  17. Wait a minute, did he just stick a “kick me” post-it on there???

  18. Adorable, and you said that they were trouble. 🙂

    Come to me site and help me out. I know that you have a lot of talent in the home improvement department.

    Anyone who sees this I am having a contest on my blog… Target gift card at stake if we can get the number of comments over 15!

  19. I am sure they share a special bond. Very sweet pics!

  20. Churchill says

    What sweet little guys!

  21. Collegegirl says

    Born together, Friends forever!!!

  22. Are You Serious! says

    ♡ So sweet!

  23. Simply adorable. The twin bond is truly unique and special.

  24. Adorable photos!! Brothers and best friends. That’s so sweet.

  25. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    That’s so sweet!!

  26. Tara@From Dawn Till Rusk says

    I love the photos – makes all the squabbling and name called worthwhile . . . sort of!

  27. tinabean1988 says

    I love these pictures.
    There is nothing better than twins.
    I can't wait until my boys start talking.
    You may want to check in on me a little later & see if I feel the same then though.
    Your boys are so cute.

  28. So cute. Congrats on being featured.

  29. American in Norway says

    What a super blog! Popping by from Sits so share some love. Congratulations on being featured! (BEAUTIFUL Kids!)

  30. Cute photos! Congrats on being the SITS blogger for Thursday!

  31. Scary Mommy says

    So sweet!!!

    Enjoy your day of a billion comments- it’s fun!

  32. Graham Shenanigans says

    those pics are adorable!! Just wait…the teenage years get better!!! LOL

  33. Hey there! I came over from SITS. I love the b/w pics. Hop over to my page for a recent b/w of my kiddos!!

  34. These photos are too sweet. I’ll definitely be back to visit you soon. I thought I was the only human alive ‘lucky’ enough to have 5 kids. (Ok, so 3 are step but they live with us full-time)

    Great blog!!


  35. Oh, that is so sweet, I got goosebumps. Enjoy your new-found fame with SITS!

  36. Katy Lin :) says

    so precious! love it!

  37. Cecily R says

    Your kids make me want to crack out my camera and shoot hundreds of pictures in one day…just so adorable!!

  38. Neurotically Yours: says

    TOO SWEET!! I. Love. It!

  39. Maternal Mirth says

    I love pictures in black & white!

    Great shots 🙂

  40. I love this picture. It is like he is consoling his brother. Like, buck up chap, it’ll be ok. Congratulations on YOUR day!!!!!! Happy Sits Day!

    I need your signature (with my name) asap.

    *see you around.

  41. followthatdog says

    Sweet. those moments are so precious, and at our house, somewhat far between. When they happen, they make me understand why I had two kids instead of stopping with one.

  42. What a precious pictures! Isn’t is amazing that our little angels can turn into such rascals within seconds? Truly a moment to treasure! 🙂

  43. Those pics are the SWEETEST!!!!

  44. Awwwww …very cute. 🙂

  45. so sweet… so sweet…

  46. Carrie and Troy Keiser says

    great job on capturing the sweet side of their twin bond.

  47. My gosh, that is just too cute. Twins get me every time.

  48. Aww! That’s so sweet!

  49. girlytwins says


  50. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Oh cute!

  51. Super-D-Duper sweet!!

  52. Bonnie the Boss says

    Hang onto that one to remind them that they are friends when they are about 10, and fighting constantly.

  53. Awww, they are just the sweetest photographs.