Wordful Wednesday-Life Got Messy with the Twins

I didn’t know what messy was until I had children. Or, to be more precise, until I had a few children and a couple were twins.  I do believe that if there were to be a prize out there for the messiest children, my twins would definitely be contenders.  In all the years I’ve had these boys {ha!  almost 6 in case you are wondering} I’ve never been able to figure out just how they get themselves in such *messy* situations.  I wish I had pictures of every *mess* they’ve gotten themselves into so that you’d believe me.  Since I don’t, I hope you’ll accept these small glimpses as proof, and let me add a disclaimer, and that disclaimer is this:  this is nothin’.  The really big messes necessitated immediate clean up.

My boys were climbing, digging, hiding, hoarding, messy eating, mischief making toddlers.  I do believe these traits are in their DNA somehow, and I for one am not taking responsibility.  Now that they are a bit older, they are still climbing, digging, hiding, hoarding not-as-messy-eating, sometimes mischief making 1st graders. They’ve been working on curbing the *messy* situations they throw my way and I have to admit I’m thankful.

{Photos of note:  climbing on and destroying my desk, a stash of missing DVD’s and their discovery spot, digging in a potted plant on my brand new carpet, and getting into my make-up.}

As I said,  I’m thankful that the messy situations that they throw my way these days are greatly lessened, but I can’t let it go without showing you a few more glimpses of times they got themselves into a situation.  I should also point out that child #1 got herself into a doosy of a *messy* situation when she was 3, and that’s why I can’t help but think that some of this has to be genetic. {ha!}

{Photos of note:  One serious haircut.  Mom was NOT happy.  Climbing on a table to play, climbing on the kitchen counter with I-don’t-even-want-to-know-what in mind, and a glimpse of what happens when two little boys want to pull the wings off butterflies in a butterfly observatory.}

And, if that is not enough, here is journaled proof.  This was published here in October, 2007:

What did your kids do today?


*unrolled a whole roll of toilet paper
*slathered shampoo all over his head when he was not showering
*enjoyed some indoor gardening: i.e. threw potting soil all over my floor
*unloaded a whole bag of wipes
*got into strawberries at Costco and started throwing them everywhere
*lost my Costco card while shopping necessitating a new card
*got into the eggs while I was unloading the groceries, and threw one…..for fun
*took off his poopy diaper and came to find me
* the getting naked/taking off diaper count is up to 9 between the twins.

It’s taken a few years, but I’m OK with the fact that my twins just might be some of the messiest children out there.  I just wish that there was an award for it.  You know?  {laughing}

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Wordful Wednesday is like Wordless Wednesday, only WITH words. It’s for those of us that can’t contain the chatter, but in a good way.

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  1. Blame the genes, ha!! I love these pictures, they look so completely happy in the middle of the mischief.

  2. Ooooh Lawsy….what is it about twins that doubles the mess so?? (Maybe it’s the tag-team ability!)

    LOVE those pictures! 🙂

    (and this EASILY could qualify as a Way Back When-esday! Can I link you up?)

  3. I think boys are definitely messier than girls! My boys have gotten into my makeup and nearly everything else!

  4. And yet I still see a hint of a smile on you!

  5. I can’t even imagine how many messes you’ve been through the years with all your kids! Good to know that it’s lessened, but I’m thinking a lot of them nowadays probably involve piles of clothes!

    • Yes. Lot’s and lots of clothes and shoes and “things”. 🙂 How are your kids, by the way?

  6. Ha! I love it! I just know this is in my future once my baby boy is old enough to get into trouble with my 3.5 year old son.

  7. Oh my! I have so much to look forward to…love the pics and I think I’ll be coming to you for some twin boy advice 🙂

  8. there is no telling with two at that age what you will get in a day. looks like a lot of fun! lol

  9. Oh my goodness, Angie. That’s hilarious! At least the boys are making up for it these days with all their cuteness, right? Right? Please tell me they’re not getting into too much mischief these days. lol

  10. Oh man!

    Katie emptied an entire box of brand NEW tissues in my bedroom while I was blow drying my hair the other day. She’s worse than the boys ever were when it comes to getting into stuff. Crazy, huh?

    Love all the pics of their messiness… 😉

  11. haha oh Angie, they are so stinkin’ cute, and just think all the stories they will have to tell about how you are pretty much lucky to have any hair left after pulling it out all the time with them!

  12. So much mess in such adorable little packages…

    When M was a toddler she wouldn’t even BEGIN to play until she had dumped out Every Single Stinkin’ Item from her toy closet, and I mean right down to dumping out all the individual puzzle pieces, to form what I can only call a “toy nest” around her. She’d even climb the closet shelves to reach the things I thought were out of reach! The thought still makes me cringe…

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

  13. Awwww man. It’s a good thing they’re so adorable. Funny thing is that a good friend of mine has twin boys, little red heads like yours, and she has told me the craziest things they have done, including trying to put one another inside of the oven and dishwasher. Messy happens, right? lol

  14. well today one of my children, my darling daughter #3 turns 18 years old which is what my Wordful Wednesday is about.

  15. If you think twins is messy …. you’d hate to see what the house looks like with Triplets!! Ahhhhhhh, it’s bad!!

    Love the red hair!!!

  16. Double trouble… but double the fun and laughter, too, I’m sure. =)

  17. Good luck with the contest! I’d say you’re a definite contender.
    I miss my kids being little but I sure don’t miss the constant messes.

  18. Oh my twins are just over the top too.

  19. Ah, yes. Life with twins. Mine are ten now. Taming ‘tween sarcasm in stereo has been my big mommy project as of late. I think I’d rather do giant potted plant watchguard duty.

  20. The butterfly picture made me laugh out loud. My girls are driving me batty these days….they are into EVERYTHING. Especially Charlotte. But, we don’t have the climbing yet…I’ll keep you posted.

  21. I too never knew the mess that kids could get into until I had triplets. It was mind boggling.

  22. Not only is it in the genes, but I also think it’s a boy thing. Princess Nagger could be messy all on her own, but Little Dude is in a whole other league. 😉

  23. LOL!!! This post made my laugh, and I needed that this morning! Messy or not, those boys are adorable! 🙂

  24. Kids definitely are messy! But you ended up with fantastic pictures to prove that point! 😉

  25. My son was a messy one. I can’t imagine having two of him. I’m glad you survived toddlerhood.

  26. Everyone has to eat a little dirt, right? Very cute photos.

  27. We don’t have twins… what’s our excuse?
    Plus, when your kids are as cute as they are, how can you get mad about a little (or a lot) of messy detours… right?!

  28. Oh goodness, you certainly have a handful to put it mildly!!! I have never had so many frequent needs to vacuum once I had a kid.

  29. Oh, the trouble they find together. But, I didn’t see anything involving Vaseline or diaper cream…carpet and hair! Do I need to say more?

    I think our girls have individually gotten into all that trouble, too!

  30. That is funny. Yep, never have I know mess like I have until the kids. Or the amount of laundry they create. GL on winning that camera!

  31. I don’t know how you do it girl! I’m a mess with just my two kids, I can’t even image having TWINS plus more. Well you do it fabulously!! Thanks for the gr8 linky, hope to see you soon.


  32. I can’t imagine trying to wrangle 2 of them! My toddler loves the kleenex boxes. Every box in the house has been empty and restuffed multiple times. They no longer are the nice neat stack of kleenexes with one ready to grab and pull. Instead, it’s just a giant kleenex wad.

  33. Twins, that’s tough. I used be a nanny for twins. They were so sweet though and I loved them just as they were!

  34. Love the picture on top of the table! That is hilarious.

  35. If there were an award I’d be fighting you for it. Or my kids would be in fierce competition with yours. Aside from the fact that you’re FAR more popular than I, I think we might have chance!

  36. Oh myyyyy…life sure DID get messy with the twins. Haha…in a good way of course!

  37. Oh man! I can’t imagine twins! At least they are cute.

  38. HA!!!
    I love it…. You know I do! 🙂
    I can not even imagine twins…
    So glad you know how to handle it all


  39. Delightful pictures of adorable and actve kids. When it comes to twins, itis double double toil andtrouble. I have twin grand children, veritable Dennises the menace. They are to a large extent culpable for my cherished sciatica and spondylitis. I have provided a brief glimpse of them in a recent post. ,’Soup, super, supest ‘ on my wordpress blog , Another older post titled The elephant and the Tapir also features them.
    It is time , I also post a few photographs from my collection of similarly adorable “messes ” they had presented me with over the past about a decade.

  40. Is that Grace’s hair?! GASP! that is soooo bad. Holy cow. How on earth did you ‘fix’ it?
    It must be the twins thing, Brooke and Les both swear they get into more trouble bc they feed off each other. Not to say that singles don’t make messes. Ella was my worst by far. Horrible, horrible child. lol.

  41. I’m new to your site and I love it! I’m your new GFC follower 🙂 I’d love for you to link these adorable pics up to my photo linky party going now at “Life as this Mommy knows It”!!

    (ps – You may want to check out the two giveaways I have going on now too!)