Wordful Wednesday – Visiting Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah

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salt lake temple

I’ve visited Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah about a million times.  My dad lives very near Salt Lake City and I have a ton of family in the area, so visiting the area is something that I’ve done since I was a child.  Plus, I lived in Salt Lake City for a few years as a child so going there always brings back memories.  I think that it’s such a lovely place to visit, and so family oriented.

Things to See in Temple Square:

city creek mall

city creek

city creek

1.  City Creek Mall – This trip was a bit different than other trips because some major changes have taken place since my last visit.  A fabulous mall appeared!  This amazing, and I do mean amazing mall was opened right in the heart of Salt Lake City next to the Salt Lake Temple in Temple Square.  It’s called City Creek and I think that if I lived there (in the Salt Lake area) I might live there.  {{smiling}}  The shops are top notch and plentiful and there are these awnings that can make the mall enclosed or open depending upon the weather.  Plus, you can see from the pictures that there are these outdoor elements throughout like trees and rocks and waterfalls that are really relaxing.

beehive house

2.  Beehive  & Lion House –  The Beehive and Lion Houses were residences of Brigham Young, an early leader of the Mormons, and one can take tours of the houses. Really interesting to see early pioneer opulence!

conference center

3.  Conference Center –  The Conference Center is a whooping 1.4 million square feet and  seats 21,200 people in its main auditorium!   The auditorium is large enough to hold two Boeing 747s side by side. The roof is landscaped with about 3 acres of grasses and trees, so this building is not one you want to miss!

temple square

temple square

kids and me

4.  Gardens around Buildings –  There are beautifully landscaped public gardens all around the buildings all around Temple square that are lovely to walk around.


5.  Salt Lake Temple –  Whether you are Mormon or not, the Salt Lake Temple is gorgeous and worth walking around.


6. Tabernacle –  The Tabernacle is the  home of the world-renowned Mormon Tabernacle Choir and has amazing acoustics.  You can stand in the back of the building and hear what someone whispers from the pulpit.

slc temple visitors center

7.  Salt Lake Temple Visitors Center – The visitors center adjacent to the Salt Lake Temple is really lovely and this statue of Christ has always been a favorite of mine.

First Meeting:

After a lovely day of sight seeing {and shopping} in Salt Lake City I got to meet my newest niece for the first time.  My youngest sisters baby was born 9 weeks early and weighed less than 3 lbs. at birth.  I had been dying to get my hands on her and so it was so nice to get to hold her in the NICU and love her up and get to see my nephews, too.  My niece hasn’t had an easy start, but she’s a fighter and getting ready to go home.  {so thrilling!}  My sister and her husband are amazingly strong!


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  1. Loved this post.
    Great to see you cute family.

  2. I’ve never been to Utah…. or even west of Chicago! It looks beautiful though and I am so happy that your niece is doing well and is able to go home.

  3. Oh man! So close and I didn’t even know you were here. Give me a buzz next time you’re going to be in town and I’ll meet you over at the Blue Lemon in City Creek and we’ll grab lunch together! I saw it for the first time during EVO and it was very cool.

  4. I’ve been to SLC twice and never visited Temple Square. Now I wished that I had! And congratulations to you and your family on the birth of your niece! Glad she’s doing well and getting to go home! What a tiny sweet little thing she is. Truly a blessing!

  5. I never realized SLC was so rich in historic sites and architectural landmarks. Thanks for sharing the amazing pictures from your vacation!

  6. It looks like a beautiful city! We’re not too long of a drive from there, so it would be nice to visit since we’re “in the area”. 😉 Honestly, you’re making me want to visit Utah!

  7. It certainly is beautiful! What a great experience for you all.

    So glad to hear that your niece is going to go home. So hard to see babies in the NICU- such a stressful place full of high emotions.

  8. I’m heading there on Saturday! I love all of your photos of Salt Lake. I really need to make time to visit the Beehive House….my grandma lived there when she was a young single woman.

  9. Beautiful photos and congrats on that sweet baby niece! I hope she continues to grow strong & healthy.

  10. What a beautiful place! I’ve never been but heard (and seen) how cool it is!

    So glad to hear your niece is doing well and getting ready to go home.

  11. I didn’t realize Salt Lake City had such gorgeous architecture!!

  12. Amazing pictures, as always. Congrats on your niece, she’s a beauty!

  13. What beautiful pictures. I have never visited but it looks like it would be a great place to visit. Congratulations on your little niece. Happy to see she is doing well and on her way to getting to go home!

  14. My city! Love it! So happy you posted about the beauty our place has to offer. Darling niece, I have a brand new one, too 🙂

  15. Awww…the preemie shot totally brought me back to NICU days 🙂 So glad she’s going home soon! LOVED your photos of Temple Square too! Looks like a fantastic place to visit in Salt Lake. Have you gone to EVO yet? Perhaps we should be meeting up there one year! I know it’s in Park City, but Salt Lake is the airport stop, so…. 🙂

  16. What a beautiful city to visit and congrats on your niece. 🙂

  17. Sure sure, you have time for the baby who won’t even REMEMBER you were there!

    LOL. Totally kidding.

    Did you check out the Church History Museum? They have a whole kids area that is super fun. Maybe next time.