Wordful Wednesday – Visiting Cozumel

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We lucked out with our snorkeling experience in Cozumel during out recent vacation.  We had originally booked a snorkeling excursion through Disney but then cancelled and decided to take our chances and find someone on our own to take us out.  We got taken out in a glass bottomed boat and our guide was fabulous.  He ended up dragging the boys around (they held onto his floating donut thingy).  They kept their faces in the water and he’d point things out to them, giving us a little more freedom to dive down and look more closely at fish and just not have them hanging on us.  Plus, many chartered guides make you wear vests when you snorkel, and I hate that.  Best of all, he let us snorkel at 2 different reefs for a good 3 hours.



We didn’t spend much time in the city, but I did manage to get a few cool shots!  Disney didn’t offer ANY Mexican food, so I really wanted to try their food (it smelled delicious) but we didn’t have time.




What is your favorite thing to do on vacation?

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  1. Now I’m seriously jonesin’ for a tropical vacation! Or you know, at least Mexico. 😉 Love the shots! 🙂

  2. Beautiful photos! Love the blue water. Would love to visit Cozumel someday.

  3. I’ve been there. Your pictures make me want to go back!

  4. I don’t know how to tell you this, but….
    I think you forgot me again. 🙂

    Love me some Cozumel. It’s been a long time. I can visit through photos. lol

  5. No Mexican food? That’s no right at all!

    Smart idea to do your own tour. I bet you saved money in addition to having a much better time.

  6. That first shot is amazing! I was in Cozumel many, many years ago (1993!) and loved it. No snorkeling for me, though! I’m sad you didn’t get any Mexican food while you were there!

  7. One of my favorite things to do on vacation is to find local places and try all the food there. You can find some great restaurants and while avoiding the big chains. I’m a little surprised that there wasn’t Mexican food available.

  8. My gosh, you take great photographs! Now I’m pining away for Cozumel!

  9. You’ve had some amazing vacations lately! Soooooo jealous…

  10. i want to go on a cruise again SO BAD 🙂
    looks like yall had great weather …

  11. I’ve only ever snorkeled once and it was in Cozumel. And it was awesome. I was a little worried when the boat picked us up at our resort and as we pulled away the boat captain offered us all a cerveza as he opened one for himself …. but the locals sure know what they are doing. We had a blast and he and his crew took us to a couple different spots since the current kept shifting. Glad it was a fun experience for all of you. And I’m sorry you didn’t get to eat there … best guacamole I’ve ever had was found on Cozumel 🙂