Wordful Wednesday-Vintage Medicine Bottles

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My husband’s family has been in the Pharmacy business for 3 generations.  His grandpa was a pharmacist, his dad is a pharmacist, and he is a pharmacist.  They even have a local pharmacy that’s been in the family for over 40 years.

old pharmacy bottles

Although The Drug Store has been in Jeff’s family for 4 decades, it’s been in existence  twice as long.  The pharmacy was originally opened in the early 1930’s and even had a soda fountain back in the day.

old pharmacy bottles

I love finding old pictures of the store, but I love finding old “relics” even more, like this glass display case full of vintage over-the-counter medicine’s from day’s gone by.  This display case has been covered for years by another display case, and when I went into the store the other day and saw that it had been revealed it was like Christmas.  It was so fun to see all the old vintage packaging, complete with prices written on the box.  There were even a few old  Nelson’s Labels!

old pharmacy bottles

I’ve always been a sucker for vintage items.   Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.  And then I remember how much I can’t live without modern conveniences and realize that I definitely wasn’t.

I’ll take the internet and a washing machine and an automobile that I don’t even have to keep my foot on the break when I stop at a light, thank you.

What about you?  Are you a lover of vintage items, too?

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  1. WOW that really is kicking it old school. My Mom has a lot of vintage items. I don’t really have to collect any. I can just go to her house. lol

  2. What?! You don’t have to keep your foot on the brake? What kind of crazy futuristic car are you driving?

    Love the vintage stuff too. Course if we lived in that era, we’d like stuff from the 1800’s!

  3. I’m the same way, love and appreciate the old stuff but love the new stuff even more. 😉

  4. I’m a total sucker for vintage and antique anything but I love the old packaging. I like to use old coffee cans and old nail boxes around the kitchen. The typography and design was just so graphic and interesting. Love this collection!

  5. I’m not necessarily a lover of vintage items but things like that are real interesting to me. I could spend hours reading vintage medicine bottle labels, what they are and what they were used for.

  6. I love vintage, too. I love to imagine the time these things actually “lived” in. 😉 Whenever I find anything buried away somewhere (specifically, at my mom’s house) I immediately think, “This has to be old. And it’s gotta be worth something!” LOL!

    (Thanks for the shout out! That picture of my girl’s shoes slays me every time.)

  7. I definitely love vintage – I would have been squealing like a school girl on Christmas morning had I seen that display case revealed. Those are so cool! And I often have the same thought – that I was born in the wrong era. But like you, I don’t think I’d wan to be without all the modern technology we’ve grown so accustomed to! 😉

    Social Butterfly

  8. Those are really cool! You’d have loved to do inventory of my old college chemical storeroom. It was full of this stuff!

  9. I love all things vintage. These are so cool. Our dr.’s office has a display case with vintage bottles and dr. tools, and I always love looking at it.

  10. Oh my gosh- that is so COOL! We have so much in common in regards to loving these old things. I would sure be happy viewing & photographing all those vintage things. I think it’s great that they have them displayed like that.

  11. Oh my husband and I would go bananas in your house. No lie.
    My husband used to collect really old pop bottles and milk jugs. I never knew this until we moved in together and I found them at the bottom of an antique box.
    They have such wonderful character so I encouraged him to keep the collection going. We started looking at old pharmacy and medical items since I’m a nurse and I find it so intriguing.

  12. Those vintage jars and boxes are so fun. It would be fun to take them out of the display case and whisk them away to rearrange them for a fun photo shoot somewhere.

  13. I love Medical history. It’s interesting to see what they did in the old days and what they do now. It’s fascinating.

  14. That is seriously cool. I love vintage items and antiques. It’s also pretty impressive how many generations of pharmacists are in your husband’s family and a drug store hat spans decades.