Wordful Wednesday ~ The Tooth Fairy’s New Policy

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It’s officially official.  My babies are growing up.  I’ve known this for a long time.  I’ve said this over and over.  But now, my baby- baby (you know, if we are going to get technical and all….he WAS born one minute after his twin brother) has lost his first baby tooth.   There’s nothing like children getting their permanent teeth to remind one that the baby years are long gone.  {{sigh}}

I’ve been reminded.

This morning John was thrilled and I do mean thrilled when he found a stash of cash under his pillow from the tooth fairy.  He excitedly told everyone in the house that the tooth fairy visited during the night and left him some money.  All of the kids just happened to be in his room when he was sharing the good news and I couldn’t help myself.   I felt compelled to tell them the the latest news:

I heard recently that the tooth fairy has started taking money away from children when they lose teeth with fillings or cavities in them.

Instantly the twins said in unison, “mom, is that true or is that just a rumor?”

I replied, “well, I don’t know.  It could be a rumor.  I haven’t verified it”.

Later on as I was getting ready for the day Jacob came into my bathroom and said, “mom, do you think the tooth fairy has changed her policy because she’s gotten poor or because she’s gotten mean?”

I had to tell him that I made that “rumor” up.  I have a feeling he’ll sleep better tonight.  I really think he was thinking, and by thinking I mean worrying  about exactly HOW MUCH money the tooth fairy took for teeth with fillings/cavities.  I love a good prank but I couldn’t let him worry about it all day at school.

This mama prayed for her babies to grow up quicker and now this mama wishes like mad that she could turn back time.  What about you?

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  1. Hold on! How long have I known you, Angie? Because I swear your boys were no more than toddlers a very short time ago! My youngest recently lost is top front teeth. I LOVE that look on a little boy. And now the adult teeth are coming in and he will never have that little kid face again. 🙁

    • Can you believe we’ve known each other at least 5 years?????? It is so sad when the adult teeth come in because it DOES change how they look.

  2. You are a wicked genius. Totally using that ‘rumor’, but w/o the spoiler. You’ve gave it up waaaay too easy!

    • I did give it up pretty easily, but you should have seen how worried he was. Think sweet Tess. You would have too. 🙂

  3. LOL.that’s a good one! I’ll have to use it!!

    And my kids know that the “tooth fairy” is either me or their dad! LOL

    • Seriously? The tooth fairy doesn’t come to your house? You have to do it? BUMMER! 🙂

  4. That is so funny! Our tooth fairy is only a student tooth fairy. She tends to screw up a lot as a result, seeing as she’s still a trainee…

    • It takes a ton of practice to perfect the art of tooth fairying. Our tooth fairy has gotten quite good as of late. 🙂

  5. Ok, in that case, I will begin praying I savor every moment with my kiddos while they’re still little! 🙂 They really do grow up way too fast!

  6. OMG, Angie, that’s priceless! I’m glad you fessed up, though….I’d have been worried, too, as a kid 😉

    • Kim, you should have seen him. Normally I wouldn’t have given in so easily but he was truly, truly worried. And, it wasn’t him that should have been worried. It’s his brother. Go figure. 🙂

  7. I told my son that if he didn’t brush his teeth that he’d look like shrek…that line was also effective when we told him he had to stop drinking out of a bottle 🙂

    • That didn’t work well with my kids. They were just like, “can’t the dentist just fix them?”

  8. Oooooh! I’m SO going to use that! And yes, I’m right there with you praying my babies would grow quicker, but now wishing I could turn back time. Or at least find that elusive ‘pause’ button.

  9. I have lost the battle on the oldest girl’s growth, the middle girl is not far behind. But the youngest boy, at 2, I am holding onto with all my might.

    • It’s the babies that it hits the hardest with isn’t it? I don’t know if because my babies are twins and they took so much attention that I didn’t notice as much with the older ones, but I am sure noticing with my two “babies”.

  10. Ok….this seriously cracked me up! Too cute.

  11. now I know why my mom kept having babies (there are 6 of us, she was trying to hold on to those sweet baby years. but now gets to enjoy them again with grandkids and she gets to cuddle babies again

  12. Okay, I think that’s a great rule! And his question is hilarious. Also because I’m now picturing a homeless tooth fairy scrimping for children’s change.

    • And that is all I was able to picture all day. I was cracking up to myself all day. I’m sure people thought I was crazy.

  13. Oh my…. that is TOO FUNNY!!! Can you even imagine what was going through his head as he pondered that “rumor”?

  14. Love it! I’m going to remember this for when my girl starts losing her teeth.

    I started telling mine a few weeks ago that when she acts mean her horns start growing out of the top of her head and the only way to get them to go away was for her to be nice. That only worked for about a week. Now she gets all proud about it … “You see these horns Mom! I got my horns out because I’m mad!”

    Even though she’s only 2, I can say for sure that it goes way too fast and there are certainly some baby times that I miss already!

    • Hate it when it backfires! 🙂

      It’s amazing how no matter how small they are the time STILL just goes too quickly…..

  15. Our tooth fairy was a very frightened and forgetful tooth fairy. She would often not bring money if lets say the child got up in the middle of the night. They likely scared her. But she was sure to come the next night.
    Thank goodness my kids would be out of bed at least once a night. It saved us. This was golden. I wish I would have thought of it.

  16. There are so many days that I wish that I could slow time down only to spend more time with my kids as little ones instead of grown ups. It’s bittersweet in a way, but as older kids there is so much to enjoy with them and try to hold on to all those moments before they’re grown and gone.

  17. The tooth fairy is tricky business. I have to admit I may have given my son $2 for his tooth and then he lost his second a few days later and so I put the same $2 under his pillow because I didn’t have any cash… he’ll never know!

  18. lol, that is awesome!
    ha ha..broxton is 3, but he is already eager to have the toothfairy come …
    i just keep laughing…..

    what is the actual going rate of a tooth these days?


  19. LOL You are such a funny but good mom. And your children are SO cute!!