Wordful Wednesday-The Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles

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I ate my way through the Famous Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles (on Fairfax and 3rd) on Monday.

This is note worthy for a few reasons:

  1. For as many years as I’ve lived in the Los Angeles area, I’ve never been to the historic farmers market.
  2. I (and by “I”, I mean “we” as it was a family outing) ate my (our) way through the market.  Literally.  We’ve never done this before.
  3. This is the first time I’ve actually taken pictures with my phone and then downloaded them to my computer.

We sampled crepes from The French Crepe Factory and then nibbled on some baked goods from a few of the bakeries.  Next we tried a few sushi rolls at Sushi a Go Go, stopped in for the mini taco sampler at !Loteria!, picked up a few dinosaur shaped donuts at Bob’s Coffee and Donuts, and bought some sweets at Littlejohns English Toffee.

We totally felt like we were doing the Food Network Food Critique thing and the only thing that we didn’t love was the stares.  I’m not quite sure what the deal was but EVERYONE was staring at us.  I guess people around those parts have never seen five kids in one family before.  I’m just glad I could broaden their horizons.

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  1. I’d love to eat my way through a farmer’s market!! Sounds like heaven!

  2. That sounds like the most fantastic Farmer’s Market I’ve ever heard of!!M

  3. That is really,really awesome! This is something that I would totally LOVE to do some time. I am glad that you had a good time doing this.

    And everyone needs to critique food like a Food Network star. 🙂

  4. Wow! What an awesome Farmer’s Market! And, way to go for you broadening their horizons (the silly customers..and your kids.)

    Sure sounds like a great time (minus the stares.)

  5. I’m having a hard time writing a comment because I’m so excited about the thought of a day like that and I’m not sure what to say! Seriously, how fun! Fun pictures too!

  6. Love Farmer’s Markets! And it seems like lately all I ever do is take photos with my phone… lol. I love my camera, but it’s too big to take everywhere. 🙂

  7. I didn’t get to go the last time we were in L.A. and I was pretty disappointed about it. Living vicariously through you… glad you had a great time – all SEVEN of you! ;-P

  8. We’ve been eating our way through farmers’ markets all summer. Strangely, the only thing we wind up eating is cookies, breads, and popcorn. You’d think we’d sample more farmy type fare. Too Dumb I guess. I’m going to weigh a ton by the end of summer if we keep this up. And then, I’ll charge my job to help me lose weight since I’m only going to every farmers’ market in the county to write about it for them. It’s nice to have someone to blame for my fat belly again. It was so much easier to come up with a why-I’m-fat scapegoat when I was pregnant.

  9. they must have been staring in awe and wonder! All really good reasons, I sure!

  10. Sounds like so much fun and SO yummy!

  11. Sounds fun or delicious. We love our farmers’ market – not nearly so grand.

  12. I love Farmer’s Markets…sounds yummy

    I am your newest follower – http://mymommyadventure.blogspot.com

  13. Sounds like a fun family activity. And crepes. YUM! Happy WW!

  14. I agree this sounds fun & yummy! colorful too! did you bring home any snacks to share?

  15. So fun! I definitely am overdue for a good farmer’s market trip…

  16. I have not been down there since Thomas was about a year, and he had a toothbrush and was brushing his teeth in the little fountains that look like children!!

  17. We’ve SO embraced our new local (small-scale, but neighborhood-y) farmer’s market!

    Thanks for hosting, happy to be playing along!

  18. I know LA’s farmer’s market is HUGE, but I’ve never been! I’m so close I should check it out!

    We have a little place right down the freeway from us that is excellent, but always want to check out new places!

  19. Sounds like the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition)…we go every year just for the food! Happy WW!


  20. hi..just linked myself..it’s nice to be here..=)

  21. That reminds me, I need to get some photos off of my phone!

  22. this sounds amazing. i’m all about eating my way through the farmer’s market, too. our market (in PA) opens before much is in season, but there’s always room for hot pierogies. or scones. or pie. mmmmm.

  23. How fun! I wish we had a good farmer’s market around here. In farm country, no less! 🙂

  24. Sounds like everyone had a great time. I still need to make it to both the Dallas and Fort Worth Farmers Markets. I’ve heard that they are both good. Maybe in the next few weeks I will.

  25. i keep saying i am going to check out a farmers market, just never do…

  26. Well that just sounded like the best tasting adventure ever! I wish we had a real farmer’s market around here.

  27. YUM!! I’m guessing your family will definitely be going again! I wanna go next time!

  28. It is so funny how we do not take advantage of what we have in our own backyard. I have been by it so many times when I meet my husband for lunch, but I have never been either. One day, I will stop in.

  29. Yum, yum, yum, yum. Your WW makes me want to fly across the country THIS INSTANT and try all of that out! Mine is also about food (sort of). Hope it gives everyone a chuckle. Happy WW!

  30. My sweet tooth has fully kicked in! Thanks for sharing…off to grab some banana bread.

  31. I’d love to eat my way through a market too. This makes me giggle about the stares! At first I was wondering what food was a stare. I know. I’m slow right. lol

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

  32. We have a couple of farmer’s market around where I live and I only go once a year! But it’s unusual that you haven’t been to even one before this…LOL.

  33. I’ve eaten my way through many wonderful places. Looks like lots of fun!

  34. What fun that must have been! I love exploring Farmer’s Markets, especially to nosh on all the yummy food! 🙂

  35. I wanna go. Ours are NOTHING like that!

  36. We love the Farmer’s Market! And I also love eating my way through! What is it with Farmer’s Markets and crepes? Yummy….

  37. This post makes me want to go looking through our local areas for farmers markets like this. This sounds like a lot of fun (more fun then getting free lunch at Costco’s from all the samples!).

    I’m glad you managed to broaden some horizons while you were at it. They were probably staring because they couldn’t believe how adorable your family is. 😉

  38. i need to visit our farmers market more often.

  39. Sounds like tons of fun! Wonder if I could convince my hubby to go this Monday since he has the day off of work.

  40. Sounds like a lovely way to spend an afternoon! I bet all the stares were due to your good-lookin’ family 🙂

  41. They just stared because you are smokin’ HOT.

    Looks like the best way to eat through an afternoon. 🙂

  42. Oh man, that looks like a dream come true! Our farmers market here in heidelberg is only very tiny!

    Thanks for hosting!

  43. That sound like SUCH a great time! (except the ignorant stares, of course!)

  44. Ahhh! A dream come true. Love it!

  45. That sounds like SO MUCH FUN!! I bet the family had a blast spending the day as tourists! =)

    I have to laugh at your last couple sentences. People can be so dumb. Glad you were able to show them the light. ;0P

  46. That sounds like a whole lot of family fun! I don’t like it when I feel like the center of attention in public either. Our moment was last night at the Olive Garden when the boys were so loud that when I finally go them to lower their voices it literally felt like the entire section was looking at us in disgust. I didn’t like it one bit!

  47. Those are some great shots!! There are worse things than a sampling of everything like a FN critic. LOL I’m not much on variety, but my family would be lost there for days!!

  48. I can’t believe it’s the first time you did it! It sounds fun!

  49. My sister has five little ones and she says that people must stare because they think she is the luckiest mother ever and wonder how she can be so blessed…maybe it’s the same for you?

  50. If the farmer’s market there is anything like the ones I’ve been to, mostly singles and kidless couples go there. I can totally understand why they would be slack-jawed at your family. What a great attitude – they DID need their horizons broadened! 🙂

    I absolutely love the idea of eating through the market. That’s my kind of fun.

  51. Sounds like a neat place! It is funny how we often overlook things right in our own backyards!

  52. Wow – that looks amazing!

    Staring is so rude!

  53. Sounds like a great day. Except, of course, for the stares!

    Happy WW!

  54. Sounds like an amazing way to spend the day.

  55. I love farmer’s markets – I have never been to a really large one. I hope I get to visit the St. Louis Farmer’s Market while we are there this weekend! What is it with the stares huh? The questions are even worse – are they all yours? LOL – sometimes I say No- I have no idea why they keep following me around!

    Have a great week!

  56. so jealous of your farmers market ours is very weak

  57. We went to the Farmer’s market this weekend too, but it was not any where near as fancy as that. It was basically some people with in a parking lot selling vegetables out of the back of their truck. 🙂

  58. Oooh I bet that was fun! I love that sorta stuff. Well, minus the stares.

  59. Yummy! I could totally eat my way through that market. What a fun idea!

  60. Yum! Sounds like a great day to me…hmm you’ve given me an idea 🙂

  61. Sounds wonderful. Any place with that many pastries sounds like Heaven to me, lol. I bet you’re right about the staring. Most LA women can’t fathom having more than one or two kids…the amount of plastic surgery necessary to recover is just too overwhelming. I’ll bet they were astounded that you had that many kids and you look THAT fabulous, and you were eating pastries! Lol. You were just breaking all the rules.

  62. I would LOVE to eat my way through there!

  63. LA? 5 Kids? I’m sure people haven’t really seen that before. There’s 7 of us plus I have Mase and we get plenty of stares sometimes too!

  64. Awesome! Makes me wanna go to the farmer’s market thought I don’t think there’s one near me anywhere near that exciting.

  65. So yummy!!! I love Farmers markets!

  66. MommyNamedApril says

    wow that looks fantastic! we had something like that in philly, but not in fl 🙁 the one we have now is small and sooooo crowded.

  67. Love it–I feel a serious shopping need coming on!

  68. nothing better than a food day and everyone was staring at all those gorgeous redheads!! Please!! Red hair is a magnet for staring!!

  69. Susie's Homemade says

    Looks delicious!!

  70. Sounds delish!

    People stare for the oddest reasons. I sometimes get a lot of stares when I am out with Madaline without my husband. If my sister, who’s only 20 takes Madaline out and about, she always has people staring at the two of them.

    As awful as it sounds, I too have been known to stare when I see a large family. Typically it is because I am in awe and in my mind I am wondering how they manage just on a day to day basis. It’s not meant to be rude – but I can see how it could be perceived that way.

  71. Wow! That sounds like fun. I’d love to wander through a food market and sample EVERYTHING. I totally with you on the staring thing. I know that people are just curious, but it makes me and my children uncomfortable. It’s like they’ve never seen four kids before. Sheesh! lol
    Great photos Angie! I’d love for you to come by and link up if you have time. Hope your summer is off to a great start. These kids are keeping me BUSY! Have a good one…

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  72. Sounds like an incredibly-edibly fun time with family! And to be honest, I would stare a little too. Even though I have 4 siblings and 5 children myself, you don’t see “our kind” out in public all that often and large families truly fascinate me!

    Happy WW!!

  73. I live in this general area and have never been either! I need to do this!! Have you been to the one in Santa Monica? It is fantastic also, small but great finds (there are some people that make homemade pesto, it is excellent!!

  74. I live in this general area and have never been either! I need to do this!! Have you been to the one in Santa Monica? It is fantastic also, small but great finds (there are some people that make homemade pesto, it is excellent!!

  75. HA! Yes, I imagine five kids is a rare sight in those parts, that is so funny – or maybe you are all just so good looking all of you people cannot help but stare 🙂 Sounds like a really fun day out.

  76. I wish we had farmer’s markets like that! 😛

    New follower! 🙂

  77. That looks like quite a farmers’ market! My kids and I love to go to farmer’s markets. The best one we’ve ever been to was in Concord, CA.

  78. Sounds like you had a very tasty day!! Beautiful photos too!

  79. Farmer’s Markets are one of the very best things about summer.

  80. seems to be a cool place to eat! have a lovely month of July!

  81. Dinosaur shaped doughnuts? Seriously? My boys would have been in heaven. I would have left them there, then returned to the sushi spot. 🙂

  82. Crepes? Sushi? Donuts??? Sounds delicious … but also maybe not good together!

  83. Wait. I’m confused. Where were the FARMERS? You know? Selling VEGETABLES? Only LA would call THAT a farmers market. You city dwellers are so far removed from rural life, you don’t even know what a FARMER is anymore. Baker, Mexican, Sushi maker… none of these is even close to a farmer.

    As for the stares, 5 kids, 4 red gorgeous red heads, 2 identical twins. You have lots to be stared at for.

  84. Wow I would love to live there!

  85. Wow, what a great place! I’m so jealous….LA is so great.

  86. That sounds like so much fun. Next time we are in the area visiting my brother, we’ll have to check out the LA Farmers Market.