Wordful Wednesday ~ The Broken Window

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broken window

I’m sure that you can imagine that I was NOT happy when my boys broke this window.

They were playing handball on the wall next to the window when I heard a “thonk” and then a “crash”.  I’ve only asked my three boys about 100 times NOT to play handball there.  It’s re-assuring to see that they listen.  At least now they can see that there are consequences to their actions.  Who knew?  That double paned bad boy is going to set them back at least $400.

You should have seen their faces.  I was sitting in direct view of them when it happened and I’ve never seen 3 more stunned reactions.  They didn’t even speak to each other.  It takes a lot to render the twins speechless.

When I got outside to clean up the glass #4 whispered, “Don’t tell dad”.  Um.  Good one.  I think for sure we’ll be able to keep this one under wraps. 🙂

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Have your kids broken a window?

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  1. My kids haven’t done that YET! I’m sure my time is coming. Knowing my three there will be several broken windows….

  2. Aww man, that really stinks! It seems kids sometimes learn their lesson AFTER the fact. That’s funny what they said about keeping it from dad.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh man! Sounds like they have selective hearing like my kids do. 😉 Too funny they didn’t want you to tell dad – as if he wouldn’t notice. 😉 No broken windows here…yet – but Little Dude is 4 and with how rambunctious he is, I imagine it’s only a matter of time.

    Through a Lens and a Windshield

  4. Haha!

    My boys listen about as well as yours! It doesn’t fix your window to say, “I TOLD you so!” but I would be tempted to say it anyway!

  5. That is one hell of an uh-oh. I love “Don’t tell Dad”. Like he won’t notice! Boys….

  6. All I can remember is that episode of The Brady Bunch when Carol tells the boys not to play ball in the house… except yours weren’t in the house… Well, you know what I mean… Now, when you say “cost them $400” do you mean the boys and their allowance? You are hardcore! 😉 I’m sure they won’t be doing that again!

  7. Because of course Dad won’t notice the BROKEN WINDOW, GUYS. Listening is such an acquired skill.

    Separately, I love how you have the photos at the bottom of the site.

  8. UGH! That really blows. We’re struggling with the listening too. I’m sure something will be broken soon enough.

  9. Not funny that is happened, but their response was amusing.

  10. OH MY WORD…I just stopped breathing for a minute when I saw this broken window. I felt SOO bad for you!!!!! I just don’t know what I would of done? I had girls:)

  11. OH NO!!!!!! You know- these sort of things are exactly what I warn my kids about. I can totally see them saying the same thing about keeping it from their father. They don’t want that kind of heat. I would even be dreading having to tell him- after dealing with a broken window, I would not have the energy for dealing with the lecture the kids would get. I may use this post to drive my point home.

  12. Oh, that stinks! I’m kind of chuckling over “don’t tell dad.”

  13. OMG Angie, I would have died. $400 is absolutely insane! I guess at least you can fix it. #2 in my house scraped daddys flat screen tv a few years ago with a metal rod I have no idea where he even got it from. I think my husband almost had a heart attack.
    I think they learn selective hearing from the other males in their life. It’s like talking to a brick wall sometimes. Well unless its about something they want or are interested in. Boys I tell ya! We may need to color our hair far earlier than expected. 🙂

  14. Right, dad totally won’t notice….guess they’d better get some more jobs, stat!

  15. how many newspapers will they have to deliver to pay for that?!

  16. Wow!!! No, mine never have, but my oldest boy is my “rule follower” and not an outdoorsy/sports kid. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if my youngest does this in several years!!!!

    PS Thanks for the feature as a fave this week.

  17. That stinks!

  18. Uh oh!! I guess a broken window here and there is inevitable when you have kids…

  19. OMG! I don’t even know what to say! But I see you have a tutorial up for those bubbles from the tide party! Over-ambition here I come!

  20. OH NO… well, at least you are going to make them learn from their mistakes instead of just fix it like some parents do! and LOL at the whole dont tell dad…

  21. I’m sorry about your window but I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who has kids that maybe don’t listen to her… ;p

  22. Ouch! Love the “Don’t tell Dad” line though … kids’ minds work quick 🙂

    And I’m a big believer in having kids help fix/pay for their actions. I remember having to earn the money to repay a few things in my childhood and those were some great lessons. Stuff I plan to pass on to my kid 😉

  23. Uh oh!!
    What I find hilarious is them saying don’t tell dad!! Like he isn’t going to see the giant missing window! LOL!

  24. ‘Don’t tell Dad!’ LOL. I love it.
    Ryan’s twins are here, yesterday Seth broke my wall sconce w/ a ball, AFTER being told to stop playing w/ the ball in the house. I think boys and balls are just a recipe for trouble. Wait, that could be taken the wrong way… well, you know what I mean. *wink*

  25. My kids have not broken a window, but when my dog was a puppy he jumped through the window to get to us because we were standing in the front yard talking and he wanted to come out and join. It was really ridiculous (and he didn’t get hurt)!