Wordful Wednesday ~ Snorkeling & Sleeping

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This is my last Mexico vacation post.  I promise.  And it’s a short one.  Don’t worry.  It’s all about snorkeling and sleeping, or more to the point, my boys on our vacation snorkeling and finding it nearly impossible to keep their eyes open.

We spent one day snorkeling near a reef in Cancun and it was brilliant. The fish were gorgeous and we all enjoyed ourselves a ton.  You can see just how clear and beautiful the water was!

I think the combination of the heat and swimming and overall excitement just tuckered the boys out.  They crashed every time we had down time and I tried to snap a picture when I could.  By the end of the trip the girls were like, “Mom!  They fall asleep like every day, don’t you have enough pictures of them sleeping yet?”  I have a feeling the boys’ll love me for these when they are older.  🙂

Thanks so much for humoring me these past few weeks as I’ve shared my vacation pictures!  Next week will be something new.  Not sure what, but it won’t be Mexico.  That I can guarantee.  🙂

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  1. That looks like beautiful water to go scuba diving in!!

    I’m totally jealous of their ability to fall asleep so easily! I think this means I should try going on a busy vacation to see if it could happen to me, right?!

  2. Beautiful!

    Oh, to be able to vacation in Mexico! I told the hubby we have to visit a resort soon.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  3. If that’s what it takes to get active boys to sleep then I’m all for it!! Mexico here I come!! lol…..

    ….I have loved all of your vacation photos, looks like it was a wonderful trip!!!

  4. Alexia @ Babies & Bacon says

    Wow. Every post on Mexico has just cemented the fact that I know where I’m going on my next vacation!! Love all those sweet shots of your sleeping boys!

  5. I love taking pictures of my kids while they sleep – they’re absolute angels when they’re asleep!

  6. What a great way to spend the day – I love snorkeling, and boats, and water. Utter bliss. Looks like it tuckered them all out pretty well too :).

  7. Gotta love a kid who can cat nap anywhere! beautiful pics!

  8. It’s amazing how kids and husbands can fall asleep anywhere!

  9. What fun! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of your vacation photos 🙂

  10. Vacation pictures are never tiring – especially yours. 😉 It’s like we get to vacation in Mexico vicariously through you! And I love the snooze shots…little angels! 😉

    • My favorites were when they fell asleep at dinner. It reminded me of when they were toddlers and would crash WHILE eating. 🙂

  11. I have to say it again, Angie; I haven’t minded AT ALL. I’ve loved seeing how much you enjoyed yourselves. And the water. Well, I kinda wanna fight you over that water, but overall I’ve been happy to see more pictures, even if it is your boys all tuckered out from fun in the sun.

  12. I think that was actually kinda brilliant of you to take all those sleeping shots!

  13. Don’t feel bad about posting your vacation pics…. they are awesome!! Plus we can all “vacation” vicarously through you. ha-ha!!

    I bet when those boys weren’t sleeping, they were having a blast!!

    • They really had so much fun! Although, with the amount of sugar they consumed in blended drinks I don’t know how they slept at all. 🙂

  14. are you seriously done? i was living through you… lol, i am not ready for vacation to be over 🙂
    can not wait to see what next week brings.. maybe a flash back to a previous vacation? 🙂 YAY!

  15. I wish I could nap like that! Love your vacation pics!!!

  16. Those are awesome shots – of the clear water and the boys sleeping! Just precious!