Wordful Wednesday-She’s Growing Up

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I knew the that the time would come when my children no longer thought that seeing themselves on my blog was fun. I was just kind of hoping it would last a little longer.

Child number one has decided that she’s not interested in playing a starring role here any longer.

I totally understand, but it’s still a huge bummer.

So, as a farewell of sorts to the way things used to be where I could write about all of my children without censure, I present to you the pictures that prompted the conversation whereby she resigned as blog material.

Grace was making the kids lunches one morning (that’s her morning job) when it hit me how grown up she’s getting.  I grabbed my camera to capture the moment:

Unfortunately it was annoying to her.

And that prompted the conversation whereby she resigned.

If only I hadn’t grabbed the camera……:)

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    1. She’s a beautiful young lady.

      As my kids grow I also find myself sharing less, but I do sort of miss the old days sometimes…

      I’m not exactly wordful today, after writing proposal text all day long I don’t think I have many words left in me right now… I’ll be chattier next week.

      My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

    2. ooof! If looks could kill…Boy that is a good one!! I do that sometimes with our oldest…I step back for a second and notice just how grown up he’s getting. Some moments I’m in awe…and some moments it makes me sad. They are only ours for such a short amount of time…and it is blazing fast!

    3. Awe, I’m sad thinking of them growing up like that. 🙁 what?!? They don’t want to be a part of my witty banter showing of their cute selves?!? Sigh.


    4. What a beautiful girl, dirty look and all. I’ve been given that look once or twice myself. They grow up way too fast don’t they?

    5. You just let that little beauty know that Mama Kat is actually looking for a new character to play her oldest daughter. I would love to audition Grace to take Maile’s place on my blog. Perhaps she’s just tired of the circus.

    6. lol, I haven’t ever thought about my blog not containing the kids as they get older. 🙂 I think I have a few more years. haha!

    7. I love that look. I might or might not have seen that look at my house. 🙂

    8. Wait?! You mean we have to stop blogging about our kids at some point? Well that is just not fare.

      She is a beauty even with that look. 🙂

    9. I guess when the kids are tweens they don’t fancy mum snapping pictures of them as compared to when they are toddlers.
      She has the ” don’t mess with me mom look”.. 😛

    10. yup, she has that ‘annoyed’ look… mom, you forgot how to be stealthy….

    11. And, she’s beautiful even with her nearly-grown-up-looking annoyed face. Maybe if we all compliment her profusely and you read them a loud to her she will agree to come back. Or, is it just me who likes to be complimented and will do pretty much anything in exchange for a few. Or a lot:) She will be missed. I enjoy seeing how she’s growing!

    12. What a sweetheart to be making lunches like that though. 🙂

    13. Oh my goodness Angie! This made me laugh SO hard! I love it! Absolutely love it!

    14. Awww, times are changing. Thankfully, my oldest doesn’t even look at my blog… but then I don’t say much about her anyway. lol

    15. had to laugh out loud a little at that second picture. heehee
      I have been waiting for that to happen to me as well (my oldest 2 are 17 and 16). I think it hasn’t occurred to them yet that they can ask me not to include them. LOL
      Stinks to realize how old our babies are getting… one of my “babies” turns 12 on Friday 🙁

    16. She has that annoyed teenager look down! lol

    17. Oh man! She doesn’t look amused at all. But so nice of her to make lunches each morning 🙂

    18. That look on her faces says it ALL!! And I need a kid to make lunches around here. Is she for hire? 😉

    19. NYCSingleMom says
    20. Wait, they’re allowed to resign!? I’m glad I have a while before that can be articulated. 🙂

    21. Wait, she resigned from starring in this blog or from making the kids’ lunches? I sure hope it’s not both! =)

    22. I’m pretty sure that if Isaac were a girl, he’d feel the same way. BUT he’s a boy and he just doesn’t care one way or another. Kind of freakishly easy going, really. My Gracie though, I’m almost certain, will put the kibosh on me posting about her in a few years too. Sigh.

      That Grace of yours is a BEAUTY.

    23. oh she’s a big girl! she’s as old as Ibit, isn’t she?
      well I think I should let Ibit read this and tell her that she should do what Grace does every morning….

      she’ll always be the star, no matter where.

    24. Awww, I guess I better brace myself for the inevitable quitting of the kids. lol Surprisingly, my teens still don’t mind. In fact, I have a photo of my soon-to-be 16 year old flexing his -get this!- muscles up on my Wordless/Wordful Wednesday post today.
      Time flies, doesn’t it? They just grow so fast. 🙁

    25. I know how you feel. My almost 13 year-old does not want me to post pics or write about her on my blog. So I stick to writing about her two younger sisters. They love seeing themselves on the computer screen. *Sigh*, it’s sad but it’s to be expected …

    26. I can totally relate. As my kids get older, they’re not as excited to ham it up for the camera or blog. Takes quite a bit of enticing.

    27. Yep. Feeling your pain. I suppose it’s a tad different for me because by the time I came to blogging I was already well on my way to being persona-non-grata so I’ve almost always known I had to just be very sneaky and/or feature my son who still hams it up.

      What’ll I talk about once he resigns? There’s always the cat!

    28. She’s so beautiful! But that pic? CLASSIC!

    29. Oooh!!! What a look!! My kids are still way too young to even understand what blogging is, haha!

    30. You and I are so in sync. I also blogged about my eldest today. She goes back and forth about the blog and her role in it. Sometimes she wants to be featured, and other times she wants nothing to do with it. My son, on the other hand, is basically publicity hungry. He can’t get enough of front page coverage and frequently talks about when he is a big Disney channel star or discovered on You Tube. When I was their age, I couldn’t dream of anything more exciting than winning a radio contest!

    31. I can relate! I have to threaten/blackmail/bribe/beg my boys to pose for me!!

      Happy WW!

    32. Times flies without us even realizing it!
      Thanks for the linky party. I have added your linked to my WW blog post. Come around and see my WW as well 🙂

    33. omg, did you ever capture a typical teen look there! LOL

    34. I think she may have a future as a teacher…that is a teacher look if I ever saw one! ; )

    35. Oh God! That same look happens every day at my house. Perfect picture!

    36. Love the look, I have seen that aimed at me in my own house more times than I care to count.

    37. You’re daughter is beautiful and she’s got a mean cut eye. I know I’ve done the same to my parents, and I dread the day my kids make it my turn to be on the receiving end of the eye rolling, “oh, mom” look.

    38. Oh so sad! But inevitable, yes? Love the farewell! 🙂

    39. Even her annoyed face is beautiful! Good heavens your kids hit the gene jackpot!

    40. Awwwww! She’s beautiful even while giving the stink-eye. I’m not looking forward to when Princess Nagger resigns her starring role! 🙂

    41. LOL, love the look! Time goes by too fast.

    42. Oh, no. I’m so scared of that day!

      She has definitely perfected that look!

    43. She does the teenage eye-roll with so much flare!
      I feel for you…I am dreading this day.

    44. Thank you for hosting, I’ve never linked up before… I don’t know why?! Im dreading the day when my kids learn to read 🙂

    45. Oh, independence is sometimes a real bummer.

    46. Those photos crack me up! The look she is giving…

    47. What would I do if my kids decide this! But she is a beauty mom.

    48. If looks could kill…:-)

    49. It all goes by so quickly!

    50. oh no!! i am waiting for this day with my oldest! so far they still like being on my blog

    51. I hadn’t even thought about the day when my kids can READ my blog, let alone resign from it! Now that’s something I need to think though… all this is on their permanent record so far.

    52. What a lovely daughter you have! She’s beautiful like her mama! 🙂

    53. hahaha – I’m sure she appreciates you posting that pic. Too funny. 🙂

      They do grow up way too fast. sigh…

    54. **Shiver**I already get that look from my 1 year old daughter! What’s it going to look like when she’s that age?! lol. What a helpful daughter you have, though! 🙂

    55. I can so relate! My oldest (by birth) is 21 and my youngest (yes by birth) is 2. There are 4 in the middle (16, 13, 10 & 4). Watching them grow up and acquire those “looks” and attitudes….OY! She is beautiful!

    56. LOL! We call that “the look” in our house. My duaghter gave everyone that “look” her first year of life. She was very serious and wasn’t giving away smiles to just anyone! But she was a really joyful baby! Now that she is almost 10 years old, I see that look all the time. It makes me laugh. I tell her, ” I invented that “LOOK”! Just ask grandma.

    57. She is a beautiful young lady. Sorry to hear she resigned. Our 15 yr old is still ok with being on our blog for now. Hopefully that won’t change.

    58. What? She can’t just up and resign! I think it’s in your contract of being a mother!

    59. Bummer! I hate it when this happens. Next thing you know she will be saying you never post about me AND there are no new pictures of me. . . What’s up with that mom!?!?!? Sigh***


    60. Awww! Now that is sad.

      My daughter is only 3 1/2, and she asks me every day to write about her on my blog. I hope it never changes, but I know that it will.. 🙂

    61. I so dread those looks and those days. At the moment, my oldest daughter loves to offer blog ideas and posts. I am not looking forward to days when she doesn’t find any of this (or mom) fun or cool anymore.

    62. …and so the attitude begins 😀

      Beautiful photos and daughter!

    63. Ah, yes! My daughter too, only she would have the cell phone glued to her head as well ! 🙂


    64. hey, it was good while it lasted, right? 🙂

    65. OMG, that face! LOL

      Too bad she is resigning. I don’t want my kids to ever do that!

    66. I often post something about my kids do and think, “That ought to buy them a little more couch time when they can read.”



    67. She looks soooooooooooooo annoyed! ROFL

    68. Oh! That look she’s shooting you is UNIVERSAL. Pretty much every picture my mother has of me from 13 to yesterday feature that frozen, roll-of-the-eyes glare. She called it the “Miss Thang” 🙂

    69. My kids have reached that point, too, where they refuse to be in front of the camera any longer. Sad, but true. I wish it wasn’t so. =(

      Nice blog, btw. This is my first time joining you for Wordful Wednesday!

    70. She does look so grown up… She looks a ton like you!!! 🙂

    71. Her look was priceless. LOL!! They grow up so fast. Love the photo!

    72. I love the very serious annoyed look on her face. I’ve still got years and years before that can happen to me.

    73. I love that look SO much!

      And I’m not sure I’d share what my closet looks like – I’m just not that strong.

    74. Ditto!