Wordful Wednesday – The Santa Ana’s Brought Some High Winds!

Last week we had some record breaking winds in Southern CA. The “Santa Ana’s” blew up to 100 miles per hour and caused some serious damage.  Luckily, we are not in one of the areas that got hit the hardest.  It was reported that more than 300,000 homes were without electricity, and many school districts cancelled school for the day. The freeways collected all kinds of debris, including items such as  trampolines, and so commuting was a disaster.  I count myself lucky that I didn’t have to commute in to work and we didn’t lose power.  My in-laws pharmacy was without power all day though, and I believe that that was a first in many, many years.

Mostly, I noticed lots and lots of “green” debris everywhere.  Tree limbs in the streets were the biggest obstacle we had to deal with, and as I said earlier I count myself very lucky that that was all we were inconvenienced with.  It could have been so much worse.

Our pool collected a few chairs and lots of leaves, and I do believe my patio collected leaves from all of the trees in my neighborhood (I would have taken a picture, but then I would have had to show you all of the bikes and scooters and toys that littered that area along with the leaves and I didn’t want to do that), but all in all, we didn’t have that much clean up.

And the upside to the winds?  Our Eucalyptus tree got thinned naturally….see?  That eucalyptus branch does NOT belong there.

I know that other areas of the country were hard hit as well (my dad’s Utah backyard looked like a tornado hit).  How did you fare?

And on a totally unrelated note, do you recall me telling you that the twins big circus themed birthday party is coming up?  Well, the “easy” decorations have taken on a life of their own…..I can’t wait to show you how it turned out.  It better be pretty spectacular after all the planning and work that we “were not” going to do…..

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  1. I saw California in the news how devastating.hope the bad weather stays away

  2. Goodness! Glad that was the bulk of the damage for you guys.

  3. Whew! Glad for the most part you were A-OK! 🙂 Stay safe!

  4. Glad it wasn’t too much to clean up.

    I’m so happy I found WORDFUL Wednesday. It is exactly what I needed. I always want to explain and talk about my pictures.

  5. Wow. You guys were super lucky. That was some crazy wind. Sounds like you got some new pool chairs though!

    Can’t wait to see the circus party!!

  6. It was super windy up here too!!!!

  7. OH wow! I honestly had no idea it could get that bad with the Santa Ana winds. Glad you all are okay…

  8. We have had wind here in Utah too! Luckily we didn’t get hit too hard, but several people I know have to do roof repairs because it was so windy.

    We are having a weird weather December. So far we haven’t had any snow at all!

  9. I’m so glad that your home didn’t suffer any major damage! That was a scary storm!

  10. those winds did some crazy stuff up here in the Central Valley of Cali too. But, thankfully, they blew that crazy, scary fog I shared with you last week away.

  11. Wait, was that lawn chair from your own yard, or did it fly into your pool from out of nowhere?! That had to have been scary! I remember it was pretty windy here, too, but obviously nothing close to what you all experienced! Glad to hear you were all safe and didn’t experience any damage… though that poor tree…

  12. That is some CRAZY wind!

    I can’t wait to see how the twins’ party turns out! 🙂

    Can we enter your linky party more than once? I’ll have a few Holiday links to share. Thanks!

  13. That is some SERIOUS wind! I’m glad the damage wasn’t worse by you. Scary stuff…

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography on etsy and Society6 and bring home something beautiful today!

  14. What amazing winds! Things are strewn everywhere.

  15. What a scary storm.

  16. Glad you didn’t get hit too hard! The winds can take on a life of their own, can’t they? I’m SO looking forward to the Circus birthday! 🙂

    The Toothbrush Tree

  17. I am completely oblivious to extreme nature occurrences like high winds, hurricanes, earthquakes (well, there was that earthquake felt in DC earlier this year). It amazes me that something from miles away can be found…miles away. Glad it wasn’t that bad for you.

  18. It’s here! YAY! How did you get it back so fast? I’m so relieved. I’m sure you are too. Now for tighter security. Hire a geek. AND get your blog put into a book ASAP!

    I never even heard about the CA winds, just living my own little sheltered life I guess. I doesn’t help that we don’t watch the news (part of the reason we were caught unprepared). Glad you guys were ok. Being w/o power is VERY inconvenient.

    That party btw, looks like way more work than you’d *hoped*. Sigh. It always turns out that way doesn’t it? That’s why I’ve stopped even trying. Half way into stuff I am cursing myself, my kid, and my whole lot in life. Too much bother. Can’t wait to see your end result though. I’ll just pretend I’m you, without the hassle, of course.

  19. So glad you escaped major damage. The thought of 100 mph winds freaks me out a little

  20. Bright side, you got some more lawn chairs for free. 🙂

  21. Wow, that’s crazy!! Happy to hear you’re okay.

  22. That was quite a storm! So glad you weathered it ok. And you have some mad party skills, lol! I bet it will be a blast 😉

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