Wordful Wednesday-The Pumpkin Patch

It’s a good thing that I’m not eligible to win my own “something spooky” contest because I wouldn’t stand a chance.

I’ve got nothing.  Nothing spooky.  Unless you consider it “spooky” that my 11 year old is almost as tall as me.  Truth be told, that does spook me a little.  I’m in denial about her growing up.

This past weekend Jeff and I took the kids to Tanaka Farms.   They had hay rides and a corn maze and a petting zoo.  We gave ourselves an hour there, which was just the right amount of time to soak in the scenery, walk through the pumpkins, run through the maze and then do a little chit chatting.  I’ve noticed that seasonal activities like these though just don’t seem as “authentic” as they do in other areas of the country we’ve lived that actually have 4 seasons.  Or maybe my kids are just growing up and it seems different.  I’m not sure.  {sigh}

Isn’t this a gorgeous setting?Oh how I wish I could say that this was from MY garden.

Do you go to Pumpkin Patches each year?

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*I’ve been having so much fun with my iphone, and found another photography app that I love.  All of these pictures were edited with CameraBag.

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  1. Looks like a great time was had by all 🙂 ps. my 6 year old daughter is almost as tall as me !! I’m 4’11

  2. I didn’t even think to do spooky this week! But yes our own children getting older and bigger is spooky! I was just watching my son (only 3) today and realized WOW he is soo big! I don’t want to think about when he is 12~~

  3. Great pics, Angie! My twelve year old is almost my height too and it is hard to believe!

    I think I picked the wrong photo for your link up. Sorry! That’s what I get for doing this on my phone while I wait for guitar lessons to end, lol. Hugs!

  4. yeah, w/o seasons, holidays just don’t feel the same to me either. Grace is gorgeous, so is the coloring on those photos. Making good use of your new phone already!

    We grew our own pumpkins this year. I hate pumpkin patches and corn mazes for that matter.

  5. How fun! We don’t have pumpkin patches here… not that I know of anyway. I’m sure my kids would have a blast if we ever take them to one. 🙂

  6. Oh. My. Goodness. Do you come close to weeping at the sight of the pictures of you and your gorgeous daughter??? What PHENOMENAL images. 🙂

    Love them, and you! Happy Unspooky Halloween!

  7. I really had to look at that first picture to find mom! You really look great. I hope you take that as a compliment. We’ve had our fair share of farms selling store bought pumpkins, so I know what you mean! Not the same as picking a pumpkin for real! LOL!

  8. We do go each year! We actually just went on Sunday and had a blast! Love the pictures of yours – looks like a beautiful place to visit!

  9. Wow, that is gorgeous..so is the fam, too!

    We still haven’t gone the the pumpkin patch…we’d better get on that!

  10. What a beautiful farm! And such a beautiful family too. You are gorgeous, Angie!

  11. I went with the “something spooky” linky – but only because my post is about pumpkin carving. There’s really nothing spooky about it. :p

    Your pictures are great! I LOVE going to the pumpkin patch. I never went when I lived in Florida because picking pumpkins up off of a church parking lot just wasn’t the same. 😉 Needless to say, I really love being back in a place with four seasons! (But ask me again in January, and I’ll willing switch climates with you.)

  12. She really is gonna shoot past you in height soon! I went to the pumpkin patch every year with the kids too! It’s fun regardless of how old they are!

  13. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the pumpkin patch. My kids loved it when they were younger. I can totally relate to the kids being taller than you. My two boys are growing like weeds.

  14. We used to go to the pumpkin patch back in Oregon but we didn’t this year…here, CO, they charge you at least $10 to go in so we decided to skip it this year and hopefully we’ll find a nice patch next fall…
    Don’t they grow up so fast?!

  15. My kids asked to this year but I said no.
    We’ve never been to one.
    I can’t be bothered. Plus it’s just so cold you know.
    I’m a party pooper.
    I should go with them one year.
    Great shots.

  16. Good thing I paid attention and managed to get my link up on the right linky!

    Ok… so I had to delete from the first list, but I got it the second time!

    I don’t have anything spooky either! My kids are still little and aren’t into scary, which I am ok with.

  17. I used to go every year, but our favorite free pumpkin patch closed and noone has asked to go anywhere else. 🙁

  18. Gorgeous pics!!! Love them!!!

    Happy WW!

  19. Oh my goodness. Love the pictures of you with your daughter. It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. Just stunning.

  20. I was six inches taller than my mom by the time I was thirteen. And still am by the way. 🙂 Happy pumpkin hunting!

  21. The kids all look so cute! And you are actually in some of these pics!! =)
    It’s been so hot we still haven’t taken the boys to the pumpkin patch!

  22. Oh yes, gorgeous setting! I’d go to that pumpkin patch every year just to lay eyes on that view! Now, about something ‘spooky’, let’s not bring up what my postpartum tummy looks like…

  23. I think as our kids grow the magic wears off just the tiniest bit, as they themselves process things on a totally different level. Still, it’s a beautiful spot and a family activity well worth clinging too even as they hit the tween years and beyond.

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  24. ACK! I forgot about the ‘spooky’ theme…

    I think we’re going to have to find a pumpkin patch to go to each year – we don’t have any cool ones like that around here! 🙂 It is kind a spooky how your 11-year old is almost as tall as you – I suspect when Princess Nagger reaches that age she’ll either be as tall or taller than me…that *is* spooky! 🙂

  25. You have a beautiful family! We didn’t hit the pumpkin patch this year. I already posted my spooky pic of P a few weeks back. Can I link to flickr or does it have to be a blog post? Thanks!

  26. We love going to the pumpkin patch, my favorite part about fall. And how do you always have the best hair?

  27. A-to-the-Men on our kids getting scary tall. That is frightening in and of itself.

  28. It does look beautiful there! My kids would love the corn maze 😉

    That’s a wonderful family photo and you and your daughter are just beautiful! I can’t stand how quickly they grow up either. My 9 year old is almost as tall as me and it blows my mind. He CAN’T be on the cusp of being a teenager…yikes!

    I’ll have to check out this something spooky contest. Sounds like fun 😉

  29. We try to get to the pumpkin patch, but the closest one is an hour away in Centreville and costs $9/person, 2 and up. I just can’t…I won’t…$9 for a 2 yr old? Nope. Safeway pumpkins it is!

    Also, my 10 yr old is above my shoulder. I don’t like it. I don’t like it a bit.

  30. What a gorgeous place. We have yet to take our kids to a pumpkin patch. We need to hurry, time is running out.

  31. Sounds like a fun family event! The pictures of you and your daughter are great!

  32. Darn, I messed it up… please delete my first linky… I have yet to make it to the pumpkin patch – but you make it looks amazing!!

    Because you guys are so beautiful!

  33. Nothing spooky over here… unless you count my horrendous bed head 🙁

  34. This can totally be from your garden. All you have to do is try. I’ll bet you’d be surprised how easy gardening is! Check out the sweet potatoes I just pulled from my garden. And I am on the East Coast and it is October!!!


  35. Your family is so beautiful! I have a soon-to-turn-ten year old who is almost as tall as me. She’s already borrowing my clothes! How scary is that?

    I didn’t read the directions carefully and I linked up wrong, but I fixed it. I’ll be back tomorrow with something spooky. Although, I think having a kid soon to be double digits and wearing my clothes is pretty spooky!

  36. Great photos!!! And you are probably going to laugh at this…I live literally less than a mile from Tanaka Farms. I love that place.

  37. Oh my goodness, she IS almost as tall as you! ACK! Your photo together is so pretty. Looks like a fun trip to the pumpkin patch. 🙂

  38. My 11 year-old is getting tall, too!! Ahhh!!! I feel old!

  39. I often wondered how Fall and Winter activities were like in the warmer states. As I got older, holidays got boring… probably because there were no real traditions in place. But having a little one surely brings on the warm and fuzzies. Great photos!

  40. Great photos, unfortunately in Scotland we don’t celebrate Halloween like you do in the States and therefore we don’t have pumpkin patches to visit, wish we did though 🙁

  41. Back again! I added my spooky photo. 🙂 I’ll have another spooky post to add in a little bit. Can I link up twice?