Wordful Wednesday: More BlogHer…

I’ve been home from BlogHer  ’11 for over a week, and I still haven’t been able wrap my brain around the whole event in order to properly write a post about it that just *might* do it justice.  So, instead of trying to be methodical or informative, I should probably just tell you that for me, BlogHer was about connections.  Connections with friends I already knew, and those I met for the first time, connections with PR Reps and brands, and connections that hooked me up at the best parties, and let’s not forget about the connections with the food which I didn’t have to cook or clean up for 3 days.

Everyday brought fun interactions like this one with MamaKat and Vanessa from the BlogFrog.

Or this one with one of my “roomies”. Francesca, where are all of the photos of you and I?

Or this one with my old friend Carissa of Good N Crazy.

And, hello, amazing photographer friend, Amanda!

Now, let’s take a moment to discuss the parties. Oh the parties…(The was taken at the Fashion File Party at The HardRock Hotel.)

The Hostess with the Mostess “Wonderlandia” Party had the best centerpieces I . Have. Ever. Seen.

Amy and Angie from I Heart Faces, Francesca of SITS and I joined our own special club….

Rumor has it the the Stingaree, home to the Cheap Sally Party is one of *the* places to be in San Diego. Aren’t Summer of Le Musings of Moi and Jill (Scary Mommy) SO adorable in this shot?

I had never been to a party at a museum before….Youphoria picked a great location for their soiree!

Remember I talked about my connection with food?  Those folks at P&G know how to take care of their “people” and dinner at Bertrands at Mr A’s was scrumdidliumptious!

Lunch with friends?  Priceless.  Thanks for setting that up, Nicole!


Besides the parties and the connections, one of the most unexpected things to happen to me at BlogHer was getting “hit by the #ATTPhoneFairy”.  When I say that I was hit by the “Phone Fairy”, what I really mean is that I got a month of free service on a brand spankin’ new HP Veer 4G!  It is the cutest little phone ever SMALL), but packs quite a punch;  it is after all, a Smart phone…

Oh, the BlogHer sessions?  Just icing on the cake, especially Jill’s Design session.  Can we say fabulous?

And let’s not forget the expo.  I’ve always wanted to go in one of these machines….even if this only spit out Chuck E Cheese tickets…

Most of these photos were taken by my friends and I “took” them from their Flickr or Facebook stream.  Thanks for sharing, ladies!

I also posted about BlogHer here and here if you are interested.

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  1. How fun! And you looked fab!

  2. I am SO happy we finally had a chance to meet….and I love our picture. Mass Love. =)

    Can’t wait to shop and eat together one day without kids…..

  3. Looks like you had a blast. I’ve been seeing your pretty face popping up all over the blogosphere this week. You almost make me want to go…

  4. So fun! I wish I had ran into you at BlogHer, I would have {perhaps nervously} said hi!

  5. So funny that we wrote very similar posts with very similar sentiments on the matter! And, I feel like a photo hog for jumping in so many of your shots! But, I love that I got a ton of pics of you! Who knows when we’ll actually be at the same place again:(

  6. Looks like you had a great time! I’ve always wanted to go in one of those machines too. (And oops for accidentally posting twice, user error..)

  7. I just adore all of these photos! So many beautiful faces and memories!

  8. Once again, I am jealous!!

    But then again, I don’t really think I would feel good about leaving my 5 month old baby at home!

  9. Looks like you had a ton of fun!! Makes me want to go to BlogHer next year!

  10. That looks like such a great time!
    Every time I look at pictures from BlogHer and see so many faces of ladies I love, I wish more & more that I had gone…

  11. Not one darn pic together! Now I’m bummed! But I love seeing all of these BlogHer pics 🙂

  12. LOVE seeing all these pictures!!! But also makes we sad that we didn’t take one together!?!?!??!

  13. Looks like you had a great time!

  14. Yet again, not a single bad pic of you! Can I push you in the mud? Just once? haha
    And how is it after all the times I saw you I never once got a pic with you? Next time FOR SURE!

  15. Cannot believe we didn’t see each other the entire time…. 🙁
    Looks like you had a fabulous time, hope to see you soon!

  16. BlogHer looked like it was so much fun!! Maybe next year 🙂

  17. Great shots! I’m still so sad that we didn’t get to spend more time together!

  18. Whether or not these photos were taken by you, it’s obvious that you had a fabulous time and I missed out on a whole lotta fun! 🙁

  19. And that is why I MUST make it to BlogHer ’12 – any time food is involved, I am so there! 😉 So glad you all had a blast!

  20. OMG!! That looks like sooo much fun!! I am soooo hoping to go next year

  21. Love all the shots! So many people I would love to have the honor of meeting in person – you included. 😉

  22. It looks like a lot of fun!

  23. I’m still on a BlogHer high. I’m afraid my colleagues in the NICU though are over the high that I am on.

  24. Such good fun and great times!

    And, who knew MamaKat was so tall!

  25. I was at so many of those places too, so it totally stinks even more that we didn’t meet!

  26. I finally linked up! LOVE your photo post. 🙂 It was so nice to spend time with you at Blogher. Now if only we could get you to New York! 🙂

  27. That is just so cool that you won a phone.

    Loved all the pictures.

  28. great pics! Looks like my kind of party!

  29. I don’t think I can write I wish I was than any more )

    Looks fabulous!

  30. Looks like fun times!

  31. Oh that looks like so much fun! I cant wait for my first blog conference. Every time theres one…something happens that I cant go.

  32. I’m so glad I got to meet you at BlogHer! You are wonderful! 🙂 I hope we have more chances to hang out again in the future!!!

  33. Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much dressing up at a conference. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever get to go to BlogHer! 😉

  34. That’s on my bucket list. One day I have to get to a Blogher thing

  35. That looks like amazing fun! And you are gorgeous. Wow!

  36. Love your Blogher pics but they make me sad that we missed each other by seconds! Next year, we will make it happen.

  37. Oh, that looks like so much fun! I really wish I’d been there.

    And you? Are gorgeous. Simply radiant. And with great fashion sense too!

  38. Awesome photos. Gorgeous ladies.

  39. NYC!! Oh, yeah! I am so there!! 😀

  40. you look like you had an amazing time…
    one day, i will meet all of you that i love to follow 🙂
    thanks for sharing such fab photos

  41. Thanks for sharing your photos and experiences from BlogHer. I have never been and soooo want to go. I’d be ecstatic if things worked out so I can go next year.

  42. Fun!

  43. Okay, that looks like it was so much fun – I’m terribly envious! Clearly I need to get over my dislike of gigantic groups and go to this “BlogHer” thing I keep hearing about.