Wordful Wednesday-Mine. All Mine.

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Sometimes I look at my family and my breath literally catches.

I can’t believe that in a manner of speaking,  they belong to me.

I birthed those children.  I married that man.

I really am blessed beyond measure or lucky beyond belief.

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Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. I love this photo and of course your words. And you are giving away a boatload of stuff this week!

  2. You do have a gorgeous family. I feel exactly the same way sometimes… especially when my boys are being GOOD.

  3. I heard that! Sometimes I smile in amazement myself. What a wonderful life.

  4. I hear you! Its those moments that get me through the potty training. LOL

  5. I know exactly what you mean… an incredible thing this motherhood stuff!

  6. and yet I am amazed that I birthed one child!

  7. What a gorgeous family! You are blessed!

  8. Your family is so beautiful! I am glad they are yours.

  9. That photo and your words made my heart skip a beat. I know exactly how you feel!

  10. I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sometimes I look at David playing with the kids are them sitting with him watching TV and I just have to stop and watch. They are all of me all bottled up together and I praise the Lord for them every day.

  11. That’s a great picture of a beautiful family! 🙂 Moms are blessed, indeed.

  12. I’m always pinching myself as well when I look at my family! Awesome shot, they look like miniatures.

  13. What a precious shot you’ve captured there! You are indeed blessed!

  14. OK Now I want to wake up my kids and hug them!

  15. What a great shot. I love that moment when you realize your dreams have come true.

  16. What a beautiful family! I have the same feelings of awe about mine all the time!

  17. What a gorgeous family.

    I often feel the same way…it is awesome and scary at the same time.

  18. LOVE LOVE your perspective in picture and words. Love.

  19. Love the story behind the photo, it’s great to step back & take it all in sometimes, life moves so fast. Thanks for sharing! Happy WW!

  20. You have captured such precious moments in time behind the lens of your camera. Time goes by so quickly, enjoy every moment the best …

  21. What a beautiful family you have.

    I feel the same way about my little family. I’m always amazed that I helped created my little boy. He’s just amazing.

  22. I so know that feeling…totally takes your breath away and brings tears of joy to your eyes.

  23. absolutely lovely

  24. Precious, precious, precious!


  25. Boy after today, I can totally relate to that feeling. I love my family and my kids soooo much it hurts. I cant imagine anything happening to them.

    Your family is so beautiful.

  26. It is amazing to look back at the wonder one has created, isn’t it! And your creations are wonderful.

  27. Great picture.

    Hsppy WW!

  28. You really are one lucky woman!

  29. That photo is precious, Angie. And I feel the same way about my husband and kids. Just tonight, I sat in bed with my daugther (who is now almost eleven) and we talked for about an hour… just about stuff. After I got back downstairs, I thought to myself, “I wonder how many more years of that I’ll get to do.” I hope many.

    Loved this post.


  30. It is an amazing feeling. I get it at times too. 🙂

  31. Thats a wonderful feeling, you are really blessed.

  32. You definitely are blessed. I still look at the girls sometimes and get an overwhelming feeling of love and happiness. And I cannot believe they are mine. What did we do to get so lucky? 🙂

  33. Every Monday i talk about Motherhood. Isn’t it amazing when you think about it. My stories have actually been taken out of my scrapbook documentation!

  34. I know how you feel. I’ve often thought that and feel so lucky as well.

    Gorgeous shot! Happy WW!

  35. It really is amazing to think about it sometimes, isn’t it? I adore this photo. And thanks for the reminder Angie…

  36. Beautiful.

  37. What a sweet post to your family.

  38. Families kind of rock don’t they?

  39. I hear ya!!
    I feel the same way…..on good days. hahah

  40. Beautiful picture

  41. great pic! Isn’t it wonderful? I know I feel blessed and I am so lucky to know how it feels to be a mommy now! 🙂

  42. What a perfect dePICtion of the word MINE! Love it!

  43. You are amazingly blessed.

    It is amazing when we step out and look in at our blessings.

    Happy WW!

  44. It’s great, isn’t it? Feeling that way about family…how much my little family means to me….

  45. I absolutely love photos like that, when families are shot from behind. Beautiful

  46. That photo you took is fantastic!

  47. What a great shot! I must admit I have felt the same way about my family too. I can’t even believe sometimes just how cool it is that I made those people, that he and I made those people from scratch. But mostly me, right? Lol!

  48. Your family is beautiful! I love that photo!

  49. I understand that perfectly. I often feel that I am living WELL beyind my dreams…and I look at the hubby and kids and wonder where they came from. This is my first time to join your WW!!!!

  50. I hear you! I feel that way often… and then I worry a bit and wonder if it’s okay to feel so blessed. 🙂

  51. What a cute picture! And I LOVE what you wrote! I look at my family and think the same thing all the time!

  52. Gorgeous picture. You really do have a beautiful family. 🙂

  53. I am still new to the whole Mom thing…but already know the feeling. That is a lovely shot of your beautiful family!

  54. You are blessed, indeed!

  55. What a wonderful way to take a moment to count your blessings. Lovely photo and sentiment 🙂

  56. What a lovely feeling to have.
    Next month I would like to add your icon to my Wednesday post. If you will let me. I just want to make sure you own the graphic and will give me permission to use it on my blogs (I have seven blogs). Please stop by to let me know, or email me. All the links to my blogs are on my sidebar.

    My WW link for you

  57. YES! I feel the same about my peeps. Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am, and how much I love being a wife and mom.

  58. “Mine”…LOVE that title! I only have two, but I feel the same way!

    I linked up today. I just couldn’t get your button to work? But I still linked back to here 🙂

  59. You are blessed with your beautiful family – and they’re blessed with you! 😉

  60. What a sweet post!

    And for the record, I can’t believe they’re yours either. Heeheehee

    Justine 😮 )

  61. Beautiful pic! My first time joining 🙂

  62. You have a beautiful family..it is always important to stop and count our blessings.

  63. I know exactly what you mean…♥♥♥
    {{{HUGS & BLESSINGS}}}

  64. Beautiful post and yes, yes … me too! I know exactly how you feel!

    Happy WW!

  65. i love that shot, angie!!! so cute! and i am amazed too!

  66. I have the same feeling sometimes. We truly are very blessed.

  67. I feel that way too!!!! Love the pic. still having issues with the button : (

  68. Oh yes, is that not the best blessing of all.

  69. Beautiful photo 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  70. So beautiful, and so true!

  71. You have a beautiful family!!

    Sometimes I have the same feelings when looking at my family.

  72. MommyNamedApril says

    What a fantastic picture! I feel the same way about my family 🙂


  73. I had one of those moments just last week as the three of us sat down to dinner. It’s amazing and YES…it can take your breath away.

    You have a BEAUTIFUL family!

  74. What a great picture! Sometimes I feel the same way – I just look at my son and think… “wow, I don’t have to give him back, I get to keep him!” It just makes me want to hug him even harder then!

  75. What a beautiful sentiment…I think I am going to put this one my pictures to take list…although my kid’s would probably be all over the place. 🙂 Happy WW!!

  76. That’s a beautiful shot! The caption of “MINE” summs up every mother in the known universe I think, lol so good choice. (Also reminded me of the BDB – if you’ve read those books, fiercly protective & willing to kill anyone who so much as LOOKS funny at their “MINE”)
    Happy WW!

  77. You truly are blessed! Love that photo! This is my first time to participate in your meme. You have a great blog and I love the name! Thanks for hosting this

  78. Goodness, I don’t know what’s more beautiful—the picture or the sentiment behind it. Simply lovely.

  79. Awesome photo! I know exactly what you mean. 🙂

  80. I feel the same way about my family at times. It’s amazing isn’t it? Sometimes it’s so surreal. I’m a wife and mother of four. How blessed am I? And how blessed are you!!!
    I’d love for you to stop by and link your Word-filled Wednesday post on my linky. If you do stop by, bring some Girl Scout cookies with you! Have a great day.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  81. Just beautiful Angie! Sometimes the simplest words are the most powerful and the words you wrote today…were just that 🙂

  82. So sweet! Love it!

  83. You do have a beautiful family. I just love this photo’s point of view.

    Thanks for the linkage to all of your giveaways!

  84. Such a great pic! And I’m the same way…and shocked that my mom loves me this much!

  85. I will have to come back to enter some of those! Cute family isn’t it fun!!!

    🙂 Brandy
    The Buzz

  86. Lovely post … reminds me of George Santayana who wrote, “The family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” May we each feel similarly blessed 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

  87. Gorgeous picture. And I often feel the same way. Like, someone please pinch me!!

  88. That was just BEAUTIFUL!

  89. You are ‘seriously, so blessed’.

    Just found out an old HS classmate died of colon cancer. He only had 7 weeks, diagnosis to death. 6 kids. I’m crying all over again.

  90. Wow, I didn’t realize that you had 5 kiddos! I always wanted a larger family as did hubs – if only we would have met earlier. Beautiful shot! It made me smile for sure 🙂

  91. It boggles the mind, sometimes, doesn’t it?

  92. What a beautiful post!!

  93. u have a beautiful family. I often feel the same way 🙂
    I hope to participate in wordful wed on a regular basis.

  94. You have a beautiful family.

  95. I love your pictures from the back… so moving.

  96. You certainly are blessed, and so am I!

  97. The picture does look out of a dream.

  98. Whew…slid in here under 100…

    And…you’re family picture doesn’t include umbrellas (which would certainly be the case if you were still in Portland)

  99. What a great picture and a great write-up to boot! You are too sweet!

    And wheee! Giveaways 😉

  100. You know that old saying… it’s not the number of breaths that you take, rather the number of moments that take your breath away. That’s it — those moments when we say — I don’t know how it’s mine but thank God it is!

    Here’s to enjoying our beautiful families!