Wordful Wednesday – Halloween Preparation Edition

Happy almost Halloween Y’all!  

I figured I’d better say so now, before I forget later, which I’m wont to do.

In an effort to up the awesome of Wordful Wednesday, Amanda and I are instituting a fun new way to participate!

As we’re not super creative, we’re pretty much just gonna call it Wordful Wednesday. Just like before, only now there is going to be an option of participating with a monthly Theme.

Let’s get the questions out of the way up front and center:

Do you have to participate?

Well, no (just being Wordful is enough), but we really, really want you too!

So, what’s this month’s theme?!

In an effort to be as cliche and predictable as possible, this month’s theme is:

Something Spooky!

And speaking of Spooky, guess what my kidlets and my niece made this past weekend?

Yep, Spooky cookies for a little old fashioned Boo’ing!

If I were a good blogger I would have taken pictures of the cute plates of Spooky Cookies and Treats we put together….but I forgot, so I guess the memory of the cute plates with Halloween tags and yumminess will just have to live on in my memory.

Whatever your Something Spooky is, Amanda and I really hope you come share it with us and our lovely sponsor (oh, did I forget to mention that tidbit?!).  What’s this about a sponsor?!

Costume Express, the people who are costuming Emma as a Skittle package this year, has graciously agreed to also costume one lucky linker (chosen comepltely at random) with a costume of their choosing!

So, when do we have to link up that photo?!

We will only open the theme linky once a month (the last Wednesday of the month) and it will be clearly marked for everyone who wants to participate. We want this to be easy because confused mom bloggers are not happy mom bloggers and we want you to be happy!

Will we get a costume in time for Halloween?!  No, but if you’re the mama to a chronic-dresser-upper, then you know that is inconsequential as your little person can be found outfited in some random costume, in the middle of summer just as easily as on Halloween…

So collect your spookiness, and bring them to us (BUT NOT UNTIL 10/26!), we’ll be ready and waiting to read!

What are you feeling Wordful about this Wednesday?! Share you best shots and then head over to my cohost’s Parenting By Dummies and see what she has to share!

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  1. Sounds like fun! Since my son wants to be a zombie (as in the Plants vs. Zombies game), we should have something spooky to show at the end of the month!

  2. This sounds like fun!

  3. Ooohhh – I love the idea of themes! And I’m also glad that it’s not this week, since my post is definitely NOT Halloween themed. 😉

  4. FUN! I also am relieved it’s not this week … can’t wait for it though!!

  5. Fabulous! I am pretty sure I can come up with something spooky. 🙂

  6. I will have to come up with something else this month 🙂 I think Piper looks kind of spooky this week 🙂 Great idea ladies!

  7. Sounds like fun, Angie!

  8. I love how you and Amanda try to spice things up! 🙂

  9. How Marth-esque of you! Love the theme idea. I’ll try to remember! Happy WW!

  10. Hallowen + Cookies = an excellent combo!

  11. I am a horrible costumer. My poor kids really need help. 😉

  12. Oh, yumm!! Spooky Cookies!!

  13. I’m sure the cookies were delicious. I’m excited about the “spooky” contest. Sounds fun.

  14. Halloween cookies sound great!

  15. We’re busy getting ready here too. Cookies…yum!

  16. Good idea, I hope I can get the tot in action being super-spooky.

  17. Collecting spookiness as we speak…we will be in Hawaii then. Maybe some Spooky Hawaiian Fun?!?!?

  18. Love the cookie decorating. Cute!

  19. What a fun idea! Glad I have a month to come up with something spooky!!
    The kids are so NOT scary. They’re totally adorable!!

  20. Mine’s up! I have a brand-new blog now, and stupidly didn’t crop my photo right :/

    I’ll have to participate in the theme next week, since I already got this one up and published. But it features a rock band, and they have a song called “S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W” and scarecrows are scary, right? (At least they are in horror movies!)

    Hope you’ll come by & take a look.

  21. So cute. No Halloween here unfortunately, my kids don’t dress up until Purim,w hich is usually in February or March :).

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

  22. No Halloween here either!

  23. That’s so cool doing cookies for Halloween.

  24. I’m sure Princess Nagger will happily help me come up with something spooky – as long as I let her make some cookies, and as long as making those cookies is as much fun as it looks for your kids and niece! 🙂

  25. I’m in. All in. Doubled-down. No whammies. Bringin’ the spooky. Booyah! OK…going now…

  26. Cant wait for your contest!

  27. Love the theme idea for WW! This is my first week back in a while! Coming out of my blogging funk now! 😀

  28. Love the theme idea! I’m game. I’ll get working on a spooky photo for you. 🙂

  29. Love this bloghop! Because I always have lots to say and “wordless” just doesn’t cut it. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting!

  30. Yum – are those gingerbread? We made gingerbread skeletons last year – cute idea from FamilyFun. I’ll have to post some pics on my new “Teach it Simple” site. 🙂 Fun theme idea – how crazy is it that my kids have still not decided what they want to be?

  31. Yum! I’m still trying to figure out a costume that won’t send my toddler into a fit of rage. I think I might go the simple route and dress him as… a toddler 🙂

  32. He really has the spiderweb making down! Making cookies looks sooo fun! I’m definitely ready to do a batch now. 🙂

  33. A sponsor?!?! How much fun is THAT?!

    Congrats, ladies!!