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In addition to being sort of a big deal in the blogosphere, I am a professional photographer.

Which means that, I make other mamas pretty dang happy with the photos I take of them with their families.

It also means that, while I have pretty amazing photos of my Dudes…

and even a few gems of my Baby Dog Daughter…

It is rare that I am ever photographed with any of them.

Or really even alone.

Which is sad.  So, so sad.

Because there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing photos of myself as a child with my mother, and I really, really want to make sure that The Dudes have those to look back at too.

Plus, a couple of weeks ago, I was looking though the photos of the Disneyland trip that I expertly planned and paid for all by my lonesome last summer, and you know what?  There are two photos of me on that trip.  T-W-O!

It’s like I wasn’t even at the happiest place on Earth feeling all happy!

So, in honor of the celebration of my 29th year of life again (my birthday is next Tuesday), I’ve decided to celebrate by snapping photos of myself with my Dudes as often as humanly possible.

Which pretty much boils down to not more than once a day (don’t get crazy America).

I may only be able to take a shot with one of them…

Or, I may actually force all three of them to cram in the photo with me…

But, either way, I am doing this thing.

Because if I’m going to be the backbone of this family (and I am, totally), then I need to have physical evidence of my existence in it, lest it look like Dumb Dad was the only one setting up awesome adventures for these people and he get all of the credit!

What do you have to be Wordful about this week?!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I was looking for pictures of me with the kids, and it was as if they were non existent. I think I will need to make myself pretty on Mother’s Day and have a little photo shoot with my young’uns.

    • For sure! I even talked about it at a panel I was on at BlogHer last year. Apparently I need to do a much better job at taking my own advice!

  2. Amanda, that photo of you and the kids? Totally cracks me up! You’ve got a point though. If we’re not in these photos, dad ends up looking like the hero. I’ve got to rectify that, quick!

    • You do for sure! Nothing makes me happier than to look back and see photos of me and my mama. And there are so few! I need to learn from her mistake!

  3. I take SO many more photos of my kids than myself. Mostly because I feel like its weird to always be asking “Hey can you take a picture of me?” Clearly I have not mastered how to take photos of myself, by myself. You’ll have to teach me.

    Also thank you for featuring me!!


    • I loved your post last week. I like to hold the camera with my long arms and then get one of The Dudes to press the button. It’s easier than getting Dumb Dad to snap it honestly and the quality is usually better too!

  4. Ok, I’m not nuts. Ya’ll really did swap. lol. So glad to see you in these pics! We all need to get in front of the camera sometimes. You know, for proof! 😉

  5. Best. Idea. Yet. And I think I’m gonna join in that challenge and take at least one pic of me with my girls a week. Don’t think I need a picture of myself everyday. Cause I look crazy most days. No one needs to see that!

    • Yeah, no, self portraits always make me feel awkward and I usually hate them anyway. Plus I feel all 17 year old narcissist taking a pic in my bathroom. But, with The Dudes it’s totally cool.

  6. I am sooo with you on this post. i was looking back at our 600 Hawaii pictures and I am in three, count them, three pictures. And one is of me sitting on a step taking a picture of myself in a mirror, just so I could prove to everyone I was actually there. I’m going to join in your challenge even without a birthday and start clicking away with my girls. Thanks for a little needed kick in the butskee.
    Also thanks for last weeks shout out. I love you guys!

  7. Probably 2% of the pictures on my computer have ME in them. I really need to be better about that. Maybe I should bust out the tripod I got for Christmas? I love the inspiration of your shots. I’m going to grab my kiddos and make them take a picture with me, too! :))

    And, thanks for the feature!! Squeeeeee!


    • Your little one was so cute in that pic! I also realized I need to be better about forcing my own mom to take shots with me. I had to find one for a Mother’s Day spot recently and I couldn’t! It was horrible and it made me really, really sad.

  8. LOL! This is my life!!! I’ve started taking pictures of myself with my family in the background to prove I’m at all these awesome events, too! Needless to say, my big honkin’ arm makes an appearance in all these pics!

    • Yeah, and how hard is it to angle the camera just right to keep like the double chin or the saggy cleavage from sneaking in. Or, um, is that just me who has a problem with that stuff?!

  9. I need to follow your lead and do the same – I’m never in the shots! Happy (early) Birthday! 🙂

  10. I completely relate. On our spring break trip, there is not one photo of me. Seriously, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was exhausted, I wouldn’t even know I had been there.

  11. You know what…. I’m in so few pictures too! Sometimes I like it that way though …. then I don’t have to actually see what I look like. Pictures don’t lie. Besides my kids are way cuter!

  12. You do take amazing photos. And you are so right…I am in hardly any of mine either. I like to putz around with my camera…key word putz not professional…ok I’m a total “I’m taking a million photos because I’m a picture whore and a scrapbooker”….so I’m hardly in any of them…gotta change that…as soon as I dye the grey out of my hair

  13. Seriously, I have barely any photos of me and the dude…or my husband and the dude…Must remedy that!

  14. I noticed recently too that there are virtually no pictures of the kids and me together. I want to rectify it but I need these braces off SOON. In fact, there aren’t any of me alone either in the past few years.