Wordful Wednesday-Gas Prices to Make one {Gasp}

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There are very few things that leave me wordless, but this is one of them.

I can’t wrap my brain around gas prices this high.

How much are you paying a gallon in your neck of the woods?

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  1. Wow! Last I looked it was $3.69 here but hubs said it went up yesterday. Either way, too much!

  2. Wow! That’s just crazy. We’re at like $3.50 here.

    PS Mr. Linky keeps telling me I’m doing my math wrong and I can’t leave a link, so I’ll leave it here, which I hate doing: http://www.reallyareyouserious.com/2011/04/my-sassy-little-divas-and-me.html

  3. Wow! That’s just crazy!

    (And, I got Linky to work…if only I could read!)

  4. Ugh — I know — our gas prices are ridiculous too. Nearly $100 to fill my Suburban this weekend. (sigh)

    p.s. The linky totally confused me this week . . . lol, I think I need more sleep. I have no idea if I did it correctly.

  5. WOW! We’re still under $4 here but I know it will be over $5 before we know it. Crazy!

  6. Yikes! It’s about $3.59.

  7. We are paying about $3.69 and I thought we had it bad – WOAH!

  8. That’s one of the very few things I DON’T miss about living in Cali, our prices are at least a little less. I think they were $3.95 last time.

  9. Yep, it hurts. I spent $60 today filling up my van. Not fun.

  10. Its getting bad. It stinks because we drive all over New England when the summer months come.

  11. It won’t be long till we’re that high! Sadly…

  12. This is one of the only things I don’t miss about California. We are at $3.62 at Costco and I want to shove corn in my gas hole.

  13. HOLY cow! I heard it was really high in CA! Sheesh.
    I paid $3.75 today for regular. (paid $4.23 for a gallon of Orange Juice! Told my kids to enjoy it cos I won’t be buying it again. HOLY!)

  14. The price of gas here is also very expensive $2.15/Litre. It’s crazy.

  15. Whoa. I think we paid around $3.50 on our road trip to FL. But I didn’t do the filling up….I prefer to live in ignorant bliss. That is until I see the bank account balance….haha!

  16. I’ve heard that it’s coming – but to actually see it… I haven’t been able to fully fill my tank up in months and rarely leave the house because we can’t afford the gas as it is. I wish we lived somewhere with better public transportation! 🙁

  17. wow
    i think we are at 3.84
    and they said its going up again……..

  18. That’s unbelievably nauseating! It’s about $3.40 here in south central Missouri, but I heard the average price per gallon back home in Hawaii is around $4.40. Crazy!!!

  19. As of earlier today, it was at $3.99 a gallon. Highway robbery!

  20. We’re at $3.57 but might get up to $5 this summer. It’s crazy!
    Your newest follower and linking up!

  21. That is insanely high! We’re in Germany. Our gas prices are almost double the price in the U.S. Try $8.35 a gallon here. Yikes!

  22. My husband just filled up in Romania and it was $8 a gallon. $8! That kind of put things in perspective for me, right after I complained to him about passing $50 on my own fill-up here in the States.

  23. Crazy nutso!! What’s next?

  24. The last time I got gas it was $4.10 and it cost me $50 to fill my tank!
    Gone are the days of a $25 gas stop!
    Something’s gotta give right?

  25. Unfortunately I have seen prices higher than that here in Hawaii….. $4.29 is the highest so far… Luckily we can at least get it on base where it’s closer to your price…

  26. OUCH! Maybe I won’t take the kids to the park tomorrow…..Sorry kids, mommy & daddy rather pay the mortgage. Geeez.


  27. Doooode! My son has a reaction for you on my WW

    No but seriously – I think I would be crying. That is just redonk!

  28. We’re paying well over seven dollars a gallon here :(.

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  29. It was 3.89 here yesterday and I was not happy. This is why I do not leave my house unless needed. It’s a conspiracy to make us all stay home, never leave and go crazy. Oh wait I was doing that before, the going crazy part but I will blame the gas prices so I have a legitimate excuse LOL. But really this is insane!

  30. We are all gasping at the gas prices (but I think Robin from Israel has it rougher!!). At least hanging with each other via blogging doesn’t cost gas $$.

  31. Holy gas pump, Batman! That’s insane! It’s only ~$3.79 here.

  32. Thanks for the linky party dear 🙂
    I’ve added your link to my WW blog post today. Do come by and visit 🙂

  33. Holy WOW! Ours are still in the 3’s. Quickly approaching the 4$ mark though.

  34. Wowzer! We paid $3.68 last night.

  35. That’s awful. Ours was $3.86 yesterday and I thought that was bad.

  36. Holy smack! I just said the other day that it was going to be 4 dollars a gallon before we knew it. That’s insane.

  37. CRAZY! If I drive 1 mile West, it’s $3.89 – if I drive 2 miles East, it’s $3.59. I head East. 🙂

  38. YIKES!!!!

  39. Ugh. That hurts right in the gut (and in the wallet).

  40. It is high here, but that is INSANE!!!!!

  41. We are at $3.70 here. Makes me want to just ride my bike/walk/or just stay home.

  42. Gah! Is that a 4?!! I am so thankful that my husband does his commute (13 miles one way) on a bike all the time in the summer and that I’m home on leave for now. Wow.

  43. It’s outrageous!!!

  44. In less than two weeks it’s gone from $3.69 to $3.89 to yesterday I saw $3.97. *sigh* Looks like it is time to start drive sharing again. Which is such a pain for me, because I have to drop my daughter off at daycare. But, one has got to do what one has got to do in order to save money.

  45. Yes, gas prices have me pretty wordless too but not because I wanna be, mostly because I can’t say the words that I think about it…..lol

  46. woah! i thought my $3.79 was bad. ouch!

  47. Whoa Nelly! I would have to start walking or biking. That’s insane

  48. This made me appreciate our prices – they are not quite that high yet.

  49. Ugh, when will it stop?! Makes it almost impossible to go anywhere 🙁

  50. WOW! And I thought gas prices were high where I live.

  51. It’s horrendous here in UK too

    Happy WW!

  52. Just went up to $3.89 here in Wisconsin *sigh*

  53. Come and see me! Gas prices are only 3.45! Wait. Then you’d have to drive…

  54. Here in Portland, OR it is @ $3.66 and can go all the way up to $3.99 depending on where you go

  55. Oh, wow. We are at 3.80 and I think that is bad enough!

  56. Gasp!!! is right. We are paying around 3.79 for gas (more in more expensive areas…)

    PS–I can’t believe I forgot to come by this morning and link up! Der!

  57. Ouch! The highest I’ve seen here is $4.02 by the interstate. I haven’t paid over $4 yet because we try to find the cheapest station & fill up! But I know it’s coming. sigh…..

  58. That’s about what it is here too!

  59. Holy Crap!! Ours isn’t up to $4.00, yet. It is insane!!

  60. I know! And it’s affecting the price of food as well. It’s astronomical.

  61. Yikes! We are at $3.78. About to dust off the bike helmet and call it a day!

  62. That does make me gasp. I paid $3.49 today for Unleaded. I almost had a heart attack. I can’t imagine paying so much more.

  63. Wow, I am not going to complain about our prices again, $3.99

  64. I need to move there! Over here it’s US$8 per gallon!! I get a heart attack every time I gas up.

  65. Great participating post. Just insane all over. Here in So. Cali, it’s $4.16 for regular… what a bummer!

  66. Yowza! That is just crazy! Makes me want to stay home.

  67. it’s bad everywhere. in new zealand dollars, we’re paying $8.20 – that’s a $6.15 equivalent to your $4.21 🙁

  68. I agree. We’re right around the same. So expensive!

  69. joanne major says

    3.87 here in Minnesota

  70. okay – I don’t feel so back – ours is 4.19! crap!

  71. 3.69 here in Delaware just two days. Who knows how much it is today. LOL.

  72. Oh, it makes me sick looking at this picture.

  73. I probably shouldn’t tell you, because I thing Arizona is among the lowest in the country. But I just paid $68 for 3/4 tank…