Wordful Wednesday – Favorite Finds From My iPhone

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I don’t know about you, but I just can’t keep track of time.  It just keeps slipping through my fingers like grains of sand and no sooner have I “cleared” my phone than it’s full again and weeks have passed when it only seems like days.  Here’s a few favorite photos that keep getting left-over on my phone.  I just can’t make myself delete them.


This was one of the very first pictures I took and edited on my phone.  I love that it shows so much of my house and the cute smile on #2’s face.

I’m not sure exactly what I love about this picture, I just love it.  I do wish I knew which child this was though.  Sigh.

#5 might kill me for this later, but I love that I caught this sad, sad expression.

This one makes me smile every time I see it.

This one too.

I have a little confession to make.  Every single time I go to Home Depot or Lowe’s I go by the fixture section just so I can see look at the Pfister boxes and see my boys on the boxes.  I get a thrill every time.  I especially love that you can see John’s smile reflected in the mirror.  Plus, almost every time I look they are on a different box.  Now that they don’t work anymore it’s fun to see evidence of the time that they did.

Bisco jumps up on #3’s bed and TRIES to wake him up every morning.  It’s really cute because he’s the only one he does this to.

#5 was such a trooper when he had his teeth extracted.  Seeing his smile in this picture always reminds me that I’m super blessed to have a child with such a sunny disposition.

Do you have images that you just can’t bring yourself to delete even though you have them saved other places?

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  1. Those photos are so cute! And I don’t blame you for looking at the Pfister boxes! I would too!

  2. I love these photos, Angie! Such great captures. And they make me smile too. 🙂 I’ve got a few keepers on my iPhone too. They’re all pics of the kids. Plus one of the UPS guy delivering my new camera. That’s disturbing, isn’t it? lol

    Your FB comment cracked me up, btw. 😛

  3. those are some great photos of your kids just with ordinary life 🙂 I do think your child with the sad face might not like that pic but hey its a memory.

  4. I even have pictures on my old phone that my husband is now using that I refuse to delete. So, yes, I am totally like that too!

  5. Wow! That is so cool about the boys pictures!! Your kids are adorable!!

  6. Love all of those photos from your iPhone. They are reminders of what a great life you have.

  7. Wonderful photos, a real slice of life.

  8. I’d have a hard time deleting those pictures, too. I’ll have to check my two Pfister boxes and see if your boys are on them – if they are, I’ll take a picture. 😉

    Apparently my pack-rat ways extend to my phone. Not only that, but I have pictures transferred from my phone and camera in duplicated locations because I’m paranoid about losing any of them after losing pictures of Princess Nagger’s first couple of years when my old computer crashed. 🙂

    Signs of Spring At Last

  9. Cool shots!! I do have ones I can not bring myself to delete. 🙂

  10. I know! We get so scared that we are going to lose that time somehow. So, we become extra protective of those certain shots. It’s like they hold the essence of our life:-)

  11. I haven’t deleted any pictures off my phone yet. Still waiting to upgrade my computer so that I can get iCloud. Your family is so beautiful but I will say that you made me laugh because you don’t know which boy that is. They are so alike! Thanks for mentioning my blog mama – you’re the best!

  12. I never delete the pictures!! I save them all in a folder on my computer when my phone starts to fill up (Yea, it’s happened).

    I do love your pictures though and the ones that make you smile also make me smile. It’s the little things in life that make it fun and enjoyable.

  13. Oh, this made me smile beginning to end (even the sad face).

  14. Aren’t iPhone cameras amazing? I’ve captured so many more memories than I otherwise would have (especially video) and even though I clear mine too, there are some I leave on my phone forever too! I love the smile at the dentist-that one is so cute!!


  15. All great shots! I don’t know what I’d do without my iPhone!

  16. What?! We are supposed to delete images off our phones? I had no idea. 😉

  17. LOVE those pics…that “sad” one is priceless!!! Well, I guess they all are, aren’t they?

    I also have a lot of pics in my phone that are also either on Facebook or in my harddrive or both!

  18. You can’t which twin that is? Seriously? I thought you mother’s of twins had it down pat! I still can’t tell Seth and Tate apart. Really, our family just calls them both ‘twin’ — I hope it doesn’t give them grief. I really have tried, but they just look, well, identical to me! LOL. Sometimes they purposely try to screw w/ me too– that doesn’t help. LOL.

  19. OK the pfister thing is adorable. But seriously that sad face is to die for!

  20. I really want an iPhone 🙂
    I would head on over to the boxes every time too… They are too cute not to:)

  21. those photos are precious! I can’t bring myself to delete any, which is why I have 800-gazillion, billion images on my phone.

    Girl, if my kids were on boxes, I would totally do the same. Go on and be a proud mama!