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I’ve been having so much fun with Family History Research lately.  I recently took a class at church learning how to more effectively search for ancestors and one of the ways I chose to look for ancestors was to explore connections via DNA.  About a year ago I signed up with 23andme.  I was interested in learning more about my lineage, I wanted to get updates on my DNA as science advances, and I also wanted to get reports on 240+ health conditions and traits.  That was important to me.  Since that time time, I’ve made contact with a few distant cousins, a 3rd cousin with a relationship that we’ve been able to trace, and……a 3rd cousin with a relationship that is a bit trickier to trace.

See, it appears that we are related through his adopted grandmother.  And she knows nothing about her biological family.  My family knows nothing about children adopted out of the family.  In my search to help find our “connection” through DNA, I’ve found some pretty amazing things.  Like there are two probable paths that we are related, and this is found using a mathematical equation using our xDNA path.  It’s amazing.  I found this out by uploading my DNA profile to Gedmatch and then asking the kind administrators for help.  Next, I emailed a cousin who I knew was heavily into genealogy work and she pretty much rocked my world.  She sent me a document that literally brought tears to my eyes.  MY genealogy going back THIRTEEN generations with end notes and an index.  It has pictures, personal histories, eulogies.  It’s priceless.

It’s amazing how many people out there are willing to help connect families and help unravel mysteries.

photo-1329 copy

And in the midst of this, I stopped by my sisters house and saw these pictures of my mom hanging on her bulletin board.  I had never seen them before.  And I love them.  It seemed like another little hint to me that families are important and that sharing pictures and stories and connections are important.

The fire is lit.  I’m going to try to do what I can to make my little mark in my family to share what I can…..because learning about families and their histories should be, and can be fun.


Disclosure:  This post contains an affiliate link to 23andme.  If you purchase a kit from 23andme, I’ll receive a credit.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.
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This week we decided to feature all of the awesome kids Halloween costumes we saw linked up!  We saw an awesome outhouse costume, a really cool Planes costumes, an spooky zombie pirate, and a scarecrow costume too!  Make sure to check in with my co-host Dude Mom, too!

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  1. Oh how cool is that? I’ll have to check into those places, since I’m definitely interested in doing research on my lineage – a couple of our family members have been working on family trees – I love finding out about ancestors! And I love the pics of your mom – you look a lot like her! 🙂

  2. You’re right, learning about family history is exciting. I don ‘t know much about how to start but I think it’d be neat to someday trace my lineage. Good luck on your continued research!

  3. I love looking at family history, tracing lineage, and genealogy. I think I need to look in to this more.

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  4. thanks so much for showing my little one 🙂 he is so funny…

    as for family history, it is like a dead end when i try and do anything with marcs side… ( i want to for broxton) but my side? my mom started doing research, but that was about it… she hasn’t shared anything with me.
    ha ha .. guess i need to do it on my own 🙂

    have a great week !!!

  5. kristin johnson says

    That’s awesome. It is cool. Did Sue send you the Wms side or your moms? I have a copy of all of Grandma’s stuff, pictures too, but it might be the same thing she sent you. That photo of your mom is like the perfect meld of you and Rachelle!