Wordful Wednesday – Early Spring?

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I’ve been anxiously awaiting our early Spring.  I realize that it’s been a WHOLE lot colder a whole lot of other places, but I’ve been SO cold this winter.

It even got about as close to snowing as it gets in this parts last week:


Then, right when I thought I couldn’t take another cold-ish day, my twins came home with these {cutest school project ever}, and it just seemed a little bit warmer, and a whole lot more like Spring was right around the corner.


Is it starting to feel like Spring where you live? 

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Now, enjoy the features from last week!

blog feature ww feb 20

  • The Real JZ made me want to visit the Emerald City.  Her pictures are that amazing.
  • Exercise looks so much for fun on an indoor track like the one Life Darling Walked!
  • This looks like the perfect day at the Emily Files.
  • These Winter Wonderland Photos from Honey Mommy almost make me want to live where it snows.  Almost.
  • Imagine having Chronicles of a Mommy design your nursery!

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  1. LOL. I thought that was really them in costume! I had to look closely to see they were little bugs on pipe cleaner! Cuuuute.

  2. Not even close to spring here yet. But we are certainly looking forward to that day. Expecting lots of snow this week though ugh! it is to be expected it is Utah after all haha! Those are the cutest bumblebees ever!

  3. Oh goodness..those twin bees are sooo stinking adorable!

    And it goes from spring to Arctic weather in the same day here.

  4. They sure make CUTE little bees, don’t they? 🙂 I hope you get your early spring, and I hope that we finally get a good snow before winter finally departs. I know, I’m crazy, but we seem to be in a bubble this year with no snow, so we’re still holding out one last hope. 😉

    The 5-Dollar 100 Year Old Dragon

  5. These school projects are adorable. We’ve been fairly lucky with snow thus far but we’re supposed to get hit with a big snowstorm on Thursday. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen.

  6. I LOVE the little bees! I call my 10 year old my “little bee” and she would love a headband like that (and she’d wear it proudly)! We got just a little more snow than that this past weekend, and I was really hoping for a good long snowstorm, too!

  7. LOL, I guess I’m not quick enough tonight, because I thought the boys were ACTUALLY wearing bee costumes (before I scrolled down the picture a little more!)! HAHAHA! I thought to myself, “Gee, they must go to a really fancy school if the teacher made all the students costumes in one day!” LMBO. I think I need more sleep in my life…

  8. Those are the cutest bees I’ve ever seen. The ones in my backyard just try to sting me 🙂

  9. Aww, what cuties! Yes, we are anxiously awaiting spring, too.

  10. Oh, those bees! How cute and spring-desire inducing. While I agree, it hasn’t been AS cold here as many places of course, it has been bitter and just a biting, constant, well, winter :o)

    I don’t complain no matter how hot it gets during summer so I feel free to gripe and moan about discomfort from the cold aaaaaaaaaaaaaall winter.

  11. Well, whoaaaaaaa slow down! I’m allergic to bee stings! Do these bees sting? ~snicker-snicker~ Too cute! Thanks for sharing.

  12. I wish that spring was coming! It’s been cold, wet, and snowy here since before the holidays and I am ready for a bit of warmer weather, sunshine and pretty green trees!

  13. I can’t get past the bees! Those are the cutest!!!!! lol – I’m flipping cold but then again in Texas anything below 70 is cold. rofl….

  14. We’ve been cold, too. I even got stuck in a little bit of snow and sleet yesterday during my morning walk. Oh, and those bee costumes are adorable!!

  15. those bee’s are ADORABLE 🙂

    our weather? totally nuts.. warm, cold, warm, freezing..
    you can never tell from day to day what to expect…

  16. Oh man… I just WISH it felt like almost springtime!!! Our upcoming forecast isn’t looking springlike for quite some time. But the bee projects that your boys made– absolutely adorable!!

  17. We just got pounded with snow. I swear that there was nothing on the ground when I went in to help wipe my son’s “mud butt” and when I came out, we had 2 inches of snow. Boo.

  18. I’m ready for spring too! It feels like we never even got a winter, but I’m fine with that! I love those bumble bee crafts! So adorable!

  19. I found your blog via Scary Mommy comments. It is so versatile, and I feel like I can learn a lot from your posts. Looking forward to following!