Wordful Wednesday-Dog Edition

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Yes.  It’s true. I’ve become that blogger.

THE ONE who writes about her pets.


It actually pains me to admit this,


I’m glad we got a dog.

Not just any dog though, this dog.


I’ve publicly admitted it.

Bisco is a CHARMER.  Plain and simple.

Remember how much I didn’t want a dog?  Here’s a refresher just in case!

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  1. It’s kinda weird that you have THAT dog with THAT name. My grandma had the same dog (same color even) when I was growing up and his name was Disco! We are soul mates. That is all.

  2. She IS cute. And so super shiny. Still, I can barely keep up with the mess makers I HAVE. I think I’m okay being dogless. For now, anyway.

  3. it is funny how pets have a way of sneaking into your heart. think of them as furry-kids 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness Angie! Your dog is so cute. I flipping LOVE that name. Seriously! LOVE it!

  5. Sadly, I think I write about Studley the dog more than my own kids……

  6. What a great shot. Great looking dog

  7. Aw, he is cute! Glad he has made his way into your heart.

  8. Cutest dog ever! So shiny.

  9. Oh total charmer 🙂

  10. Wow – what a charmer (and I’m not even a dog person!). How adorable!

  11. OMGoodness! What a sweet face! I can see how you’d easily be charmed 🙂

  12. Bisco is adorable!! I love how rich and shiny her black fur is. Wouldn’t mind having a dog if it’s one like Bisco. 🙂

  13. your pup is sweet! we just became aware of a dog that needs a home and I’m on my knees begging to get him!

  14. Awww – what a CUTE dog!! I have a love/hate relationship with the pets we’ve had. I LOVE it that my kids have a pet and are never afraid of dogs and have learned to be gentle and have good manners with pets – but I’m not crazy about another demand on my attention & budget.
    He looks like a poodle – is he? The great thing about poodles is that they don’t shed – that was my one condition when we got our current dog 🙂

  15. He sure is a cutie!! I have to throw my pup in there every once in a while too…no worries. ;0)

  16. one kind of dog is that?
    it is just the cutest thing ever!

  17. Oh, she is really cute! I posted a pic of my dog last week.

  18. Sometimes I think I want a dog but we’re not ready yet. But your dog? PRECIOUS! And so glad you changed your mind… 🙂

  19. I love it! This is my first week making my rounds linking up. Thanks for hosting!!!

  20. Cute, cute little guy!!

  21. Oh, my gosh, precious!

  22. O-M-G!!! Bisco is so stinkin’ adorable!!!!! Awwww I want to snuggle and smooch that adorable little pupper!!!!

    And? I have a ton of pleated mini skirts that made my legs look really hot and long when I was younger…..now if I could only fit into them again! *sigh*

  23. Aww, adorable pup, with a super cool name! 🙂 Love it!

  24. AWWWW…. what a sweetie. And no, I’m not getting a dog. lol.

  25. What a cutie patootie!!!! awww, just so sweet. We have three dogs… two with 3 legs. We are good on dogs. 🙂

  26. I love this blog. I have learned so much. I love the wordful wednesday. So awesome. Newest follower.


  27. Bisco…EXCELLENT dog name! He is so cute!

  28. Aww, what a cute dog!! And I had to laugh when I was reading this, because we’re getting a puppy on Thursday and I have the feeling my blog will be full of dog pictures as well for a while. And I totally did not want a dog either. 😉

  29. What a cutie, I can see how he’d win you over :).

    Something in your closet that’s too big? Nope, not having that problem. Not at all. Sigh…

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  30. I prefer cats myself. But he is cute! How big is he?

  31. Bisco is adorable! Just look at that cute face.

  32. That dog is absolutely adorable. My kids are jonesin’ for a pup but we can’t have any where I live.

  33. How could you rezzzzzsist zeee fazzzzce of zeeee Bisszzcooo??

    He is so fluffy, and cute!!!

  34. He is SO super adorable! I can see why you are smitten. 🙂

  35. Oh I so hear you lady! I love our new-ish puppy, too and I never (ever!) thought that I would! Bisco is adorable! XO

  36. What a sweet little dog. I’m not a pet person and so far we have avoided getting one but I’m sure the kids will start asking soon.

  37. He is too cute! I am one of those people too. I blog about my wiener dogs all the time!

  38. Bisco is ADORABLE! See? One of your kids resigned from being blog material, and Bisco is stepping up to the plate! 😉

  39. He’s soooooooo cute! He needed a WW all to himself!

  40. Very cute pooch and coming from a professional groomer, Bisco has a very nice looking coat 🙂

  41. Thanks for hosting! And it’s hard to resist such an adorable face 🙂

  42. He’s pretty cute, looks like our old dog Boots.

    At least that skirt isn’t too small… get it altered? Brooke’s pretty handy w/ a sewing machine.

  43. Great photo! I just wanted to tell you that your photo is excellent. Do you know how hard it is to photograph black dogs? HARD!

  44. So glad for you, you’ll have so much fun!

  45. So sweet!

  46. He’s so adorable and SHINY. So sweet!

  47. Your dog is so stinking cute!

  48. So cute! Girrrrl, you are singing my song! Dog have a way of doing that, don’t they? I swore I would never have any pets after having cats for years. Never a dog! God no! Dogs require work. Then, we rescued a Pomeranian and my girls couldn’t live another day without a dog. So we found one of our own and I blogged about it on Monday.


  49. Cute!

  50. Animals have that way of taking over with their adorableness. I actually kind of like bloggers who talk about their pets. I know just how you feel.

  51. Oh my goodness…if I had a dog that cute, I’d blog about him too!!!

  52. He is even cuter in person 🙂 My girls want a lil’ dog so badly. They even tried to talk us into selling our big dogs LOL

  53. Adorable puppy!!!!!

  54. He’s so cute, but I’m sort of pretending like I didn’t read this b/c I REALLY don’t want to give into my boys’ and husband’s pleas for a dog.

  55. He is adorable! I never wanted a dog either. I finally broke down a few years ago as long as it was a small to medium sized dog. We ended up with an 80 lb mutt. I couldn’t be happier. He is my 80 lb lap dog!

  56. well, how could you not? bisco is ADORABLE!!!

  57. 55 comments about this sweet photo… what does that tell you?! We’re all madly in love with your puppy and think Bisco is so adorable!!

  58. That’s one of the cutest dogs I’ve ever seen!

  59. Awwww Bisco is ADORABLE! I just wanna squeeze him! Is he Poodle? We have two poodles too. Congrats to your family AND to Bisco!


  60. Well, seeing as we decided to not get a dog, I’ll just live vicariously through yours! So cute.

  61. Cute!

  62. Cute Dog. Is that a toy poodle? We use to have a toy poodle named Sophie that looked exactly like your dog but my father in law has her now after we moved and couldn’t have her with us. We still see her all of the time.

  63. I LOVE Bisco!! Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

    Her Cup Runs Over

  64. Oh he’s such a cutie!!!

  65. Dogs have a way of changing your anti-dog notions. A cold nose and velvety ears can melt your heart. Bisco is a cutie. Congrats on the new pooch. You’ve a new loyal friend who’ll keep your feet warm and clean up all your crumbs. 🙂