Wordful Wednesday-Breakages Abound. Still.

Right when I breathe a sigh of relief and pat myself on the back for surviving and overcoming almost 6 years of destruction from the twins, they go and break something.  Seriously, my other kids did not break and destroy my house like #4 and #5 have done.  I’ve never been able to figure out how they can wreak so much havoc in the short periods of time that they do, but I guess knowing their secret isn’t as important as stopping the behavior.

And, to their credit, they’ve been so much better the past year or more.  Jeff and I have even gleefully discussed on more than one occasion  how different life is now that something in our house isn’t broken on a daily basis.

But then a day like yesterday happens and I just want to scream.  Why must they make decisions that they know are not smart?  And, you should know that by *they* I really mean #4 for the most part.

The first breakage occurred after school.  # 4 (with the added motivation from his brothers) decided to use my favorite water bottle to try to get a tangerine from the tree, because we all know that if you throw an object that you can’t reach with another object it’ll miraculously ripen and fall into your hand.  Of course the possibility of breaking the water bottle or the fact that the fruit is not ripe never entered #4’s mind, and if it did, he chose to ignore it.

Incident #2 happened in the evening.  #4 was just standing there holding my plant when the whole top of the plant broke off.  Crazy how that happens, isn’t it?

Why #4 ripped these under ware on the eve of already getting into trouble twice for breaking things I’ll never know.  I understand that he doesn’t like them and needed to find a way to get out of ever having to wear Thomas the Train under ware again, but why he chose last night of all nights to destroy them I’ll never understand.  Although, maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt.  He did just happen to open his drawer and find a clean pair of under ware ripped to ruin!

Please tell me I’m not the only one with a child (or 2) that breaks things?  It’ll make me feel better knowing this, I swear!  🙂

Wordful Wednesday is like Wordless Wednesday, only WITH words. It’s for those of us that can’t contain the chatter, but in a good way.

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  1. Ooof! It DOES come in “waves”…that’s for sure! Have a wonderful, break-free week, Angie!

  2. Not there yet. But it’s coming. This boy is gonna make up for every ounce of quiet the girls ever gave us.

  3. Oh, we don’t break things as much as tear them! But, I did have a bottle of wine roll out of the car (not mine, btw), and shatter all over the garage floor.

    I’m the “breaker” in the house!

  4. I can’t say that I had one who set out to be destructive, but yet he was destructive. He just seemed to like to dismantle things!

  5. Believe it or not my girl has been the most destructive so far! She loves to tear and rip and pull things apart. And throw things too. What’s up with that?

    Sorry about your water bottle and the plant. Maybe he got it out of his system for a while… 😉

  6. Mine hasn’t started this yet, but I can see it in my future. With two boys, nothing in our house will be safe.

  7. I wish I could commiserate with you on this one but my daughter doesn’t really break things. She does however have an uncanny nack for making an incredible mess at the absolute worst moment. She literally stepped down into her poopy diaper while I was trying to hurry and get her diaper changed to make it to the doctors office on time. These little messy and destructive beings will be the end of us someday, won’t they?

  8. Oh no!
    I hope this next week leading up to Thanksgiving is a break free week!

  9. This too shall pass?
    They’ll outgrow this phase?
    They’re boys?
    They’re teaching you patience?
    It’s just broken things?
    Life was getting too easy for you?

    Soon they’ll be wrecking your cars…
    Water bottles, plants, underwear, it doesn’t seem so bad now- right?

  10. Does laughing at this make me a horrible person? My son destroyed my mother’s rattan dining room chairs, if that makes you feel any better. Yup, all 6 of them! He also scraped her brand new car with his bike. He even pushed a little girl down and she had to go to the emergency room for stitches. Feel better yet? Hope tomorrow will be a break-free day, Angie!

  11. I sure don’t like that my kids are older now because it means they’ve grown up way too fast. However, I don’t miss the “breaking things” stage. If it means anything, they’ll grow out of it. But don’t hold me to it. haha

  12. I so feel for you! My boys are the same way, one gets the other to break something and then they blame each other and a fight ensues and then…..ugh you know how it goes! =)

    Can I just say, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off at that plant, I had one that did the same thing, literally, I touched the leaf and the whole top came off, I was thinking what kind of cheap plant is this?

  13. Ugh. Just yesterday my second grader and her friend were playing in her room when they “accidentally sat on” her balloon head guy (no idea what it’s called in English – that thingie made from a balloon where you can squish it to change the “face’s” features). Flour EVERYWHERE! Did you know they were stuffed with flour or talc or something equally horrible? I do now. Sigh…

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  14. Oh goodness! LOL Whether clumsy, or just a mini hurricane – there’s always one…

  15. oh mama….another mama of five promises you that you are not alone! But I must warn you…just when they are grown or nearly grown…or old enough to know better you will find the next generation under the Big Top and again you realize that this is why you can’t have nice things…but how much more blessed you are.
    your pictures are eerily too familiar to me.

  16. You are definitely not alone. My twins are destructo bots. The youngest is the ringleader. On a daily basis something is broken and they’re only 2! And then they blame each other.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  17. The broken plant is my fave. They never cease to amaze, do they?

  18. my 2 year old is the same way. we call her destructo. she just breaks things all the time and I have tried removing nice things from her reach, but she always finds a way. Maybe we can start a support group.

  19. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of dealing with a toddler/young child of my own (my first is still in the womb), however, kids will be kids, right?! haha.
    Sorry about your water bottle and plant! The underwear, however, I’m sure were too old and “childish” for him. haha. 😉

  20. You are definitely not alone – Little Dude is in destructo mode every day. It’s enough to drive one batty! 🙂

  21. Nope. You are not alone. My oldest had destroyed so much. Ever since he was a toddler. Now he’s nine and getting less destructive with time and maturity, but it has been a long road.

    Hang in there!

  22. Happy Wednesday!!!!

  23. You are certainly not alone. My kids break things daily. It kinda sucks.

  24. My boy doesn’t set out to be destructive, but he is. It’s more ripping and tearing than breaking things. Too often he comes home from school with holes in his clothes that were not there in the morning.

  25. Ok….definitely sounds like you have a major handful w him! Maybe he’s just trying to drive you crazy so he can do what he wants 😉

  26. LOL!! Yes we do…we call him #2 or “bull in a china shop”. Anything that can be spilled…will, things get broken, holes and dents get placed into my otherwise un-holy walls. It definitely wears a mama down!

  27. My 5 year old isn’t too much of a breaker, those there are the random things. Yesterday however he came home with 3 holes in his sweatpants. When I asked him what happened, he told me he cut them. Seriously, why would he get the urge to cut his pants?! Oh well, if he was in a cutting mood, better the pants than someone’s hair!

  28. I completely understand. Although I don’t have twins. I have a 6 year old son and a husband. Nothing is sacred in our house.

  29. The underware is especially hilarious! Not for you, I know! Sorry about all the breakage!

  30. that is so sad..hope everything i fixed now…my blog is finally joining here!

  31. i mean “is fixed” sorry..happy wednesday!

  32. this blog is joining here..i have some friends whose kids are also like that….i believed they will change while they grow older…have a lovely day!

  33. I feel this way all the time…although I don’t think we’ve had a day THAT bad with breakages…only spillages!

  34. When #2 was smaller, we used to call her The Destroyer. She’s now 4 and seems to have used up all her destructive powers. She’s the one who’s really careful with things now. 🙂

  35. My second son is the one that is always getting into trouble. I swear there are days when that boy is lucky to make it to bed at night! It’s funny that he tries my patience so much, but can also be such a sweetheart.

  36. #2 for sure…….if he came first, there would have been no sweet, thoughtful #1. Today he decided to mutilate 2 things of Ramen Noodles, on my nice freshly mopped kitchen, while I was vacuuming the house. Oh and did I mention he thought my Fekkai Glossing Cream was tasty.

  37. I am laughing out loud as this is a daily occurrence at my place. I have given up on the nice things in the near term.

  38. Stop the presses! I’m not the only one living with Destructo?!?! I am literally breathing easier! LOL! My son, no joke, within SECONDS of getting a brand new toy in his hands, managed to kill the thing beyond repair. Slamming doors/drawers, throwing anything he can get his hands on across the room/at the ceiling/at the wall/at me (!!!), this is my life. I ask him constantly, “why did you do that???” his answer? “Huh?”


    I’m so tired. *sigh*