Wordful Wednesday-Bounty shoot

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First order of business…..I want to thank all of you for playing along each week. I really do enjoy your Wordful’s and look forward to many more visits. Last week we hit 125 participants! WOW!
Now, on to the photo. This was taken last week at a Bounty Commercial shoot that the twins did. It was their first commercial, and was so much fun for all of us. They got the royal treatment with their own trailer, a catered lunch and thier very own “teacher”. All standard for this sort of thing, but new to us.
Children at this age are unpredictable, so they (production) usually have a “back up” child(ren). In this case, the “back up” twins were twins that work a lot. A lot, a lot. If you watch the show they have been regulars on since they were babies, you’d definitely recognize them. Anyway, it was nice to pick their moms brain, and also cool that my twins got the principle role without a call-back.
Now, before you go looking for the commercial, you should know that it is offically a “non-airing” commercial, meaning it was produced for a test audience. I’m crossing my fingers that it has positive feedback.

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  1. Awww… look at your little “stars” in the making! So cute! Good luck, I hope the feedback is wonderful!

  2. Very cool. They are adorable. Hope the test audience loves them.

  3. wow, angie, i cannot believe they are shooting a commercial. that is so cool!

  4. Can I be “famous by association”? Please? πŸ˜€ I’m so glad for the boys – it looks like they had so much fun!

  5. they are too cute. *fingers crossed* I know the test audience will love them!

  6. Sarahlccβ™₯ says

    I’m sure the test audience will love them, after all, we do!

  7. That’s AMAZING! You’ll have to keep us posted.

  8. Kelly Deneen says

    They are so cute! It looks like they love each other so much. πŸ™‚

  9. Casey's trio says

    Awesome…I ber they steal the show!

  10. How cool……they are on their way to becoming stars. πŸ™‚

  11. I’m glad the commercial making was more fun than the audition day you had written about a while back. I have such twin envy, so I love looking at your twins. They are precious!

  12. Simply AnonyMom says

    What an adorable shot. At least you have this pic for memories (if the first of hopefully many more to come)

  13. Oh how fun!
    Of course it will have positive feedback! πŸ™‚
    Happy WW!

  14. Straight to Your Hart says

    Oh, I hope they pass the test audience!! Can I be the “Tester?” Cuties!

  15. Your kiddos are absolute cuties!! Very first commercial, that’s very exciting! How cool would it be to see them in action for the quicker picker uppers. Fun, fun!!

    BTW, I jacked up my link this week. What a goober I am! Oops!

  16. This is my first time to have a wordful Wednesday.

    Very nice picture. πŸ˜‰

  17. Tiaras and Tantrums says

    so fantastic!!!

  18. Awwww, they are TOO, TOO cute. What a fun opportunity for all of you.

  19. that is such an awesome opportunity and one great photo!

  20. DysFUNctional Mom says

    How cool is that?! What a neat experience for your kids.
    Thanks for hosting Wordful Wens. every week, I enjoy it. I’m not good at being WordLESS. lol

  21. Jill (Sneaky Momma) says

    Such cuties! I would definitely buy paper towels after watching them in a commercial!

  22. Hey congrats. Good luck man. I hope they do well.

  23. that’s so exciting! who are the other twins? their show isn’t likely even on tv here!!!

  24. Well I am completely and totally star struck by those boys, so it seems only natural that everyone else is too!!!

  25. Live.Love.Eat says

    Awesome! The picture is awesome – shows their star quality!

  26. Oh, your kids are just so stinkin’ adorable!!!!!

  27. I have often thought about going to open casting calls but I don’t take rejection well… even on behalf of my kids.

    That is so cool that you have this opportunity with them. It sounds like fun with the trailer and teacher n’stuff.

    God Bless!

  28. Wow!!How awesome is that!!

  29. Upstatemomof3 says

    Oh wow, Oh wow, Oh wow!!! A commercial – how cool is that. I hope it gets aired. I want to see it. Congrats!!!!!

  30. I have such a blast taking pictures that now I have something else I can do with them…post to Wordful Wednesdays!

    This week I told a story, but it was fun.


  31. How fun! That is a world I know so little about, I hope you do some posts about your experience.

  32. Young Momma says

    Super cute! I hope they get it!! πŸ™‚

  33. Hootin' Anni says

    A commercial!?!!! How awesome is that. Way cool.

    My W W is all about a good family movie. Come see if you can catch something I spotted in the movie that I haven’t before.

    Here’s the permalink to today’s W W Click Here

  34. That is so cool, Angie! I hope it leads to even more interesting things for the boys!

  35. Heather @ Not a DIY Life says

    What an awesome opportunity for your twins! Hope all goes well with the test audience and that this is just the beginning of their acting careers!

    Have a great day!

  36. The Blonde Duck says

    I moved! Come see me at http://www.aduckinherpond.com!

  37. CanCan (MomMostTraveled) says

    It is adorable pictures like this that makes me wish I had twins! Come on, uterous!

  38. Oh, how fun!! All your kids should be in television- they’re just too damn cute!!

  39. LaTonya Yvette says

    How Cool!..They are too cute…Good Luck!

  40. Life with Kaishon says

    Oh my gosh! That is so cool. I can’t wait to read more about you and your family. They are so cute. I hope the test audience LOVES them. How could they not?

  41. That is too cool, Angie! How can a test audience not love your little cuties?

  42. How fun for you. They are so darn cute they should definitely do commercials.

  43. Ronda's Rants says

    They look adorable…and all boy!
    I bet they did great!

  44. So fun!

  45. I love the pics of your boys – sounds like it was a great adventure!

  46. Indigo Children says

    i am sure the test audience will love them πŸ™‚

  47. They are the cutest!! πŸ™‚

  48. How fun!!! I will cross my fingures for you.

  49. They looked like they had a lot of fun! Glad it was a positive experience.

  50. I adore Twink Photos.

  51. how fun. sounds like a good time was had by all (no stress!)… they look adorable and i am sure they will win the test audience’s heart! they’ve got mine!

  52. β™₯ spoiled mommy β™₯ says

    So jealous!!
    They are just too adorable!

  53. well how fun is that!? what a cool experience!

  54. Stacy's Random Thoughts says

    How cool is that? The test audience is going to LOVE them! πŸ™‚

  55. Everyone has already said what I would say….

    I am just wondering how to sign up to be a test audience?

  56. My Trendy Tykes says

    Looks like a couple of heartbreakers!
    Good luck on the commercial!!!!


  57. How cool! They are SO cute!!

  58. Look at those precious boys!! And look at you, getting 125 links!

  59. They are just adorable! I’m sure the commercial will be a hit!

  60. Oh, how cute!!! I bet they did great!! Good luck with getting future “gigs” out of this.

  61. Eudea-Mamia says

    What an incredible experience!!

    Their own trailer – I love it. Did you guys request all yellow M&Ms?

    I'm sure the feedback will be great. With sweet faces like that, how can it not!


  62. the RaMbLeR says

    OMG!! How cool is that? I bet they were excited! Darn, so sad we don’t get to view it. Will they give you a disc of the final take? If they do you have to post it!!

  63. They are so stinkin’ cute! Keeping my fingers crossed for you on the test audience!!


  64. They are adorable! I’m betting the test audience loves the commercial.

  65. AWEESOME GOOD LUCK what a fun experience. My husband was in a movie when he was 5. It was the only thing he did but he always jokes about getting over being a “child actor”.
    Keep us posted!

  66. How exciting for you guys!!! I wish you all the luck with it and hope they get more work!

  67. good luck with that!! your boys are adorable!!

  68. They are just precious! Hope you get positive feedback.

  69. β€’Β΄.ΒΈΒΈ.‒¨¯`β™₯.Erin.β™₯´¯¨‒.ΒΈΒΈ.Β΄β€’ says

    How neat! Hope you get wonderful feedback,that’s quite exciting πŸ™‚ They look so cute in that pic!!

  70. Honey Mommy says

    Congrats on the commercial! That is awesome.

    I hope it goes well.

  71. Wait, you’re going public with this now? ‘Cause I’ve been wanting to tell the world, MY FRIEND ANGIE’S TWINS DID A BOUNTY COMMERCIAL, BEATING OUT SO-CALLED PROS!!!!!!!

    OK, now I can do this. Awesome.

  72. Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) says

    What a fun day. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  73. wait, is the from the audition that didn’t go so well?

  74. Threeundertwo says

    This seems so right. You absolutely have the cutest little guys on the planet. Time others knew.

    Of course, in the boy/girl category, my twins would win.


  75. how COOL!

  76. Yea! So very exciting and they look adorable and bigger. Now that is what I can a College Fund!

  77. They are so cute! How exciting about being in a commercial!

  78. How cool!

  79. Bonnie the Boss says

    When do you find out?

  80. They look great! I hope the audience likes them:-)

  81. Your little monkeys must have had a blast! Break a leg!

  82. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    Good luck, I am sending you all my positive energy to get it on the aire.

  83. They are too cute! I am sure the test audience will love the commercial. I have my fingers crossed as well for positive feedback!

    ps. I became your 200th follower!

  84. So very cool!! I will keep my fingers crossed for it to test well!!

  85. mommaof4wife2r says

    the twins are sooo cute…and i get to say, “i knew them when”…or at least here in blogland!

  86. Brenda Jean says

    That sounds like so much fun:) I love the twins. Their hair doesn’t look as red in that photo though– they always have that “Dennis the Menace” look!

  87. MoziEsmΓ© says

    I so want to see that commercial!

  88. How awesome….and man – those guys do commercials the fancy way down there in Hollywood-ville! their own trailers and all. Pretty cool! I had to change my kids in the back of my mini-van here LOL!!

  89. Sheesh, they are cute!

  90. Hootin' Anni says

    Thanks Angie, for the sweet birthday wishes!!

  91. Congrats, Angie! Your guys are adorable! πŸ˜€

  92. OK. Got my Wordful Wednesday up!

  93. Jennifer P. says

    ooooh—famous twins! Love the picture :). Hope the commercial airs too. What a fun thing for them to look back on and tell all their friends about as they grow older (have I told you that HCMM use to be on Mama’s Family? Did a few commercials too. You California people and your stardom :)!)

  94. It’s official. I want twins. Or can I just have yours?? So cute! Do you ever just sit and stare at them or are you over the whole twin thing!?! I love them.

  95. Are You Serious! says

    β™₯ They're so cute! It sounds like this audition when much better than the one before! πŸ™‚

  96. How fun! Great pic of your two little shooting stars πŸ™‚

  97. Jenni Jiggety says

    That is SO cool, Angie! I can’t imagine their commercial won’t test well…everyone is a sucker for adorable little red-heads!

  98. Clark Captions says

    Look at those cute little boys!!

  99. Oh, fingers crossed here, too!

  100. Aw, I wanted to see them. I got all excited…can I be in the test audience???

  101. I bet it was so much fun!

  102. your pictures are always SO DARN CUTE!!!

  103. Cute! How fun for you guys! πŸ˜‰

  104. Aha, so that was the secret thing keeping you busy last week. Congratulations! They look adorable posing before their trailer. What a great experience!

  105. Krazy Armstrong K's! says

    thats awesome for the boys! I tried to get dd into that along time ago! how fun!

    I did my post, late like always but its posted! lol

  106. Wowza look at all your WW friends! Okay that is so cool. What a fun experience for you and your boys. They are adorable.

  107. WOW!!!

  108. I’m sure everyone will love them! How could they not?
    So was this a result of the horrible audition you had? Or did you go to another one?

  109. Jonny's Mommy says

    Your boys are so cute! I hope things work out on that front…if you want them to ! πŸ™‚

  110. Your little ones in a commercial! How cool! Even if it is for a test audience. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  111. That is a very cute pic! ^_^

  112. Julie@Cool Mom Guide says

    Great shot, movie stars in the making!