Wordful Wednesday-{Blast from the past series I}

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I thought it was only fitting that I introduce the series of pictures whereby I hobnobbed with celebrities as a teen in a series.  A series that I’ll call {Blast from the past.  A series.}  Clever, right?  (Totally being facetious in case you were unsure.)

Deciding which photo to showcase first took some thought, but in the end, I decided to go with the most awkward one.

This one was taken when I spied Chad Allen (I watched him on Our House faithfully) and asked him to take a picture with me.  He was my age and a MAJOR big deal to teenage girls at the time.   I think he was considered a teen heart throb.  Or maybe not.  Either way, I was thrilled to meet him.  He, on the other hand, was not thrilled to meet me.  I could just tell.

Does this picture not say it all?

My BFF from 5th grade made this comment,

This picture cracks me up. The body language is hilarious. You are like full on leaning towards him, pulling him closer. He looks so uncomfortable in this pic like, “Ew, girls. Is now a good time to announce I like boys?”


1.  Made me laugh.  A big belly laugh.


2.  Couldn’t be more true.  And now, 20  years later, my ego feels better.

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  1. Was totally thinking the same thing. Like could he be less into the shot or what?! Seriously, did that guy not have a publicist following him around putting words in his mouth and posing him to look sexy and straight?! Clearly, not!

  2. “LOL’ing” at the picture and your friend’s comment. 🙂

  3. Your friend is SO right. HA HA! Can’t wait to see more of your celebrity encounters. 🙂

  4. Too funny after reading your friend’s comment! ha!

  5. I didn’t know his name, but I always thought he was so cute!

  6. He so couldn’t get away fast enough, could he?

    Can’t wait to see more in this series.

  7. I don’t know, I think that maybe he could totally be digging you but just secretly.

    You know, so all the other girls don’t mob you from jealousy.

    Yeah, I would go with that. 🙂

  8. Love the flashback! He definitely looks uncomfortable….LOL.

  9. Such a lucky girl. And I think he’s just trying to look cool btw. Happy WW!

  10. Love it! That’s so funny!

  11. O-M-G! LOL!!!
    Did he punch you or make fun of you? Because that is how boys really tell you they secretly like you!
    I can’t wait to see more blast from the past series!!

  12. I can totally feel what your friend is saying ! LOL… if he could of turned invisible, I’m sure he would have, LOL!

  13. He looks so uncomfortable it is hilarious!

  14. Haha! I love that he’s waiting for the ground to open up and swallow him while some chick with girl cooties rubs all on him. Oh wait. That was you? Oh. 😉

  15. hahaha! That’s great! I love that you still had the photo. 🙂

  16. For being a teen heart throb, you are much more photogenic than he. But still cool to meet a celebrity. I’ve never met one and certainly could not gather enough courage to ask for a photo.

  17. Wow, I guess I was living under a rock for that one, I didn’t know he was gay! He was definitely a heart throb, always on my Teen Beat & Tiger Beat magazines! Rawr!

    • I didn’t know either until my friend told me….he has this big thing about it on his website.

  18. That picture totally cracked me up! I can’t wait to see more of your “Blast from the Passt” series… =)

  19. That photo is a riot! And look how cute you are!

  20. LOL! And yes, I remember Chad Allen too. 🙂

  21. Its been a while. WOW look at that old photo How fun to look bck on the memories

  22. That is so funny- I would have belly laughed as well. Fun picture. (I scanned in some oldies for my post today as well).

  23. OMG!!! I remember that show!!!

  24. LOL..too funny!!

    And I did not know that about him!!

  25. He was a heartthrob? Hmmm….

    Love your hair btw. Totally awesome!

  26. LOL! Your friend’s commentary had me laughing out loud…good belly laugh, for sure. :> I was a Huge ‘Our House’ fan….loved it! Thanks for taking us along on a blast from the past!

  27. What a great pic!! I wonder how many other celebs you too pics with? ANd you are so cute!

  28. That picture is priceless. Love his pushed up sleeves! And absolutely adore your casual arm over his shoulders as well as your totally 80s hair. made my night!

  29. Angie,

    Do you freak out all people like that?

  30. That is a great photo to showcase. Well I was going to say, you look good there in the picture and he should have been chasing you…but yeah. We know. Have a good week.

  31. That is too funny what your friend says. But yea maybe he was at that age.

    Maybe after that he realized he had a hot babe on his arm.

  32. What a hilarious memory to share!!

  33. Bwahahaha! This totally cracked me up! Hilarious – what a treasure of a photo you have here. Hahaha!

  34. Man, that’s hilarious! I didn’t even notice the lean. I was too busy noticing your hair-do! LOL I had the same style back in the day.

  35. Such a fun blast from the past!

  36. That is a funny picture and I love everything about it. It made me smile this morning 🙂

  37. Excellent! I’ve also posted a blast from the past on my blog. I wish I could remember how I felt wearing Wonder Woman underoos with my brother and grinning like I was at the pinnacle of my life.

  38. hehe…..

    Love the comment 🙂

  39. It’s perfect. I know that while adult you shakes her head, the little screaming teenager inside of you totally cherishes this picture and could still faint thinking that not only did you get to SEE this heartthrob, you got to TOUCH him and there is effing photographic evidence!!!! O.M.G.!!!!!!!!!

    Great 80’s hair, BTW.

  40. That was a total obligation photo from his end. LOL

  41. Too too funny, he is looking a bit awkward & you look totally over the moon, star struck! BTW, loving your long locks & jacket! Happy WW!

  42. Angie, that is hilarious!! I love everything that you got out of that picture. And I love seeing you way back when!

  43. Oh, your photo is too funny! He totally does not look like he wants his picture taken!!

  44. Seriously, laughing soo hard.

  45. wow! nice job on the WW photo. you win the award for awkward teen moment flashback. I remember him from his Tiger Beat cover days. At least he can truthfully say, It’s was not you, it was me.

  46. I didn’t know he was gay. I loved him in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Remember that show?

  47. LOL! Too funny!

  48. Guys are just freaky when it comes to having their picture taken. Woos-es.

  49. Chad Allen. Wow, that’s a time warp. What a funny photo to have.

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  50. Only one thing to say, “He’s just not that into you.” 😉

  51. LMAO I so remember him he was a hottie! Your right he does look uncomfortable in the picture.

  52. LOL That’s hilarious! Love your BFF’s comment! Haha!

  53. I remember his name but cannot for the life of me place him in the show..
    am googling now… Lovely picture. Where were you?

  54. Uncomfortable around girls or not, I’m pretty sure there’s a law stating that celebrities having their photos taken with fans have to either point to or mock-punch said fan for comedic effect. I’d report him to SAG if I were you!

  55. How cool that you got to meet some of your favorite stars when you were younger, can’t wait to see more in your series…

    I’m even more amazed that you have enough photos to have a series of posts!

  56. I love that picture! And, while I am a little late on reading blogs these days with the holidays and all, I really needed to read your Christmas post. I think I will be trying of few of your ideas next year. Hope you are having a great New Year!

  57. Haha I love your friends comment!

  58. Angie, you crack me up! (in a good way) The dude is soooo not into it and you on the other hand… Sooo funny and yet “timeless” for so many. Great post, no… it’s outstanding and hilarious! 🙂

  59. how fun! I can not wait to see who else you have!
    I remember him!!! yay

  60. Oh hilarious! I had a poster of him hanging on my wall as a kid from one of those teen magazines. I figured he fell off the face of the earth. Oops!

    And your friends comments is cracking me up! lol

  61. Oh. My. Gosh. You are so cool.

    I saw Donny Osmond in a parade and screamed, “I love you, Donny!”

    My husband and children scattered.

  62. P.S. I LOVE your hair! I could only dream of getting my bangs to such heights!

  63. Loved this shot and the thought of this series! Can’t wait to see who else you have rubbed elbows with!

  64. HOW did I NOT know he was gay?! I liked Jonathan Brandis. I hate that he’s gone.

  65. Hahaha so funny!! This is just all kinds of awesome 🙂

  66. HAHAHAAA! Classic. You unknowingly outed him all those years ago. The picture says a thousand words. (=

  67. Chad Allen! I have not heard that name in forever! Hilariously awesome picture!

  68. This is pretty awesome. How did you meet him? Or any of the upcoming stars in this series?

  69. What a great picture!

    Chad Allen’s doing quite a bit these days, what with charity work and movies. And he’s still beautiful.