Wordful Wednesday-A View of Los Angeles from The Getty Center

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The Getty Center

Jeff took me on a date last week to The Getty Center in Los Angeles.  I had been wanting to visit  for years.  The Getty Center is truly an amazing {travertine} spectacle built high in the hills of Los Angeles in between Beverly Hills, Bel Air, and Pacific Palisades.   The view of the valley is spectacular…. despite the smog.

View of Los Angeles from The Getty Center

The art collection inside The Getty isn’t too shabby either.

And, wait until you see the grounds…….

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  1. My husband, a L.A. native, always raved about The Getty. I’m bummed I never visited while living in California! Thanks so much for sharing these pics. The views look amazing 🙂

  2. It looks like a beautiful place!

  3. I went there a couple of years ago when I was in LA for a writing conference. Loved it! It was beautiful.

  4. I loved the Getty! The only thing was that it had no parking, so you had to park a like a mile away and then walk. I tried taking the bus, but it ended up being a nice walk.

  5. How cool! It looks like a truly amazing place!

  6. Wow, that place looks amazing. I will have to visit next time I’m in the area. Not sure when that will be though. I do love Southern California! 🙂

  7. Gorgeous. Happy you and Jeff were able to get away and again…a wee bit jealous. 🙂 For some odd reason I have never been to the Getty and have always wanted to go. I need to make it happen.

  8. Thanks for bringing some culture into my life Angie. Apparently the only way I am going to visit any museums right now is vicariously through you!

  9. The view does look amazing! We were in CA exactly a year ago today and I still miss it. I’ve only been to San Diego but I’d love to go to LA sometime. What a great hubby!

  10. Wow Angie you took amazing beautiful pictures!!!!
    Love you sweet☺smile Girl!
    Have an awesome WW!!

  11. what a nice trip, the view is very pretty!!

  12. Some day, I’ll make it to LA! I’ve been to San Fran several times, but never LA or San Diego. Bummer!

    Snow Daze

  13. I bet the time with your hubby was even better than the art! What a great date.

  14. Just beautiful!

  15. Oh my word. That view is gorgeous Angie! It makes me want to jump in a plane and come over right. this. second : )

  16. Big props to your hubby for taking you somewhere you’ve been dying to go!!

    LOVE the collage. I keep meaning to ask if you are using a PS action for your collages lately. They’re great!!

  17. Wow! What a view. Gorgeous photos…as always!

  18. This place had just opened when I left the LA area and I didn’t get a chance to visit. I’d give anything to be back in LA for a bit and away form this cruddy Maryland weather.

  19. Wow, it looks beautiful there..smog and all.

  20. What caca!!!! I wanna see the rest of it now!!!

    Justine 😮 )

  21. What a cool date! Love the pics!

  22. That view is breathtaking! It looks like you were having a wonderful time. That was one fantastic date! You look very happy. This is good! By the way thanks for stopping by.

  23. looks great!
    beautiful place

  24. That view is amazing. What a great date!

  25. Oh wow! Looks beautiful!!!

  26. I LOVED the Getty. The gardens there…wow! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  27. The sure looks a hell of a lot better then all this snow! Take me away! Great pics!

  28. Looks like a fantastic place to have a date! (a real live adult evening! Who’d have thunk it? LOL)

  29. That is beautiful!

  30. Liz Burgess says

    Great pictures of a grand museum and education center. Originally, the Getty was known for its Greek and Roman antiquities, as well as, its breathtaking museum and grounds that overlooked the Pacific Ocean. I was priviledged to work for the Getty Trust as they planned this amazing structure. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  31. Hey Angie! Great pictures! Looks like you had a great date!

    Sorry I haven’t been around in a while. I guess my reader didn’t make the leap when you moved to word press. I will try to update it. I saw you on facebook and thought I would come over 🙂 Hope you are doing well.


  32. It looks beautiful! I have always heard that the smog is thick in LA but never actually seen it – you can really tell in that picture! Crazy. Sounds like you had a great time, something I will have to put on my To Do list one day.

  33. I would love to visit the West Coast someday!

  34. It looks beautiful there! Hope you two kids had fun on your date! 🙂

  35. what was your favorite art exhibit??
    I’m dying to see the chicago art museum and La Grande Jatte…
    before that I was all over seeing Starry Night in NYC at MOMA.. I did finally get to see that one… Plus I want to see any single painting by Dali….
    Oh And remember the post I wrote about Christo?? And the giant river art installment he is creating in Colorado?? Summer 2012.. I’m so there.
    I once saw the Rodin museum in Philidelphia that was awesome.. and the Rocky steps up the Phily museum of course…. getting lost in the Met… sheesh you started something here….

    Can we dream about Paris or Florence??

  36. What a spectacular view! I’m a native Californian, but I’ve never heard of that.

  37. how gorgeous!!!! Feel like I was there!!!! thanks for sharing!

  38. I am glad you got to visit.

  39. Angie,

    Oh, just another one of the many places I never got to before moving from California.

  40. Ohhhh LOVE that view! I haven’t been to the Getty since it was in it’s other location!
    And too bad it wasn’t a clear day….you can see forever!

  41. What a great date idea. Almost sounds like something out of the Bachelor! What a romantic your husband must be.

  42. Beautiful. Are you gonna show us more?

  43. Beautiful photos. I bet you had a lovely time! 🙂

  44. Glad you got to get out and enjoy a date with Jeff. Looks like a beautiful place to spend the day…smog and all!

  45. What a great date!

  46. What a date!
    Okay, I’m waiting for more pictures!

  47. I didn’t know that existed.
    I love it, despite the smog.

  48. Oh a date…can’t remember what that’s like 🙂

    I’m so glad you got to go out with just the hubs, and to such a nice place with a fabulous view!

    Happy WW!

  49. These photos are great!

    I remember seeing the Getty Center on Project Runway last season. I thought is was so cool….especially that one awesome bed that belonged to royalty (I think that’s what it was anyway).

    I’m glad you enjoyed your time there.

  50. Gorgeous views. I always wanted to visit the Getty when I was living in Cali but never got around to it. Maybe one day in the near future I’ll get to take the kids there. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing.

  51. My son has been there many times but I have never made it yet. I will though, its on my list of “must do” activities 🙂

  52. What a great date!

  53. reminds me of the hometown bucket list i’m working through with a friend – and gotta love a date too angie! the view looks amazing – even with the smog!

  54. Awesome looking photos. Looks like a great date.

    Happy WW!

  55. A date! Good for you!

    I linked up again today! 🙂

  56. Your hubby’s definitely a keeper! What a fun date – and you got some amazing shots! 🙂

  57. That is a gorgeous view!

  58. I’ve never been! Thanks for all the cool photos. Happy WW.

  59. oh my word…i’m so jealous, still, of you being in CA! but i’m slowly getting over it!!!

  60. Oh I’d love to visit it.

  61. MommyNamedApril says
  62. There is so much more green than I imagined…I would have though all palm trees…What a beautiful place to visit. Hope you had a terrific trip! Happy WW!

  63. Lovely views in your marvelous mosaic. Some day I hope to visit the Getty myself.
    Hugs and blessings,

  64. What a lovely date!! Beautiful photos.

  65. One of 1of8’s favorite spots! Love the pics!

  66. It looks like a great date. I love getting out and exploring all the hidden treasures right in our own back yards although that looks slightly more than a hidden treasure! Happy WW.

  67. Looks like a beautiful place! You sure do enjoy art and nature in its glory, don’t you? Great photos! Happy Wordless or Wordfilled Wednesday.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  68. What a great view (even with the smog)! It looks like the perfect place for a date.

  69. Beautiful looks like a wonderful trip and so worth it.

  70. You are right it’s a gorgeous view!

  71. I love the Getty! Haven’t been there in several years, and the views are absolutely amazing!

  72. What a great view!

  73. The Getty Center is beautiful. The skyline view is amazing. I can see why you wanted to visit there.

  74. Breathtaking view!

  75. How cool! I so long to be a good photographer..those are great images =)

  76. GORGEOUS! Our former VMFA director is now at the Getty. 🙂
    Know it must have been wonderful. 🙂

  77. Wow, it is a truly amazing view. Wish I could go there.

  78. Wow, what a view!

  79. What a breathtaking view!!! And, such a beautiful place!

  80. Awesome pictures!

  81. I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten on line to get reservations to visit the Getty. Hopefully we will make it up there this summer! 🙂

  82. What a neat blog…I found you through Daily Dwelling. “Wordful”…so Funny!!! Us Moms just can’t keep our mouths shut about the kiddos, can we???

  83. Ahh, green. I forgot what that looks like!

  84. Looks fabulous!

  85. How cool! Looks like fun 🙂

  86. Beautiful! And did you notice that I am able to view your site! I had to get all tricky with it and go from one blogger’s page who stopped by my site from WW, but I got through! Yay for progress! I am going to try to get on it again later too! This thing is confusing me!!!!

  87. Angie – I can’t wait to see pictures of the grounds. These shots look amazing, and what a fantastic idea for a date, especially since you’d been wanting to go. Smart man, that husband of yours! You look beautimous, as usual! 🙂

  88. I’ve always wanted to visit but never been. The view still looks amazing despite the smog.

  89. How bad am I that I had never heard of it before. Yikes. Beautiful though.