Wordful Wednesday-Accidental Photo

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I had quite the day today.

I guess I should explain.

Yesterday Jacob took a spill and made serious eye contact with a metal magazine rack.

The poor guy cried more than I think he’s ever cried in his life.

Because the injury was to his eye I took him to the pediatrican to make sure it was OK.  The pediatrician in turn sent him to a pediatric ophthalmologist for a more thorough examination to be on the safe side.

So, I was planning on posting a picture of Jacob’s swollen, bruised, dilated eye today.

However, when I downloaded the pictures, I found this:

I think it’s the coolest accidental photo I’ve ever taken.

Sorry, Jacob.  The picture of your eyes is going to have to wait.

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  1. Poor guy! Hope he is feeling better.

    But, yes, a very cool accidental photo indeed!


  2. that is indeed, one very cool picture. I probably couldn’t do that on purpose if I tried!

    Hope that Jacob is feeling better… that had to HURT!

  3. Ouch! I’m so sorry to hear. I hope his eye is alright.

    Love the pic. This is precisely why I try not to delete pics off my camera before uploading them 🙂

  4. Poor thing… I hope he is well.

    (Cool accidental photo indeed!)

  5. Poor little guy!!! I hope his eye is ok…but that IS a cool shot!

  6. Youch. Sounds like the kind of injury that would happen at our house. I hope he heals quickly.

    LOVE your accident. Love. Sometimes, those are the very best ones in the batch. 🙂

  7. That is a pretty cool shot! I love all the colors!

    Hope Jacob heals quickly!

  8. That is a cool photo but I hope your little guy is doing ok.

  9. I hope his eye gets better soon. I bet that really hurt! Ouch!

    That is a pretty amazing “accidental photo.” My WW isn’t up yet but I’ll come back to link up once it is.

  10. Scary accident … wise to get professional assistance. Sending hugs and good wishes for a speedy recovery. Methinks your ‘accidental photo’ is very kewl indeed 😉
    Hugs and blessings,

  11. Wow, that is cool. It actually makes me kind of dizzy.

    Hope is eye is feeling better soon.

  12. Poor Jacob! I will pray for him. I can’t imagine how scary (and painful) that must have been! I also love your accidental picture. It draws me in.

  13. Oh gosh, I hope it heals quickly.

    And yes, very cool photo.

    WW up at T Rex Mom and Dad Tales.

    Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  14. Eye injuries can be very scary… I hope Jacob is okay.

    Your accidental photo is very cool, I love the ‘feeling’ of movement.

  15. That’s the best accidental photo I’ve ever seen!

    I wanted to comment that mine today was taken by a talented friend of mine, not myself. It spoke to me and fit perfectly with what I wanted to say (and I have her permission!), but if that’s against the rules, please let me know and I’ll take down the post!

  16. Ouch!

  17. It IS cool! It is better than most of my on-purpose photos!

  18. Oh, that is very cool! It looks like you photoshopped the fun effects on it.

    • Sadly, it’s better than most of my on purpose photos that have been photo shopped! 🙂

  19. There are some pictures from WW that I try to mimic.
    The only way I think I could do the same is if I’d drop my camera while the shutter was open.
    I can honestly say I love my camera too much to try that!
    Very cool!

    • I’ m pretty sure that’s how my photo was taken. I think it was on my wrist and was swinging down.

  20. Dang Angie,

    I’m still flinching from the “eye to metal rack” story. I hope everything is okay. See, kids really do belong in plastic bubbles because mommies like me can barely take it.

    Yeah, really cool picture! If you stare at it too long, then it makes your eyes hurt or maybe, it’s just me.

    • The picture makes me dizzy!

      His eye is MUCH better and nothing serious happened to it.

  21. I hope his eye is ok.

    That IS a really cool accidental pictures!

  22. yikes! i hope his eye is ok! great photo

  23. First things first, cool photo! Why don’t my accidental shots look as awesome as this one? Hmph. Second, I hope your son is feeling better and not in pain. What a scary injury!
    I finally got my stuff together and posted my Wordless/Wordfilled Wednesdsay entry early. (Yay me!) I hope you’ll stop by at some point and take a look. It’s udderly funny. 🙂 Have a great Wednesdsay Angie.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

  24. Poor Jacob! I hope he heals quickly.

    That is a pretty cool photo. I love it when that happens.

  25. That is pretty neat!

  26. Hope Jacob is OK! Cool pic indeed!

  27. Oh poor baby! I hate it when they cry so hard like that. Hope his eye is okay. I do like the photo… 🙂

    • He’s not a crier so it really worried me. But, his eye if fine except for the bruising! Thank goodness!

  28. Hope your guy is healing up quick–and, yes, awesome accidental pic!

  29. Sometimes the blurry “oops” photos turn out to be the coolest! I like yours.

  30. Wow, it almost feels like I’m falling just looking at it!

    Hope Jacob recovers quickly!

  31. I hope Jacob’s eye is mending well. As for the photo, that actually would be gorgeous matted and framed.

  32. *hugs* Jacob, hope you’re feeling better!

    (and yes, that is a pretty cool photo!)

  33. poor thing… hope he is feeling better…
    great photo too!

  34. So sorry to hear about Jacobs eye! I hope he recovers quickly. Eye injuries are so painful, they make your whole body hurt. Difficult for a child.

  35. Oh no! Poor jacob! Hope his eye heals quickly and without issues.

    Very cool photo indeed.Yeah, you couldn’t have planned that if you tried.

  36. Just a simple scratch to my eye had me in tears, I can’t imagine what I would be reduced to if it had contact with a metal rack – OUCH!

    I had to laugh when I saw your accidental picture, though… You would be surprised at the “accidental” pictures that are taken when my kidss get a hold of my camera! LOL

  37. Oh no! I hope Jacob’s eye is ok. I know eye exams at the doctor aren’t all that fun in general, so I’m sure it was even worse with a sore eye!

  38. What a fun photo

  39. I have an awesome accidental picture too…maybe I’ll post it one day

  40. This is my first time playing along.

    My accidental pictures never turn out as neat as yours. Hope Jacob feels better quickly. Eyes are so scary to hurt.

  41. Aww, so sorry to hear about the eye! Ouchy! At least a very cool pic came out of a scary situation – I love it!

  42. Poor Jacob. I hope he’s feeling better.

  43. Very cool pic….although it makes me feel a bit dizzy 🙂

    Hoping he’s okay!

  44. Talk about wordless. I’m still trying to wrap my brain around this photo! Pretty cool.

    I hope baby boy is doing alright. That is scary when they hurt like that.

  45. Yikes, poor kid. I hope he’s feeling better today and the injury is minor.

    Very cool shot though.

  46. Aww I hope he is better! That is a crazy pic….almost makes me dizzy!

  47. Eyes are nothing to mess with. Hope he’s feeling better soon.

    • My BIL had to get a cornea transplant, so I’m hypersensitive about them. Lucikly, though, his injury was minor.

  48. It is a really cool one indeed! I have a very special post up today – I am the FB on Blogtrotting, and I am showcasing my country, South Africa.

  49. I’m so sorry to hear about your son’s accident. I know my camera would’ve went flying too. Hope he’s better soon.

  50. Weird, but cool! Kinda hurts my eyes if I look at it for too long…

  51. Maybe I’m just tired, but that makes me dizzy! lol Thanks for the linky. 🙂

  52. Sorry about little guy’s eye! I hope he is better today! Cool photo!!

  53. VERY cool shot.
    (Sorry about the little guy’s eye—I hope he’s okay!)

  54. Always an adventure, huh? Hope he is feeling better!

  55. I’m guessing the little dude is not looking like a pirate because there is no way you would put off posting that! Hope it heals quickly. And, do you recall what that accidental photo is of. I always get obsessed with trying to remember when that happens to me.

  56. Sometimes the best shots are the out takes and the mistakes. I love those best.

  57. Poor guy! I cringed just reading about his injury. So everything was o.k. after the two doctor visits? Hope he heals quickly.

    I love accidental photos. They are like little treasures hidden in your camera.

    Happy WW! 🙂

  58. Sounds like the kind of injury that would happen at our house. I hope he heals quickly.

  59. Oh, poor baby!! And that picture makes me dizzy to look at— very cool!

  60. MommyNamedApril says

    ouch! sorry about the injury. neat shot, though 🙂


  61. That is a seriously cool photo!!!

  62. Poor little guy, but I agree — love the shot! Great accidental photography skills you have there!

  63. Awwww! Poor guy! I hope he’s OK!

    But you’re right – that IS a cool accidental photo! 🙂

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🙂

  64. I hope his eye is ok, and yes it is a cool pic!

  65. Ouch! Hope his eye is ok!

  66. Oooo…I hope he feels better soon!

  67. I think that has to be the coolest photo I have ever seen. Seriously.

  68. Oh my gosh! Is this you running to him? or rushing him to the car? Well…sorry kid, but your eye just ain’t important anymore. 🙂 Kidding! Cool shot.

    • The picture is actually of his brother who was standing off to the side. I think the shutter opened when the camera was swinging down on my wrist.

  69. OUCH!! Hope he is ok.

    That is a really cool shot!

  70. Cool! Looks like your camera went for a spin. Happy WW & St. Patrick’s Day

  71. This photo looks like the view from a window… in a car wash! Love it.

  72. I hope everything is OK with his eye — cool accident shot!

  73. I hope he’s doing ok and feeling better today! What a great accidental picture!!

  74. cool shot, makes me dizzy though. Feel like I’m on a merry go round. Sorry about the little one, hate accidents to the face they always seem the worse.

  75. Cool shot anyway! Hope he is better 😉

  76. What a gorgeous shot. I love how spring-like it is with all those pinks. I took a similar artsy picture of a movie theater marquee at night – it’s filled with neons and contrasted to black. My son has it hanging in his room – it was what he was most worried about in the movie.

    This one is definitely worth framing!

  77. Poor guy!! Hopefully that picture is not a representation of how his vision works now. 😉

    VERY cool though!

  78. That is DEFINITELY the coolest accidental photo ever!

  79. It’s definitely a cool pic!

  80. Oh no…hope he’s okay!

    And yes, sometimes the unintentional photos turn out to be the most impressive ones!

  81. Back again with a link to another blog … just because 😉
    Thanks for all you do!
    Hugs and blessings,

  82. Oh dear! That IS a cool pic…but inquiring minds want to see the gross stuff. Okay…maybe it’s just me…


    Happy WW!

    • Tomorrow. 🙂
      The picture doesn’t look that bad. When it was bleeding it looked pretty gruesome though.

  83. wait, did he have the camera when he fell?
    what did the opt doc say?

  84. I’m sorry, but I do NOT want to see the picture of his black eye! I had a couple black eyes when I was little, and it would make me sick to my stomach to see my reflection!

    Poor little guy…I can’t even imagine how much that must have hurt!

    • I had oral surgery a few years ago that gave me a black eye. It was interesting to see peoples reactions b/c no one would look me in the eye suddenly!

  85. Sorry he got hurt. That is a great picture you are right! Love it. Tried to visit your blog yesterday but it wouldn’t let me come over said your server was down?? Lolli’s does that sometimes to me too at Better in Bulk. I think my computer secretly doesn’t like WordPress hehe!

  86. that is a cool picture; is he ok, though? I’ve never hurt my eye like that so I’m imagining much pain :S

  87. A little like a Monet digital photo.

  88. Sending “get well” wishes to your son. Very unusual and interesting photo.

    I’m participating again, after an absence while studying for bar exam and while taking care of grandson during daughter’s emergency surgery.


  89. Ouchie!!! It looks like YOU were falling when you took that picture… I’m almost getting dizzy looking at it! Hope the little guy is feeling better! The good thing about boys is that their friends usually think wounds are cool. 😛

  90. Oh, it’s an upside down shot of someone walking on a path?

    Hope Jacob’s eye gets better! That’s a scary feeling to get hurt so close to the eye.

  91. Cool photo. I don’t delete photos off my camera until I look at them on the computer because every now and then there is an unexpected surprise!

    Sorry about the accident your son had! Hope he is doing better today!

  92. Poor guy! I took care of the nasty eye picture on my post.

  93. Ooooh, that just make me hurt thinking about it. I hope he’s ok!!!

    Yes, I have to agree, that is a cool accidental photo.

  94. That is pretty cool! Hope Jacob is ok…

  95. Aww! Poor little guy!! I hope it’s all better soon!!

  96. Too funny, I linked up almost 12 hours ago and just now realized I never left you a comment! Mama brain, I tell ya!

  97. Yikes! I’m glad to see this than a hurt eye!!! Hope he is OK.

  98. Well yes, I agree. That is a great accidental photo. But I really wanna see his eye!!!!

    Is it okay? I’m guessing it is or you would have said. Right?

    Justine 😮 )

  99. Amazing piece of artwork! It looks like the view looking down as you pedal fast on a bike!

  100. the accidents are sometimes the best ones

  101. That is one neat accidental photo!

  102. That is a cool accident. I find lots of ‘accidents’ (aka. one of the girls got a hold of the camera) on my phone 🙂 none quite as cool LOL

  103. Wow, makes me dizzy just looking at it! Almost seems like going on a fast merry-go-round ride.