Wordful Wednesday – Cousin Chaos

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When my kids get together with their cousins, there is always wrestling and a little bit of good chaos involved.  This past weekend I caught a shot that just made me laugh.

Cousin Chaos

My favorite part of the picture is that grandma is sitting in the background oblivious to the noise and wrestling going on at her feet and doing her own thing.  I’m pretty sure it’s one of those skills one acquires after having 6 kids and over 20 grandkids, and then there is Jeff with a child sitting on his head.


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PicMonkey Collage14

This week’s features include the shopping cart, fun in chaos, The Paper Mama,  and chocolate peanut butter surprises!

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  1. This sort of makes me wish I was from a big family…but then, I’m sure the noise level is through the roof, and my three kids make enough noise sometimes.

    But, they sure look like they are having fun. Especially Jeff:)

  2. Cousins are the BEST!

  3. Haha That’s funny about grandma. Looks like everyone was having a good time.

  4. Yes, grandmas can tune out anything! it’s a hard-earned skill (or maybe deafness) developed from decades of listening to kids scream and make unholy noise

  5. “That’s nice, dear.” Bwahahaha! Classic grandma response! I so look forward to becoming as cool as a cucumber like her one day! 😉

  6. Love everything about this picture. It cracked me up on Instagram and just cracked me up all over again. I wish I had Grandma’s ability to block it all out!!

  7. Cousin time was always the most fun time of my childhood! Great photos!

  8. Now that looks like fun chaos! 🙂

    Uniquely Artistic Princess Nagger

  9. My son doesn’t see his cousins very often, but when they do, it’s “beat the crap out of each other but it doesn’t count because we are family and this is fun because our parents are probably drinking and not paying attention to our shennanigans.”
    I was a kid too…so I totally get it.

  10. That’s exactly what it looks like at my mom’s house when all the little cousins are over… right down to “that’s nice, dear” from my mom! Cousins are so much fun!

  11. that is awesome.
    lol, reminds me when broxton had his party and i looked over to marc. he had like 5 kids on him all doing different things and he was just going with whatever he was doing already 🙂

  12. 🙂 Just another day in Paradise! that’s why you call it your ‘circus’ right?

  13. I love cousin time, especially when the cousins who don’t have siblings are here. It creates a whole new dynamic and yes, they wrestle. I rarely hear them. It’s a gift to drown them out unless there’s blood.

  14. LOL! I can so relate to this… when cousins get together there is total chaos.

  15. I’m in awe of grandma’s ability to stay calm amidst the chaos – I’d be going mental!

  16. Awesome pic! It seems like just another fun night at home here…

  17. Yep, pretty much what my parents’ house looks like when we all get together! ha! It’s so great that they have cousins to play with… And love Grandma just doing her thing.