Who says they can’t work?

I’ve noticed that it’s increasingly difficult to get good, cheap labor these days. So Jeff and I decided to breed our own little beehive of activity. We have one Queen bee and I have to tell you we worked pretty hard to get a few worker bees. No free rides here! The twins have amazing capabilities in the paint destroying area. They are particularly good at finding that one wet spot and touching it just so. When they are not inspecting wet paint though, they are adept at finding other new and exciting jobs.

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  1. Doug & Stacy Fournier says

    i’m glad they are cheap labor, because i don’t think i would pay them with anything other than hugs and kisses! they are too cute!!

  2. So cute!! I Showed michael and he said… isthat what we are in for? LOL Oh Yeah!!!

  3. rachelle says

    I love seeing what new mischief the twins have gotten into! They’re so great at team work!

  4. triplet mama says

    I totally agree! Can’t wait until the girls are old enough to put to work:) They already like to “clean” with the diaper wipes.

  5. Oh the fun they can find to do. I think that they have an edge over all others. They have two heads put together to get into all sorts of trouble(fun).

  6. Too cute!!

  7. mine all start working as soon as they can sort clean silverware, that’s job #1. most 2 yr. olds can manage it.The kids have chores every morning, and they’ve been doing them so long, I rarely even hear them complain anymore! The hardest part for me, is letting them do a chore w/o wanting to go back and re-do it. (makes them feel unappreciated)