How to Make Whipped Cream – {homemade}

There is nothing quite like homemade whipped cream to top a fresh dessert.  Anyone who has had it will tell you how delightful it is, and they are right.  What they probably won’t tell you is how easy it is to make.  It really only requires 3 ingredients, a mixer (you do not want to whip this by hand) and knowing when to turn the mixer off.  Once you’ve made homemade whipped cream once, you’ll never buy packaged whipped cream again.

Whipped cream


Whipped cream

  • Whipping Cream
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 1-3 TBS granulated sugar


Whipped cream

  • Pour whipping cream into mixing bowl.
  • Add vanilla and sugar.
  • Turn mixer onto low/medium and let mix for several minutes (I use my Kitchen Aid mixer and it takes at least 5 minutes for my whipped cream to mix-sometimes more) until cream thickens.  The key is to stop the mixing before it starts to look clumpy.  Keep a close eye on it once it begins to thicken and looks creamy!
Whipped cream


  • Make sure your whipping cream is cold before you mix it.  If you try to use whipping cream that isn’t cold, it won’t work.
  • If you over beat your whipping cream, it’ll be, um, over whipped and not look so great, so don’t forget about it!
  • Homemade whipped cream is fabulous on pie and fresh fruit!
  • Be sure to store in the refrigerator!
  • You can also use Heavy Whipping Cream but it’s easier to over whip. {My “Ingredient” picture above shows Heavy Whipping Cream.  Guess who over whipped her whipped cream?  I had to go out and buy Regular Whipping Cream and make a new batch.  It’s so much easier to work with Whipping Cream!}

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