What do YOU have in your Tool Bar?

The other day Jeff was using the/my laptop and in frustration asked me, “What is all this crap in your  toolbar?”

My answer of course, was, “stuff”. Stuff I need. You know, for blogging.

After thinking about his question for a few days, and evaluating exactly what is in my toolbar, I’ve come to the conclusion that everything in my toolbar is NOT important. Like, say for example the My Heritage application. Do I really need this application in my toolbar so that I can determine which celebrity I most resemble? I’m going to have to go with a NO on this one.   I also never use my Wisestamp (used for customized email signatures) application.

Some of the other applications I have though, are important….like:

  • Google. Who doesn’t have Google?
  • The Alexa Tool bar.  This allows me to see the Alexa rating of every website I visit.  I do use this all the time.
  • I also use the SEOmoz application frequently.  It allows me access to all kinds of information about websites (like MY OWN) that I’d never search for if it wasn’t so easily accessible.  Potentially, I  can check the sites traffic using 4 different sources.  I can Tweet the sites URL, or even shorten it.  If I were super interested in SEO then I’d be impressed with the GeoTargeting, Top Pages, Term Target, Trifecta information pages.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  There is so much information available it’s insane.  Now, I promise you that I use all of this information for my site only.  I am WAY to lazy to look at yours.
  • Swag Bucks. I use this as a search tool.  For each search I complete I get points that can be redeemed for stuff like Amazon gift cards.  So far I haven’t redeemed them for anything, but someday I will.
  • Zemanta. Have you heard of it?  It helps one “blog smarter” by “dressing up postings with related content links, images, audio, and video”.  I’m not sold on the whole package because the images and suggestions have a tendency to distract me when I’m writing a post, however, I can’t sing enough praises about the  tag suggestions it provides as well as In-text links.
  • StumbleUpon.  I don’t use this as much as I should, but it’s handy when I find a site that I want Stumbled.

After much thought, I decided to delete a few things from my toolbar that really were not necessary.  Thank goodness for an internet search that told me how.  Who knew how important that “TOOLS” icon is in the toolbar?  A few clicks (Tools, Add-Ons, Extension, and then select applications to disable or uninstall)  and my toolbar is a little cleaner.

And now I have to know.  What applications do YOU have in your toolbar?

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  1. Hubs always laughs at the number of tabs that I have open. So many that it bogs down my entire browser and I have to relaunch it. But I NEED them, you know?

  2. In Firefox I have the swagbucks toolbar. I used to have the Alexa app and Zemanta too but found Zemanta too distracting and Alexa seemed to slow things down too much.
    I also use Safari and keep that clean with no add ons. After having my google account hijacked I got a little weary of third party add ons and have tried to be more careful. Google stores so much info about you it’s scary. I had to change all of my passwords and cancel two credit cards. I’ll admit that I’m not all that tech savvy and need to be better about keeping up to date and how to protect private info!

  3. it’s fun to see what others have in their toolbar because it’s so much different from mine. I have my blogger dashboard, finding the joy forum, Little Hatchlings control panel, stat counter, LH webmail, wordpress login, and my LH blog. My toolbar is fine but if you take a look at my “favorites” folder, it’s a complete mess in there! I need to go in and re-organize everything and catagorize it. 🙁

  4. I have not heard of even half of those. I’m going to check them out. And I’ll probably add them to my toolbar.

    • My toolbar is getting like my WP plugs ins. I hear about new ones and have to have them.

  5. Am I missing out on something>? I don’t have any applications for my tool bar – I deleted Google and swagbucks is my only search engine so that I can earn more…I am going to have to check out all these links!!

    • Have you redeemed your swag bucks?

      • I redeem my swagbucks as I win them for $5 Amazon gift certificates so that when I find a sale on toys or books I can snatch them up for my kids…I got 3 magnetix sets and a fur real kitty for the kids this week and am putting it up for Christmas!

  6. Susie's Homemade says

    Those sound like really good resources! I am going to bookmark this page and check it out more thoroughly!

    Speaking of bookmarks, I also have Springpad on my tool bar. It is a great way to save and organize things that you find on the internet:-)

  7. You always provide me with such educational stuff. I think that I need those things in my tool bar.

  8. I don’t even know how to add stuff lol

  9. Ooooh!! I might need to add some of those to MY toolbar!! I have the following (links mainly) for quick and easy access:
    My Blog
    My WP Dashboard
    Food Network

    I use TweetDeck and it is ALWAYS open. My husband can’t stand it.

  10. The toolbar is the only reason I use Firefox (well, that and the fact it underlines my misspelled words . . . I always look smart now).

    Lets see . . . I have Alexa & Stumble . . and that’s. I guess I’m smart but not as cool and up to date as you.

  11. I have to check some of those out. I don’t really use the toolbar that often but some of those tools sound interesting. I am a notorious bookmarker. Even though they are in folders, there are still a lot. It drives my husband crazy.