We’re all about trial and error, here.

This is what happens when duct tape comes into contact with one’s lips and then gets removed.

Next experiment: let’s see what Grace does when she finds out I published this. 🙂

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  1. ouch! That looks like it hurts. What was she doing with duct tape on her lips?

  2. your guess is as good as mine!

  3. Casey's trio says

    Poor thing….I’m sure she learned from that mistake.

  4. Ouch! I didn’t realize that it would rip the skin off. Here’s hoping it heals quickly. Poor baby!

  5. Crazymamaof6 says

    ouch! that isn’t fun! and funny she may be horrified you posted it! ha! love being a mom with power.

  6. Gracie! Ugh! At least she will never do that again.

  7. Are You Serious! says

    I agree, ouch!

  8. Ouch! My kids put tape on their lips all the time (though it is still surprising noisy here), but never duct tape. I bet she learned her lesson!

  9. I would say: ADUH!!
    yeah… that’s Ouch!
    that must hurt.
    kids always need to try it before they understand it’s not supposed to be done.
    I hope she’s alright.

  10. Sometimes it is amazing how something so harmless can cause such a problem. I just read about the magic eraser causing chemical burns on the skin. I just can’t imagine.

  11. My name is Tammie says

    Yeouch! Poor thing. She sure is pretty though. Perfect coloring.

  12. Poor Grace!

  13. Jeremiah R. Jones says

    oh–see, with my luck, i’d have been the one that put on the tape.

  14. OUCH! Not sure how that might of happened but it sure looks painful! She sure is stunning though!

  15. Before I read the post I thought the trial was half red lipstick…ouchie, Gracie! My husband didn’t like when he found I posted last week’s dirty kitchen pic either! I told him if he would have done what he said, then it never would have found its way to my camera!

  16. carrie & troy keiser says

    OUCH! kids! :O