Welcome Back, Lloyd!

When Garrett was 2, he fell and chipped his front tooth. I had it bonded and his resemblance to Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber disappeared. This morning during breakfast (pancakes of all things) his tooth chipped off again. It’s made me feel a tad nostalgic (for the whole tooth, that is). Welcome back, Lloyd. I’ve missed you. Sort of.
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  1. Philigry says

    oh, he does look sweet like this. I can’t believe that it fell off again!

  2. Can you believe I have never seen that show? Ha ha! Never! I guess I need to see it now. p.s. what are you putting in the pancakes? 🙂

  3. Did you have nuts in those pancakes? I think he looks cute! It seems like so many kids we know have a chipped front tooth:)

  4. I like Lloyd! I guess because I know the story behind it. He looks so cute, however his tooth is. Besides he’s going to loose that tooth soon anyway.

  5. Ack! Is this a permanent tooth? He’s still a cutie patootie!!

  6. Joey also has a chipped front tooth. We had it filed down and then he rechipped it. To top it off he also has a bottom front tooth that has never come in. I guess through x-ray they do know that he has an adult tooth under there, but no baby tooth.
    He is so cute Angie!

  7. Brian and Jack have that same issue. Jack’s bonding has come off countless times. Its kids for you! I think he looks cute like that!

  8. He’s very cute and does look like Lloyd! Are you going to fix it?

  9. Are You Serious! says

    &#9825 He’s so dang cute though! At least its a baby tooth! 🙂

  10. Okay, that’s too hilarious. Very cute.
    p.s. haven’t forgotten about the meme…i’m having domain issues. I’m trying to change from http://www.gennyheikka.com to http://www.mycup2yours.com and something’s not taking. Old one works but new one doesn’t. After I get it ironed out, I’ll post. 🙂

  11. Cecily R says

    Oh he’s such a CUTE pumpkin pie hair cutted freak!! I love him and his chipped tooth!

    What DID you put in those pancakes?

    I’m doing the meme tomorrow. I promise.

    P.S. Please tell me you get that movie reference and you don’t think I am really calling your kid a freak?!

  12. Churchill says

    I think he is way cuter than Lloyd… broken tooth and all.

  13. I’m sure he’ll appreciate the comment when he’s older too!!! lol – you’ll have to have the movie for him to watch.

  14. andrea j says

    I was going to say “at least it’s a baby tooth” but someone beat me to it. Let’s hope he looses it soon, I would be rubbing my tongue on that thing constantly.

  15. He’s much better looking than Lloyd!

  16. Good & Crazy says

    Oh my heck. My husband would love the reference. I hated that show, he loved it. I hate ‘The Office’, yup, he loves it. I love the chipped tooth (is this tooth permanent?). Oy.

  17. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    On pancakes, now that’s funnY! He’s much cutier than Lloyd, but the chipped tooth does remind you of that. Cute!

  18. oh my he looks so darn cute like this. So will you have it bonded again?

  19. Casey's trio says

    I feel your pain sister! He’s a country bumpkin right along with Makena and Alyssa:)

  20. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    I’ve never seen the movie, but remember the commercials. He does look like Lloyd! So funny! What is it with little boys and chipped teeth? Luke chipped a tooth when he was about 20 months old. It isn’t terribly noticeable, so I left it alone. But, it’ll be nice when he loses it and gets his permanent, unchipped front tooth! Hopefully neither of our boys will chip the permanent ones!

  21. My name is Tammie says

    Poor baby! He did a bang up job on those didn’t he. At least Sister, Makena and Lissy feel his pain.

  22. I love the Dumb and Dumber comarison. Now just teach him to say “nah I’m not hungry. Swallowed a big JUNE bug on the way down” and you’re all set. 😉

    ps thanks for the comment! I’m VERY grateful they saved the uterus!

  23. I can’t believe I did not comment on this one! I would feel so bad. Although its quite funny and a great story.