Weeeee………I got a Wii!

Jeff works on Sunday, so we kicked Mother’s Day off a little early……….with Mii’s, Bowling, Tennis and Guitar Hero. My Mother’s Day gift from Jeff and the kids……….oh, they know the way to my heart. With a Wii. I am so excited.

Garrett can already kick my butt in bowling. I have a feeling I’m going to have to learn how to lose graciously. Not one of my strong points.

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  1. Angie…now I know why we are friends. I love the Wii games…and just recently discovered Guitar Hero. Can I come over and play?

  2. I’m jealous!! Happy mothers Day!!
    *mother’s day is celebrated on 22 december here….*

  3. Good job Jeff! I knew you wanted that 🙂 I am pretty jealous. ENJOY!!

  4. Jocasta and Wayne says

    Happy Mothers Day – it’s celebrated on Sunday here as well. I’m hoping for a new dressing gown (I have hinted!) but I should have asked for a wii!

  5. Sounds like you’re having a wonderful Mother’s Day, and it’s not even Sunday yet!

  6. Melissa says

    This is the gift that keeps on giving baby. Have fun with it. It’s the EXACT gift that I’m sure Dru wants to give to himself.

  7. The Wii is such a blast! Have fun! Thanks for stopping by today. Have a great Mother’s Day!

  8. This is so funny that you posted this today. We also have a Wii. Joey, Gabby, and I were bowling yesterday. When we play games I do NOT let my kids win. I just play along. Sometimes I want them to lose to know that they do not always win. Anyways guess who won our bolwing game yesterday… GABBY!! She is 2! Joey and I just kept laughing that we were getting beat by a 2 year old. It was fun to watch her get strikes and run around wanting high fives.
    Enjoy it! Happy Mother’s Day.

  9. Cecily R says

    I am a JEALOUS mommy!!!! I’m coming over next week to play!!

    Happy Mother’s Day Angie!!

  10. We got one a while ago for Jay, but do you think I’ve had a chance to play with it, nope, he keeps it in his bedroom safely tucked away from us. I don’t blame him really I tend to get addicted to things very quickly and he’d never have a chance to use it 🙂

  11. Are You Serious! says

    ♡ How fun!

  12. Good & Crazy says

    Sheesh I haven’t seen any of these posts! Mother’s day early that’s against the law or something?! I so love the hooked rug…

    My kids love the Wii (me too), but still don’t have one. I’m laughing that they gave it to ‘you’. That’s like your husband giving you a negligee for your birthday! Who’s it REALLY for?

  13. Good & Crazy says

    PS, I answered your book question in my comments..

  14. Just for the record, what I wrote in the post is the truth…..I really wanted the Wii and that’s why Jeff bought it for me……not because he wanted it himself. 🙂

  15. OnlineDraper says

    Well then you enjoy every minute of it! Who needs to clean house…I mean I’ve got all this blogging to do, and you’ve got some Wii-ing to do!

  16. Melissa says

    I really think they should change the name from Wii to WEEEE! Happy Mother’s Day!

  17. Gunnisac Sandersons says

    I think that everyone that runs on the ambulance with me is addicted to guitar hero. Have fun! Happy Mother’s day!

  18. girlytwins says

    You are a VERY lucky mommy! Weeeeee!

    I would love a Wii too. It’s such a great family system 🙂

  19. Laurie M. says

    What a great present! You will all have so much fun with the Wii. happy Mother’s Day!!

  20. How fun, you guys will have a blast! Happy mom’s day!

  21. carrie & troy keiser says

    L.O.V.E. Wii! Ya gotta get Wii Playground it’s tons of fun {but ya gotta get a few more wii-motes, so 4 people can play… we only have tw and only 2 can play way more fun with 4 as our friends bring over their motes} And just to make ya feel better, Scott can kick my butt in bowling– currently we are playing & the score is: 111 TO 1138!

  22. SO fun! I bought our wii a year ago in March and I made it very clear to my kids that it was MINE! And that they had to have permission to play it. You will love it!:)

  23. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    Hey, if you get MarioKart we can play against one another! I have no idea how that works, but I’ll figure it out. Fun! Luke has the Go Diego Go wii game and he really likes it. Garrett might like it…he and Luke are close in age.

  24. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day!!

  25. The Wii is so much fun. After playing some of the games I feel so exhausted. Guitar Hero is one of my favorite games.

    I wish you many fun family nights with your new Wii.

  26. Crazymamaof6 says

    awesome mothers day gift! love guitar hero. and totally family fun!whoohoo!

  27. I want one!! So fun. Happy early Mama’s Day!

  28. that’s so funny! I think you are the only family I know who got the Wii for the mom and not the kids! I hear Guitar hero is a blast. Go get the balance board and start doing some yoga/pilates…then you can write it off as exercise equipment!

  29. WOW – congratuations! You are in for a fun weekend! Happy Mother’s Day Angie – see you soon – Kellan

  30. Motherhood for Dummies says

    oh those are sooooo fun! And yea… watch out for guitar hero… that is really addictive and fun!

  31. Mark and Kiss says

    Awesome Angie! Perfect gift, fun for mom and great play time with the kids. You rock!

  32. 4 Little Men & Twins says

    What a great gift! You’re having a fun weekend. 🙂


  33. Crazy Daisy says

    A Wii with guitar hero! WOW! Super gift! have a great weekend!

  34. What a great gift!! I am so jealous…Happy Mother’s Day!!

  35. Clark Captions says

    Oh you lucky girl! One of my running partner’s is addicted to Guitar Hero, so watch out! My kids love the Wii too….it really is a fun treat. Enjoy!

  36. Rosie Yanosko says

    Happy Mothers Day, Angie! *hugs*

  37. I found you through Miss Crazy Daisy. Happy Mother’s Day – a Wii looks like a great gift!

  38. Thanks for checking out my blog Angie. We have a Wii also and I love it! My husband actually ordered me the Wii Fit for mother’s day. It is not out for a couple of weeks, but I am so anxious to try it because I can’t ever make it to the gym these days. I’ll check back soon.

  39. Oh FUN! I just got Michael and I a Wii too.. for our anniversary. I LOVE the bowling!!! And the tennis. I have not tried out any of our other games yet. I am anxious to try the Harry potter 5 one though. When Joseph plays it, it looks SO fun! I cannot wait till the boys are well so I can start playing it! Happy Mothers DAY!!!!!

  40. I LOVE GH3! For years the kids have been asking for video games and I adamently said NO NO NO! Then this Christmas I played GH3 at a friend’s house and became hooked! I HAD to buy it, of course. We stayed up til the wee morning hours playing GH3 the first couple of days and then realized … oh yeah …. we have kids to feed and jobs to attend. So back to the “real” world of responsibility- for now…

  41. The Jensens says

    I really love the shirt you’re wearing. It looks really cute on you.

  42. Ethan just got Guitar Hero for his birthday and Ryan and I have been playing it at night after the kiddies are all in bed. Pretty addicting! Have fun with it. And next, you should get the Wii fit, maybe that will make exercise fun!