Vicks VapoRub® VapoDad & {A Giveaway}

I’m so excited to have been brought back this season as a Vick’s Blogger.  Especially since Vicks is doing something totally new and exciting in advertising with the big reveal happening in just a few days.  For the first time in VapoRub history, their ads will feature a VapoDad!  It’s about time.  🙂

I *just* found out who the VapoDad is, but I’ve been sworn to secrecy, so I can’t tell you who he is, but I can give you these hints (you can also go to the Vicks Facebook Page to get more clues):

Vick’s VapoDad Clues:

  • He has two sons.
  • He lives in the South.
  • He has a charity in his name.
  • He leads his team on Sundays.
  • He’s on TV almost every week during the fall.
  • He was recently featured in a popular video game.

Do you have any guesses who the new Vick’s VapoDad is?  If so, I’d love for you to leave your guesses here as a comment!

I’m thinking we need a prize too. I’m thinking a piece of jewelry?  It’ll be a surprise.  Comment to enter!

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post in conjunction with my role as a Vicks VapoRub Blogger.

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  1. I had to turn to FB for an assist and then to Google to confirm but my guess (ha ha my) is Drew Brees. Congrats on being brought back again mama!

  2. I will guess drew brees.

  3. You are on a giveaway roll! 😉

    I was going to guess Drew Brees also. He seems to be the popular one!

  4. Of course it is Drew Brees.

  5. Marcy Strahan says

    I read this online:
    Vicks® NyQuil/DayQuil and NFL quarterback Drew Brees are partnering up once again to celebrate truly dedicated fans with the Vicks NyQuil/DayQuil Most Dedicated Fan Contest.

    Since it’s Vicks vapor Rub….mmmmm…..
    So Yes, my guess is Drew Brees ..Too !

  6. Drew brees is what they are saying on Facebook too.

  7. Stephanie Phelps says

    Well after looking this up for myself just to double check lol I believe the folks before me and so I say Drew Brees. 🙂

  8. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I ran this by my Louisiana/Mississippi family–it’s Drew Brees (they guess)

  9. Drew Brees:)

  10. My husband has had a cough for months he could be the poster-dad for vapo rub. But alas he is not on tv or video game. Darn!

  11. I say it is quarterback Drew Brees!