Vicks® Nature Fusion™ Healthy Eating Videos

Vicks® released a new product line in 2011 that I think will appeal to so many people the love the flavor of honey.  It’s called Vicks® Nature Fusion™ and it’s made with…{you guessed it!} honey.  The Nature Fusion products use honey for flavor instead of dyes and artificial flavors and they are gluten-free and alcohol-free!

In conjunction with the release of these new products (Vicks® Nature Fusion™ ), Vicks® has released a series of  videos with celebrity chef Curtis Stone that are designed to help give us tips and recipes for healthy eating.   {Cool, right?}

The first video presents breakfast ideas that are fabulous for starting one’s day fresh and healthy.  I especially liked this video because I’m always looking for something quick and delicious to feed my kids before darting out the door for school.  I can do granola.  I can do smoothies.  My kids will like both.  Check.

The second video demonstrates how to sneak vegetables into this chili dish so that kids will eat them without even knowing it.  The recipe for Southwest Chili Tacos looks really yummy!

What tips and tricks do you use to stay healthy and natural? 

It’s my understanding that more videos are coming, so stay tuned!

A special thanks to the makers of Vicks for releasing the New Nature Fusion line and choosing me to be a Vick’s Blogger! 

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  1. Rachelle Brancato says

    I really like that first video. I’ll have to give this new line a try!

  2. Ruthie Dennie says

    Why doesn’t the second video have the exact recipe? It looks great but I’m not sure about proportions.

  3. We’ve had the nasty cold virus several times this year already. It’s so hard to find natural cold medicines. Happy that Vicks has stepped up to the plate:)

    Hugs and Mocha,