Vicks® Advertising Through the Years

In early December I was shopping in my favorite used book store and hit upon a treasure-trove of LIFE magazines from the 1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s.  They were filthy and many were really ratty, but I thumbed through them anyway.  I even bought a few but gave them away as Christmas gifts.  Now I wish I had kept at least one for myself because the historical content and ads were so interesting and entertaining.  I literally could have stayed in the store all day looking through the magazines.

Vicks Timeline

Today I came across the Vicks Time Line – A Century of Caring and I started kicking myself for not keeping any of the LIFE magazines, because I would SO love to see a vintage Vicks® ad in original print!  Maybe I’ll have to “borrow” the magazines and take a peek?  {smiling}

I am partial to the ads that Vick’s had in the 1940’s.

Vick's ad circa 1940's

I mean, how cute is that little girl?  And the words?  “MY MOM IS SURE SMART”.  Um, hello.  Me likey.  If only my kids would BOTH say and BELIEVE that.  {laughing}  Since their dad is a pharmacist, I am quite positive that they will NEVER think I’ve got smarts when it comes to medicine.  They know who has a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in our home and it certainly isn’t me.  I also love that this was the first color print ad Vicks® ran.

Moving on to another decade….who remembers the line of Vicks® for kids that was introduced in the 1980’s?

In the late 1980’s Vicks® introduced their Pediatric line with 3 “just for kids” products.  I clearly remember always having a bottle of Vicks® Formula 44D on hand at my house. (They also came out with Vicks® Formula 44M and Vicks® Formula 44 with cough suppressant.)  I also remember having it administered on a regular old spoon from the silverware drawer in the kitchen.  Apparently a teaspoon loosely meant a teaspoon (and not the measuring teaspoon kind) in my house.  That form of administration would never fly in this one.  🙂

Do you have any memories associated with a particular decade of Vicks®?


A special thanks to the makers of Vicks for some seriously fun advertising approaches over the years and for choosing me to be a Vick’s Blogger!  Images owned by Vicks and used by permission. 

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  1. Ruthie Dennie says

    That little girls face is so sweet!

  2. Rachelle Brancato says

    I totally remember when the Pediatric line was introduced in the 80’s!!!

  3. That timeline is spiffy!

  4. I love their vintage packaging!

  5. I love looking back at things reminiscent of our youth! Vicks has been around FOREVER! It was always a go-to remedy for my family.

  6. She is adorable and old ads are always so fascinating! I’m always amazed by the abundance of all the old cigarette ads!

    Wonder where that girl / lady is now.