Vanity Stikes Again

I admit it. I’m somewhat vain. I mean, why else would I post these pictures of myself? I like to be told I look “great”. I hate it when people tell me I look like crap. If you think so, hold your tongue. So, when I have Jeff take some pictures to show of my new hair cut (which I’m in love with) and for a project I’m working on, I only have slight qualms about posting them for your opinion. When I was deciding what to do, I had a few thoughts: I could print the pictures and take them around to all of my local friends for their opinion. Or, I could drag all my friends over to my house to look at them on my computer. Or I could email them and clog up their inbox. Or, I could post them here and get YOUR feedback. Without any extra effort on my part. It seems like a no-brainer, right? Except the fact that I’m somewhat vain is exposed. Let me just say this……I love getting dressed up and going somewhere and feeling like I can slip anonymously into old shoes and no one who didn’t know me would ever guess that I’m the mother of 5 kids. There. I said it.

Jeff took the pictures, I played around with them on Picasa. Neither of us can pick a favorite for a project I’m doing which includes my whole family. (I’m going to post individual pictures for each of them and ask your opinion over the next little while). Want to weigh in? Obviously I want a picture where I look decent, but I’ve played with the pictures enough that I don’t know which one is most appealing at first glance. For whatever reason.

A (I changed this one to B&W and added the film grain effect-I have to figure out how to crop that tennis shoe out of the area by my head)
B (added glow)

C (again, added glow)

D (didn’t edit this one, but thought it was “real”-Jeff was cracking me up-plus you can really see my new hair cut)

F (cropped, soft focus and B&W)

G (glow)

H (Same picture as above but in sepia-Jeff likes the color, I prefer this one)

I (warmify)

J (shows what happens when I try to get a picture with the twins…..I’m smiling, they are squirming away)

About Angie

Angie is a CRAFT dabbling, recipe making, WORD loving, sunshine hording, book DEVOURING, Mama to a lot! She's kind of in love with Instagram right now, so if you want her attention, go find here there. {smiling}


  1. Are You Serious! says

    ♡ “C” is my favorite! And just to fuel your “vanity” I like them all! 🙂

  2. Crazymamaof6 says

    i love “f”
    i think it depends on what you are doing it for. for a “mom” one i like “i”

    and i like “c” but it’s a little bright, what if you added warmify? just wondering i think that’s what i like about I.
    and i like the sepia better between G and H.

    they are all gorgeous, and no matter which you choose, it will look great since there wouldn’t be 9 to compare to.
    and yes you are one hot mama! lucky!

    i kind of rationalize the way i look because i have six kids. if i didn’t what would be my great excuse? yeah. issues.

  3. They are all good Angie…and the hair looks awesome! Isn’t it nice to have a change. I would vote for C….can I say super model!

  4. 4 Little Men & Twins says

    Hi, I’m so glad you stopped by my blog! You have an absolutly adorable family! Love those little red heads. 🙂 And what a hot momma too! We were told our twins were monoamniotic but they just found the membrane at the last ultrasound. Praise God.

    I’ll be back soon and hope to hear from you again soon too.


  5. Rachel B says

    Wow great pictures! Your hair is awesome and your picture adjustments turned out fab.


  6. Good & Crazy says

    ‘F’ Hands down.

    I love your new do. Red head DO have all the fun!

    And if you’ll send me a high res. copy of the one with the shoe I’ll photoshop it out. Easy Peasy.

  7. Great pics! My favorites are the ones with the twins…too cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and congrats on being a featured Mom Blogger on The Mom Salon!

  8. Hot Mama Hot Mama! I’d say you looked Damn good for a mom of 5! (can I say damn on here cuz well… I think I just did… TWICE!)
    I like C but you have such a fabulous smile in F! I is adorable with the twins! I’m a fan of B&W photos so I think that the first photo you posted (not labeled) is great! The haircut is so hip- Makes me think I need a new style myself! (perhaps after the weight is gone then I’ll get all Milf’d up! LOL)
    What sorta project are you doing?

  9. Casey's trio says

    I like F….it’s the one you added to your profile right? Because of your post title, I have the song “You’re so vain” stuck in my head now! Must be a fun project you are doing and I agree that it is nice to get all dolled up every once in awhile!
    B is a good pic too…I always like outdoor scenery in the background!

  10. The Jensens says

    My favorites are your profile pic and the second to last one with your boys. F and I. 🙂

  11. The Jensens says

    My favorites are your profile pic and the second to last one with your boys. F and I. 🙂

  12. Laurie M. says

    Okay, I might have to stay away from your blog for a while–You are gorgeous!!! and if I didn’t know, I would never believe you are the mother of 5 kids! I love the new haircut. It is very flattering to your face. And of course, I love the red hair. I like “F” but I also like “B” because it shows your red hair. I also love “I”. No one will ever ask you where your kids got their red hair!!

  13. F and C are a tie for me. If I only had the ability you have in your little pinky to be photogenic. 🙂

  14. My favorites are c and i. Although you do look fabulous in all of them!

  15. I think you look FABULOUS!!!

    I love the last one of you with the boys. Since you want individual pictures, can you crop it with them out of the pix?

  16. Colleen says

    I really like F and I. You are so dang cute Angie how am I supposed to choose??

  17. The Pruetz Family says

    The haircut is fabulous! You do look awesome and deserve to hear it.

    My favorite is definitely “G.” The “Glow” really says it all. You are glowing in the picture and the rich color of the hardwood floor behind you really makes the picture stand out.

  18. That’s funny, when I read your profile thing I was like “five kids!?! Dannng…she looks GOOD!”

    I’m totally vain too. I like going out with my girlfriends and seeing the look on guys faces when I tell them I have a husband at home and 3 kids. 🙂 But FIVE kids. Wow. Mom of the year just for having 5 kids.

    I like all of the pictures, but the last two are my favorite.

  19. girlytwins says

    OMGoodness! These pics are fabulous. Your haircut is adorable. It really suits your face. I think having a good hairdo makes anyone feel great 🙂 But to look the way you do after 5 kids along with your styling new do is amazing.

    I love ‘C’ and your smile in ‘I’ is so beautiful.

    You kinda make me wanna let my natural red grow out…

  20. Melissa says

    I like warmify. It really has a warm feel to it.
    I don’t think you’re vain. I love great shots of me and fwd them onto everyone I know. LOL

  21. I don’t think you can wrong with any of them! Really. And I’m not just saying that to be nice! LOL! My personal fav’s are F and I. Looking forward to the rest of the pixs and what your project is about!

  22. C F and I.
    Yeah, you do NOT look like the mom of 5 kids. Gorgeous. You guys should start your own ‘Glamour shots’ biz.

  23. Glad you posted this! I like c and f the best but you cannot loose because they all look great. I love getting dressed up and feeling like a girl and not a frumpy mom too.

    I got my hair cut today and I am not sure I am loving it. It’s A line, a lot shorter (especially the back) and she changed the side I part my hair on so I could sweep it more across my face. Hmmm….

  24. Churchill says

    c or f are my favorites

    hell if you look that good after 5 kids why not post tons of pictures. if i looked even remotely as good as i did 3 years ago i would post tons of myself.

  25. I love all the pictures. But I really need to know where who cut your hair. Because they are going to cut mine. Soon. And, do you have any tadpoles? Lilly is making me crazy everyday wanting to know!

  26. Melissa says

    BEAUTIFUL! You are beautiful!

  27. Yes, my name is Arizona says

    I need some added glow and some warmify in my life. I love your haircut! I looks great on you.

  28. I love b&c! They all are great pictures. By the way do we get to hear what the project is?
    Thanks for all your help also. I think I figured one part out!

  29. C,G & I….I love the color of your hair. The B/W just doesn’t do it justice. You haircut is beautiful!!!!

  30. WONDERFUL! oh you are so beautiful. how can someone say the word ‘crap’?
    I love that glowing G.

  31. Jessica says

    They are all great!!! I can relate to the last pic. I can’t get a decent pic with my boys…too busy!

  32. Ruth Anne says

    I love G and I.

    (J just shows the joys of motherhood, but you look great.)

  33. LOVE the hair, love the blog, love the little red headed cuties.

    I have red-headed twins too aren’t they fun and so full of spirit and spunk

  34. oh and I love D (because it’s real) and F (just because)

  35. Crazy Daisy says

    They are all pretty great! I can’t decide!

  36. I recommend Adobe Photoshop. All the pictures are lovely. What would you call the haircut? It is super cute!

  37. I’m still not sure you really have five kids – are you sure you had them? ;o)

  38. Clark Captions says

    Beautiful Angie!!! I love them all! Makes me realize my desperate need of getting a haircut….Darling!

  39. Philigry says

    love them! they are all my favorites! love the new hair do! love it.

  40. F- first choice, then C for color and H for sepia. Though I love your red hair the b & w and sepia just look so good! Love the cut, the jeans, all of it. Good luck on your “project.”

  41. Rebecca says

    “I”, girl, “I”! Warm-ify it hot mama!

  42. Charisse says

    You are gorgeous Angie. The new haircut is beautiful. All of the pictures were very flattering. You always have been so stylish and cute.

  43. Cecily R says

    I like F. Not that you asked for my favorite or anything.

    AND, black and white, sepia, warm, glowed, real and with squirmy kids, you look FAB.

  44. Shannon says

    They are all GREAT!! You take such beautiful photos! I liked *I* best and then *F*.

  45. carrie & troy keiser says

    I like them all… not sure which is my fav. I did notice that you’d changed your profile pic. I do like sepia and black n whites…. Very pretty. I think I’d have to pick the twins one, cause that’s life and you’re still looking AWESOME!

  46. Don Mills Diva says

    I like I and C the best.

    And you are seriously stunning!

  47. Anonymous says

    Your hair looks so good! I got my bangs cut and I got butchered…I’ve been wearing them back for a month now! Your haircut only makes me sadder about it 🙁 -Jan