Vanished days

Just a thought……

The mind’s capability to process information, even a little bit of information almost literally blows my mind. Some days I can look out at my world and it looks totally different from the world I knew even a day before. Weather can change my perception, travelling to a different location, or life events color my enviroment a different hue. It amazes me that I can see with my eyes these changes and move right along as if something somewhere hadn’t just vanished and the change didn’t happen. I wish my memories were more vibrant. I wish I could take back moments of days that disappeared. I wish that I was better at recognizing significant events when they happened so that I could live them more fully before the moment was gone. Sometimes I wish my brain wasn’t so adapatable that I can go with the flow and only in retrospect recognize that something really remarkable happened on a day that is no longer.

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  1. I wish I could remember my kids’ names most days! Have you ever seen ‘What the @!?*’ It is a mind bending/quantum physics/neuro-physiology show. You’d enjoy it on these days when you’re contemplating these types of things…

  2. I really agree with this. Often when I am on vacation I come home and then realize how truly great the memories were, why not while I was experiencing it all? I feel especially this way right now, when I think of life lived and life lossed and how much things change. I have such similar thoughts as you!

  3. Casey's trio says

    I hear ya on this one….I always thought it would be great to be able to stop time. That way, I could soak up all those moments that I want to never forget. AND it wouldn’t hurt to get a 3 hour nap in here or there!

  4. I too am having similar thoughts. Most days go by so fast and clurred right now that I am scared I am missing moments. I almost missed one the other day. Joseph wanted to talk to me. he never wants to “talk” anymore. I almost told him to wait a minute. But the Spirit told me to stop and sit with him. i am SO glad I did. i would have missed that special moment with him. He is quite amazing to talk with now.

  5. It seems you put thoughts down that we are all feeling. I hate when a special moment has passed and I realize that I wasn’t really in the moment and I can’t remember every detail. I agree w/ “casey’s trio”, I sometimes want to stop time. So I can soak it all up and store the memories away.